The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 202 The Atlantian Archeologist and Researcher

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

I have been cooped up inside my office for the past few days now. And so I thought to have a walk at the palace garden to get some fresh air.

These past few days have become hectic. The enemy\'s battle plans that Willam have sent from Jennova has been very helpful. Using them as a guide, my army had made preparations and precautions before the surprise attack starts.

I have been restless since Alicia\'s last letter. How many days have passed by and no new letters have come. I can\'t help but worry about her.

I look at the beautiful palace garden where the signature blue roses were planted. These blue roses are one of a kind and are only found inside the palace. The insignia of the royal family of Grandcrest bear the blue rose in it.

I heaved a deep sigh. I have hoped to lift up my spirits by looking at the beautiful scenery of the palace garden but all I can think about was my love.

"How I wish you are here my love." I said to myself. "I wanted to show this garden to you after we got engaged. I am sure you would have loved it."

Remembering Alicia\'s beautiful face in my memories made my heart ache. The distance between us now is unbearable.

"How I wish I can fly there over to you and snatch you back to my side." I looked at the clear blue sky above. I just wish for this war to end and for you to come back to my side where you should belong.

I see Tempest flying overhead, circling my position.

\'You have a guest.\' I hear Tempest\'s voice inside my head.

\'Oh, who could that be?\' I asked telepathically.

\'The researcher you have ordered to be searched for, I helped find him.\' Tempest replied nonchalantly while landing on my arm.

"Is that so?" I answered him out loud. "Then I have to give you a reward then." I smiled at him.

\'Then prepare me a feast later.\' Tempest spread his wide wings and prepares to take flight.

"Then I will prepare you some fat game later." I replied.

Tempest flapped his wings and took off into the sky. What he asked for was a good game to hunt. He did not want food served for him, he wanted the challenge of hunting them. And because these past few days he was on a mission, he was unable to hunt good food that is why he was asking for a good game.

"I will tell Dimitri to prepare you a good catch later." I said.

Not long I see Dimitri walking towards me with a middle aged man behind him. He has crimson hair like Jack but more on a darker tone with some white hair peeking out. He was wearing a solemn smile on his face.

"Your majesty." Dimitri bowed before me. "I have brought Mr. Gilbert Wilson here as you have ordered."

"Thank you Dimitri." I replied and Dimitri took a step back to give way to Gilbert.

"Greetings your majesty, the sun of the Grandcrest empire." Gilbert bowed down. "It is an honor for me to be called to your presence."

"Rise Mr. Gilbert. You don\'t need to be so courteous because I was the one to call for you." I said with a solemn expression.

"Please your majesty, just call me Gil." Gilbert smiled brightly. "Ahh, you look so much like your mother."

"You know my mother?" I was caught by surprise. I have never thought that Gilbert and my mother were acquaintances.

"Yes, we were what you call childhood friends." Gilbert was looking at me with warm emotions. "We fought the war on opposite sides unfortunately. Are you willing to hear my story?"

I looked at the middle aged man in front of me. It looks like he knows my mother well.

"Please do." I replied to his question.

"Haha." Gilbert chuckled. "Can you show meyour beautiful garden while I tell my story?"

"Yes, of course." I nodded and gestured my hand leading him around.

"Well where will I start?" Gilbert said. "Hmm, as I have said your mother and I were childhood friends. We grew up together. I was just the son between the head maid and butler that served your mother\'s family in Atlantia. When we entered our teens, we respectively chose our different paths. She became an arch mage of the imperial palace while I became an archeologist and researcher, directly reporting to the late mad king back then."

I can feel his tone was firm but with tinge of sadness.

"I was gifted with intellect rather than strong magic abilities. The ancient society of Atlantia has amazed me since when I was a boy. And to think I have discovered many things while working as a researcher in the palace." Gilbert said.

"I was the one that discovered the ancient books that contained the old prophecy in a dark corner of the palace\'s library. I took interest on them and I was also the one that was able to decipher the ancient texts and found where the key to the forbidden magic was hidden." Gilbert continued. "Well, in short I was the reason why the past Great War started."

I can hear Gilbert sighed in sadness. He was feeling guilty for what his researches have done.

"Then did you regret having found such information?" I asked bluntly.

It is true that if he didn\'t discovered those things in the first place then the past mad king of Atlantia wouldn\'t have gotten mad blinded by the thought of power contained in that forbidden magic.

"I also ask myself the same question, your majesty." Gilbert replied. "But if given a chance again, I will still do the research. My only regret was having my research known by the late mad king. I was young back then and thirsted for recognition and power. I wanted to gain higher rank, me being just of common Atlantian birth I wanted to climb up the ladder. Compared to your mother that was of noble birth, I was just a commoner. I was insecure back then and because I was given an opportunity to work at the palace as a researcher because of my intellect, I was blinded by the thirst for power. I gained recognition and was given high rank after my research. But it cost me your mother\'s trust in me to be broken."

"You are talking was as if… you were in love with my mother?" I stopped in my tracks and looked back at him.

"Yes, I was in love with your mother." Gilbert gave a sad smile. "But that love just gave her such a burden."


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