The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 201 About the Forbidden Magic

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My heart felt warm talking to my mother like this. Talking about things such as my love life to a mother is one of the things that I had only dreamed of, but now here we are face to face.

"Oh mama, I have a lot of things to tell you." I am so happy that tears are starting to fall from my eyes again.

"We have much time for that, now that we are together again." My mother wiped my tears away. "But first we need to talk about the most pressing matter." My mother\'s tone became more serious and her smiling face changes to a neutral one.

I looked at my mother with confusion. What is the pressing matter she is talking about? Is it about the war my Aunt Patricia started? Does my mother know something?

"Since the time your aunt saved me, she was always trying to contact me through my mind. There is a reason for this." My mother said with a serious tone. "She is planning to revive the forbidden magic our father once used. That was same magic that destroyed our country."

"Mama, you know of the forbidden magic?" I asked in haste. If my mother can give us some information to prevent the forbidden magic from being used then it would be a win for us.

My mother shook her head. "I was just a small girl that time the research of the forbidden magic was ongoing. What I know that only the \'chosen one\' can wield and use such enormous power. And my father thought he was that \'chosen one\'." My mother looked sad while recalling the past. "The only thing I could remember was that in activating the forbidden magic, there is a key to be used. This key was divided in three parts and they were hidden in different parts of the continent. It is said that after the three divided parts of the key was combined into one and used to unleash the forbidden magic, if the bearer was not the chosen one then these parts would be divided once again and will be magically transported back to their hidden places respectively."

"Are you saying that because grandfather was not the chosen one, these parts have returned to their original place after he used it?" I asked.

"I believe so." Mother replied.

"Then Aunt Patricia is searching for them right now?" I felt a shiver down my spine.

If my aunt gets her hands on those parts and the key was formed once more, then there is a possibility that they can use the forbidden magic again.

"We need to stop her from getting the parts of the key." I said with a trembling voice.

"Yes, that is why I am not willing to talk to my sister." Mother explained. "The map that leads to the hiding places of these parts was entrusted to the both of us. We have half of each map. Without the other, the map is useless. It is because the map is engraved in a magical object that was broken in two."

"The map was engraved in a magical object?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, remember the necklace I have entrusted to you?" My mother asked and I nodded. "That necklace was an ancient artifact embedded with a huge amount of magic power that was said to be from the Almighty One himself."

"The Almighty One?" I asked mother confused.

"The Almighty One was the founder of this continent. He was a powerful being that gave life to this land. The Atlantians are his descendants and we of royal blood are his direct descendants. Thus we can use magic powers that control the elements of nature and also non-elemental abilities." Mother explained.

"So the necklace you gave me contains a big amount of magical power and also serves as a map to the hidden parts of the key." I concluded.

There was a wave of information being given to me right now. What I need is to digest all of this so that I can analyze and remember all of them.

"Yes, that necklace can serve as a power up to whoever wears it. It also re-charges with the wearer\'s magic without them knowing." My mother said. "Well that necklace has many uses but its main use is being a map. But without the other half, then the map won\'t show up."

Does that mean the necklace also contains my magic power because I have been wearing it for years now? Now that Regaleon has the necklace, it can be of use to him if he is in danger. I am happy to know that the necklace I have entrusted to him can help him if he was in danger.

"So the other half is with Aunt Patricia, correct?" I asked mother while I was deep in thought.

"Yes. And that is why I am resisting her until today." Mother sighed. "I really don\'t want her to go through this revenge. It will only give grief to everyone. She is my sister and I don\'t want her to go thru the same path as father."

I know that my mother has been resisting Aunt Patricia as hard as she could. That was why she built those walls to protect her inner consciousness where she resides. But even without my mother\'s help, Aunt Patricia still has gone thru with the war.

"I am afraid that your efforts have gone to waste mama." I said to her. "Even without the map, she still started a war and now many people are suffering because of it. What we can only do for now is to prevent the map to fall into her hands. Good thing the necklace wasn\'t with me when I was taken. I have given it to Regaleon before I was kidnapped."

My mother was happy when she heard that the necklace was presently not with me.

"What we need to do now is to escape from here." I said in earnest. "Will you come back to the real world, Mama?"

I looked at her still worried that she doesn\'t want to go back. This world she created inside her inner consciousness was peaceful and tranquil, unlike the chaos and troubles of the real world.

"Of course I will go back with you." My mother smiled warmly. "This world is just a make belief that I made while I imprisoned myself to prevent your aunt to find the necklace. I will go back to where my real loved ones are."

I felt happy after hearing her say those words. I pulled her into a hug instantly. When I pulled back I saw the people that were in the tavern fading slowly, like they were being erased by the wind.

"We still need to be safe once we come back to the real world." My mother said. "I will still play lifeless even when we are back so that your aunt won\'t be suspicious. But I am sure she won\'t be tricked for too long."

My mother is right. I am sure I have made quite a fuss in the real world while trying to break the last wall a while ago. The queen will be curious about my achievement so far.

"Don\'t worry, I will surely devise a plan for us to escape with my friends once we are back." I said. I looked at my mother while the world around us was fading into nothingness. Her face was starting to age to the present day but she was still beautiful. "Father would be so happy to know that you are alive. I will tell you all about what happened when we get back."

"Okay." My mother nodded. "I would also love to see Edward even if only for a glance."

I smiled looking at my mother. It was clearly seen on her face that she was still in love with my father. She left the palace because of my step mother the queen and to stop giving problems to father. But she has never stopped loving him. She doesn\'t know that father has annulled his marriage with my step mother. And now because my mother is legally married to father, she can be given the position as queen of Alvannia.

I smiled with the thought. I want my mother to be happy now that she has come back to our side.


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