The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 207 Two Things to do Firs

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My heart was thumping loudly, I was scared… so scared being alone in the dark. I was not feeling well and my body was feeling uncomfortable. I dreaded being along with such condition.

"Leon…" I called for my love. "Where are you? I don\'t want to be alone."

I can feel my body shiver, the fear of being alone in the dark was getting to me. I can feel tears streaming down my face.

"Someone… anyone?" I called out. "I don\'t want to be alone… please." I plead.

"Alicia… Alicia." I can hear a man\'s voice next to me. "Don\'t worry I\'m here, I\'m right here." Someone said, comforting me.

I felt warmth on my right hand. The feeling gave me hope and made me calm down. My hard thumping heart eased down.

"Leon?" I wasn\'t sure if it was him but I was yearning for him. I was yearning for his warmth and embrace. How I wish to see him once again. We have been separated for over a year now.

"Leon, is that you?" I opened my heavy eye lids to see who it was. The room was dimly lit with the fire from the fire place. I can see a silhouette of a man sitting on my bedside, holding my right hand.

"No, I\'m not his majesty." The man said sadly. "It\'s me, Will."

"William?" My eyes adjusted with the dim room and saw the man\'s face clearly. "Will, it\'s you." I smiled at him.

My heart was rather disappointed that it was not Regaleon, but still I was happy that William was here with me.

"How are you feeling?" William asked with a worried tone. I can see on his face how worried he was for me.

"I am fine. I am feeling a little better." I assured him.

William had a pained expression on his face. "I didn\'t know what to do back there." He said. "I was so worried that you might be hurt. You were at the center of the vortex of strong winds that nearly destroyed the greenhouse. I saw you looking in so much pain." He closed his eyes and pressed my right hand on his cheek. My heart ached for my best friend. I have made him worried once again.

"I thought I was going to lose you like last time." William opened his eyes and I saw his light blue colored pupils shine in the dark.

"I\'m sorry for worrying you Will." I tried to show that I am well now but my voice was still a little husky because of the fever. "Tell me, what happened back there?" I asked curiously.

William put down my hand on the bed and firmly gripped them. His warmth was comforting my trauma.

"When you were with your mother, a strong wind started to blow. The surroundings became chaotic and we have to evacuate the premises. But we weren\'t able to get near you because of the strong wind." William explained. "Jack and I remained inside to observe. After some time, the wind died down and we raced towards you. But when we were just a few feet away, we were blocked by some kind of force field. You and your mother were protectively enclosed in some kind of force field, Jack said."

\'Maybe that was the time when I was able to break inside my mother\'s inner consciousness.\' I thought.

"We saw that you were covered with wounds and bruises but we can\'t get thru the barrier. Jack said to wait it out." William continued. "By the time the force field disappeared, we were able to get to you. You and your mother were both unconscious. We quickly took you back inside the palace. When we arrived here in your room, you started to have a high fever."

While William was telling me all of this I can see his face full of sadness. Maybe he was regretting that he wasn\'t able to do anything even though he was so near.

"Sorry for making you worry." I squeezed his hand holding mine.

William smiled. "I\'m just happy that you are okay now." He tucked a lose strand of my hair behind my ear.

"My mother, how is she?" I was worried about how my mother was doing.

"Your mother is doing fine." William assured me. "She has woken up later in the afternoon."

"Is she different? I mean, is she responding?" I asked curiously.

"Well, your mother is still the same. Nothing seems to have changed." William looked at me curiously. "Why do you ask?"

I looked around and sat up. I gestured William to come closer for me to whisper to him.

"I successfully brought her back." I whispered. "But I want to be sure and can confirm it. I still have to wait until I am able to see her."

"Really, that\'s great." William said softly. "Then we can escape here with your mother." I nodded in agreement.

"But I have two things to do first." I said. "First, I need to start an internal strife within the kingdom. I want the people to see their queen\'s true color. Judging by the weather here in Jennovia, I have a feeling that this winter that lasted over twenty years is because of magic."

The last time I was able to control the weather with my magic, I thought that maybe this long winter was the doing of the queen herself.

"I need the help of high standing noble officials that has concern for the people of Jennovia." I said.

"Hmm… maybe princess Satiana can help?" William said while holding his chin in thought. "As a princess, I am sure she has acquaintance with the nobles." I nodded in agreement.

"Second is that I need to find a necklace that the queen owns." I said. "It is similar to my mother\'s. It is the most important thing we need to do. We cannot leave here without it."

William looked at me seriously. "That will surely be difficult. You may freely roam the palace\'s interior but for sure there will be some areas that are off limits."

I understood what William meant. I am sure that the queen will surely safeguard such a precious thing.

"Then I need to win the queen\'s trust." I said with conviction.

"Then you need to be careful." William said and I nodded in agreement. He patted my head and helped me down in bed and tucked me under the blankets. "Have some rest so you can get well faster."

"Thank you Will, for being here with me." I said with a smile. "Umm… why did you enter by the way? It\'s lucky that Martha isn\'t around." It was still not proper for a knight like William to be here inside my room late at night.

"I heard you were having a nightmare so I entered abruptly. I\'m sorry." William bowed his head and apologized. "Martha just came a while ago to change your clothes so she won\'t be here until later. And I have Jack standing guard outside."

"I see. Umm… Will." I said. I really don\'t want to impose on William\'s kindness but I am still scared sleeping alone in the dark when I am sick.

"Yes princess?" William asked.

"C-Can you stay here until I have fallen asleep?" I asked shyly. "I… I am afraid to be left alone in the dark when I am sick."

William smiled warmly. "Then I will sit here until you have fallen asleep." He took a seat on the couch near the fire place.

"Thank you." I replied kindly. I can feel my eye lids heavy once more and I have fallen asleep soundly.


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