The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 205 The Ancient Prophecy 2

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

And to think this almighty being was the one that founded Atlantia and bestowed his subjects with magic abilities and his descendants have much more powerful magic powers.

"Is that why the royal family of Atlantia practiced incest?" I concluded. "Do they believe purer blood means more powerful magic?"

"You are correct." Gilbert nodded. "The royal family of Atlantia, because of their direct linage with the almighty being, was afraid there magic powers will weaken if they copulated with others. Well not all of them practiced incest. Some got married with other Atlantians. They were regarded as the branch families. Your mother was of the branch family. Your blood may not be pure as the almighty being\'s but I am sure you have a more ample amount of magical powers than other Atlantians have."

My eyes went wide open with this information, I didn\'t know of this.

"Your mother did not tell you?" Gilbert looked at me puzzled.

I shook my head as a reply. "No, she never told me of her linage. She was afraid that I will be shunned by other people because of my Atlantian blood. I never knew I also have some royal blood flowing thru my veins."

Gilbert nodded in understanding. "Your mother was trying to protect you from the harsh criticism. I am sure she loves you dearly."

"The chosen one, does the person have to be of pure blood?" I asked earnestly.

Gilbert held his chin and was in deep thought once again.

"When I read about the prophecy in the book I was translating and deciphering, I was still young and was just starting to learn the ancient texts. It read that before the almighty being died, he said that he will come back one day when the continent was in danger. He had foreseen the destruction of this continent and the\' chosen one\', his resurrection will be the one to either save of destroy it with his own hands." Gilbert explained. "The almighty being was the one that helped this continent to prosper. In his return, if he sees that the people living here don\'t deserve the prosperity he has given them, then he will purge the continent."

To my understanding, the \'chosen one\' will be the judge and executioner. He will be judging the inhabitants actions.

"But did the almighty one say how he will return?" I asked once again.

Gilbert was deep in thought once more.

"The ancient text when I read it in the past was vague about the chosen one. It just says it will come from the royal blood line. Back then I just concluded that the chosen one must be of pureblood and a male because the almighty was male." Gilbert concluded.

"Then does that mean there is a possibility that the chosen one can be female and not of pure blood?" I asked in earnest. I was thinking of Alicia\'s display of magical power. The strength of her magic was profound even if she was not of pure blood.

Gilbert looked at me in confusion. "What do you mean your majesty? Do you have someone that you think might be the chosen one? Your fiancée perhaps?"

I nodded to Gilbert\'s question.

"Alicia, I have known her since she was fourteen years old. I was there when she first manifested her powers. I saw how powerful and destructive her magic powers are first hand." I said.

I told Gilbert the occurrence since the first time I met Alicia and when she first used her magic powers. I also told him about how fast Alicia improved in the two years have taught her. I also told him on what happened to Alicia before she was abducted by the crown prince of Jennovia.

Gilbert was deep in thought once more. He nodded with every sentence I have said.

"It is true that this show of power is not common with a half blood, let alone a female." Gilbert said. "And it was rather late when she manifested her magical powers. Commonly, an Atlantian manifests their magical abilities at a young age."

"Yes, that is why I am thinking that maybe Alicia has a connection with the chosen one." I said.

Alicia\'s fast improvement with her magic abilities is rather worrying. If we look at it now, she may be more powerful than me in the magical aspect.

"There can be a possibility that the princess may be a candidate for the chosen one. The other is the son of Queen Patricia." Gilbert said.

"If the chosen one is that b*stard, then we are already finished." I scoffed just thinking about it.

"If Prince Gladiolus is the chosen one, then that forbidden magic will be a trouble for us. I have to find a way to destroy it before he gets his hands on it. No I have to destroy it even if Alicia is the chosen one. What if that power destroys her small body?" I said. Just thinking about it brings shivers to my whole body.

"I am afraid that the forbidden magic the almighty one left can\'t be destroyed that easily." Gilbert said with a serious tone.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"At the last battle on the plains, when the mad king used the forbidden magic, no one was able to control it. The power has gone berserk and destroyed the plains and the whole country of Atlantia sunk to the bottom of the sea. That destructive power destroyed a whole country. Nothing remained but destroyed ruins at the bottom of the sea." Gilbert said.

I looked at Gilbert. His words were as if he went under water and had seen the sunken country himself.

"Did you go to the bottom of the sea?" I asked in curiosity.

Gilbert nodded. "It was just right after the Great War ended. The country hasn\'t sunk that further down. So you might know, the sea floor that was once Atlantia is sinking further down as time passes by." Gilbert explained. "After the war, I was brave and took some diving equipment to go underwater where other people were afraid of. And I saw it there, the forbidden magic was still standing there unscathed. It was still whole, as if it wasn\'t affected by its self destructing explosion when it went berserk. The forbidden magic is lying dormant on the sea floor."

I was digesting such information. The forbidden magic can\'t be destroyed even with its own destructive power. What if the Jennovian\'s get their hands on the forbidden magic first?

"We have to get the forbidden magic first and safeguard it." I stood up alarmed.

"I am afraid that retrieving the artifact will be difficult and dangerous." Gilbert said. "It has sunk further down the depths of the sea. The current is much stronger and not only that, the last time I went there to inspect the artifact there was a creature that I have never seen before. A creature that was massive and monstrous is guarding the forbidden magic artifact. Fortunately, I was lucky o get out of here alive."

"A creature?" I asked curiously.

"Yes it was also written in the ancient text that the almighty being will leave behind a creature to guard the forbidden magic. The last time when the mad king retrieved the forbidden magic artifact, many people risked their lives and died fighting with the one that was guarding it." Gilbert explained. "It is said only the chosen one can come near it. That is why the mad king was adamant that he was the chosen one, because the creature stopped advancing when he arrived. I also thought that the mad king was the chosen one but I realized it was just because the creature was weak after the battle with the mad king\'s soldiers and with the king being of pure blood, the creature succumbed to the king\'s presence and breathed its last breathe."

"If it died back then, this creature under the water you speak of is a new one?" I asked.

"Well we will never know the mysteries of the almighty being. Maybe the forbidden magic created another creature to guard itself." Gilbert said.

Knowing this, I was just more convinced to get to the forbidden magic first.

"Dimitri." I called. Dimitri who was standing just behind the door came in.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri replied.

"I want you to send your men to investigate the Atantian Sea. We need to know where is the forbidden magic and if the Jennovians are making their move to get it." I ordered.

"I will give the order right away your majesty." Dimitri bowed and left.

"I wish I have my old research notebooks and the ancient books, I could have studied about the prophecy and the forbidden magic even further." Gilbert sighed.

"I think you wish might be granted." I smiled at him. "Alicia has sent me a letter telling me about books that she found in a hidden library in Jennovia. She said it was written in characters she does not understand."

Gilbert\'s face lit up. Maybe hearing that his research materials were saved made him happy.

\'Then I need to give an order to extract Alicia from Jennovia. It has been so long that she has been there. It I time to bring her back to my side.\' I thought.


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