The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 204 The Ancient Prophecy 1

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

"But still this war is a big hurdle for me. And also my future wife has been captured by my enemies." I gave a sigh. "Problems are still coming one after another."

"That is what a king would have to go through but I am sure you will do well." Gilbert said. "My son is also working for you I have heard. That unruly kid has grown up to make the right choices haha. As I recall he was in Jennova to retrieve your fiancée."

"Yes, about that. What I called you for is about her." I said. "It is about the prophecy of the chosen one from the royal blood line of Atlantia."

"I have heard that your fiancée is the daughter of King Edward of Alvannia. And her mother was just a maid from the palace." Gilbert said. "But judging by her features, she has the looks of the royal blood of Atlantia."

"What you said is correct." I replied. "Princess Alicia is the third princess of Alvannia between King Edward and his legal concubine Leticia." I looked at Gilbert with seriousness. With mentioning Alicia\'s mother\'s name, I am sure Gilbert will connect the dots.

"My word, Leticia you say. Then she is one of the twin daughters of the mad king." Gilbert said. "Hah, what are the odds to know that the royal blood of Atlantia still exists in this continent."

"Not only that, the queen of Jennovia is Leticia\'s twin sister Patricia. It is said that her son the crown prince is of pure blood, born from their elder brother the crown prince of Atlantia and Princess Patricia herself."

Gilbert\'s eyes widened in shock. He has been wandering the continent for research but of course such information has been hidden deep. If not for my great information network, I wouldn\'t know these secrets as well.

"Then that means the royal blood still exists, it just means the incident before may happen again." I can see fear in Gilbert\'s eyes.

Gilbert has seen the Great War with his own eyes. He has seen the bloodshed and the death tolls the war brought because of the forbidden magic. A whole country sank to the bottom of the see because of this.

"I hear that the queen of Jennovia plans to resurrect that forbidden magic you have researched for." I said.

"No, she must not do such a thing!" Gilbert was clearly agitated with this information. "That forbidden magic was frightening, it cannot be controlled. It can destroy even all this whole continent."

"I understand your worries Gil. I also think the same." I said. "But she is blinded with revenge and hatred. I am afraid she will not yield to you requests."

Gilbert started to walk around with agitation.

"No, this power must not be unearthed once more. It will only bring destruction." Gilbert said. "Even the mad king wasn\'t able to control such destructive power. Even his son the crown prince tried to control it after seeing his father\'s failed efforts, but he was not able to succeed. Only the chosen one can yield such destructive power."

I stood up and patted the agitated Gilbert\'s shoulder to calm him down.

"You said \'only the chosen one can yield its power\'. Then how can one know that he or she was the chosen one?" I asked.

Gilbert stopped in his tracks and held his chin in thought. It may be years ago but I hope he can remember his research when he was still young.

"It has been years ago and the materials I used in those research are gone. But what I can remember is that the chosen one will be born from the royal blood line of Atlantia." Gilbert explained.

"Is there a specific criterion to be the chosen one? And where does this chosen one story originated?" I asked the questions that was bugging me. "I have heard about the bed time story or was it a fairy tale when I was a child, about the chosen one and the almighty being. My mother had told me about it."

Gilbert looked at me and sighed. He took his seat again and so as I. He clasped his hands and looked at me seriously.

"The bed time story that Atlantains tell their children came from a myth." Gilbert started. "I guess you have heard about the powerful being giving abundant life to this continent and its inhabitants."

"Yes, that is what it is stated in the fairy tale." I replied.

"This almighty and powerful being was said to be the founder of the Atlantian country. The Atlantians was given magical powers saying that we were his descendants. But the truth is he was the very first king of Atlantia. It is true that his origins are unknown but his achievements are widely known."

I looked at Gilbert seriously. At least he can remember about the myth and the truth behind it. It seems that there is more to the story of this almighty being and the chosen one.

"It was said that this continent was first just a barren land and living here was rough and hard. The almighty being came from who knows where, having the power to manipulate all the different kinds of elements. He was able to bring life to this barren continent and the people living here looked up to him. The almighty being taught the people different kinds of knowledge and governing. As time passed the continent was divided into four countries and three is still maintained in present day. Atlantia on the other hand was founded by the almighty being. The people that followed him, he gifted with magic abilities."

"It was gifted? Is that why our magic abilities are nothing compared to the royal family of Atlantia?" I asked.

"Yes. The royal family of Atlantia is the direct descendants of the almighty being. They have the blood of the almighty running thru their veins." Gilbert explained.

I was deep in thought once more. The information Gilbert was talking about is the founding of this continents four countries. The history books of every nation don\'t date that far long ago. They only started with the founding of the nations and the founding family monarchs.

And to think this almighty being was the one that founded Atlantia and bestowed his subjects with magic abilities and his descendants have much more powerful magic powers.

"Is that why the royal family of Atlantia practiced incest?" I concluded. "Do they believe purer blood means more powerful magic?"

"You are correct." Gilbert nodded. "The royal family of Atlantia, because of their direct linage with the almighty being, was afraid there magic powers will weaken if they copulated with others. Well not all of them practiced incest. Some got married with other Atlantians. They were regarded as the branch families. Your mother was of the branch family. Your blood may not be pure as the almighty being\'s but I am sure you have a more ample amount of magical powers than other Atlantians have."


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