The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 203 The Atlantian Archeologist and Researcher 2

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

"I was young back then and thirsted for recognition and power. I wanted to gain higher rank, me being just of common Atlantian birth I wanted to climb up the ladder. Compared to your mother that was of noble birth, I was just a commoner. I was insecure back then and because I was given an opportunity to work at the palace as a researcher because of my intellect, I was blinded by the thirst for power. I gained recognition and was given high rank after my research. But it cost me your mother\'s trust in me to be broken."

"You are talking was as if… you were in love with my mother?" I stopped in my tracks and looked back at him.

"Yes, I was in love with your mother." Gilbert gave a sad smile. "But that love just gave her such a burden."

I was not really surprised with this information. I am sure with my mother\'s looks and personality, men would fall for her. It was my father\'s luck to be loved back by my mother and to be chosen by her.

"When I became the head researcher, your mother was the head mage of her order. She was very beautiful and talented in magic. Many noble men sought for her hand and I was one of them. Gaining a proper rank, I proposed to your mother back then. We were both still young and just entered adulthood." Gilbert said with a smile while reminiscing.

"I guess that didn\'t go too well." I said.

"Haha, you are quite right there your majesty." Gilbert chuckled. "But it was because of a reason that I have regretted doing. After my research came to fruition, the mad king assembled his army and planned to conquer the continent. Your mother, she knew that my research was something that was frightening and can give power to someone and also can destroy many lives. I still remember her words."

*\'I am sorry Gil. You have always been a good friend to me, like a big brother. It is not like my feelings for you won\'t evolve. It\'s just that what you have done may bring suffering to many people. I cannot live with you while remembering what you have done. That is why I cannot accept your proposal.\'

"Your mother was a very righteous person. She cannot overlook the things I have done. I also regretted giving my research to the mad king in the past. The Great War started because of my research and your mother chose to side with the other side when she saw the mad king\'s madness." Gilbert let out a sad sigh.

"But you survived the Great War and you are still alive." I said. "You can still redeem yourself from your wrong doings and do good." I patted Gilbert\'s shoulder.

"You have your mother\'s good nature I see." Gilbert smiled. "And I thought you were a tyrant king that killed his brother\'s to get the throne. But I can see you are not what the rumors say, hahaha." He chuckled.

"Well, there may be some truth on those rumors." I smiled.

"At the last months of the Great War, I defected from the mad king\'s faction and came to your mother. She accepted me in open arms but it was too late for me to win her heart." Gilbert said. "Your father has gotten her heart by that time."

"Well it\'s your loss, being late and all. Haha." I chuckled.

"You are probably right there, hahaha." Gilbert chuckled with me.

We were quiet for a while, gazing at the blue roses in the garden.

"This garden really is one of a kind. I heard this blue rose has many medicinal properties such as skin care and beauty products?" Gilbert said. He bent down and touched one of the blue roses.

"Yes, the blue rose at first was just special flower that only grows here inside the palace. But years back they found medicinal properties that can help people, like what you have said. After this war I will give an order for these blue roses to be planted in plantations and mass produce its extracts." I said.

"Then can I have some your majesty? I want to do some research on this blue rose and maybe find other useful properties from them." Gilbert said. "Of course I will share my research to you your majesty."

I looked at him with one eyebrow raised. "It is true you are still thirsting for knowledge. Is that why you still wander around the continent and also came here answering my call. Haha." I lightly chuckled.

"Haha, well you are correct there your majesty." Gilbert chuckled as well. "I came with a side agenda about these blue roses that is only found inside the palace of Grandcrest. I also want to study them even further."

"Then I will give you some of these blue roses for your research before you leave." I said.

"Oh but it can wait. Let\'s talk about why you had called me here your majesty." Gilbert looked at me with curiosity. "What would you like to know from this old man your majesty?"

"Then let\'s go inside to talk." I said.

Gilbert and I walked back inside the palace with Dimitri following behind. I lead the way to my office and while there offered Gilbert to sit down.

"Gil, please take a seat." I said.

Gilbert took a seat and sat down.

"Dimitri, have the maids bring tea and snack for Sir Gilbert." I ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri bowed and left.

"I heard that young man is also an Atlantian." Gilbert said. "It looks like he is a loyal aid to you. I am happy that you are living well now even when your mother is gone."

"I am fortunate to have loyal people by my side. I may have walked on a stiff and narrow path since birth, being a prince of Grandcrest. But at least I have my mother and Dimitri by my side." I replied.

"I am happy to hear that. At least your future seems to be on the right path." Gilbert said.

"But still this war is a big hurdle for me. And also my future wife has been captured by my enemies." I gave a sigh. "Problems are still coming one after another."

"That is what a king would have to go through but I am sure you will do well." Gilbert said. "My son is also working for you I have heard. That unruly kid has grown up to make the right choices haha. As I recall he was in Jennova to retrieve your fiancée."

"Yes, about that. What I called you for is about her." I said. "It is about the prophecy of the chosen one from the royal blood line of Atlantia."


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