The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 20 Our little secre

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"What does it mean when a man says \'you are mine\'?" I ask the most important question.

"Then that means you two are a couple now." Tricia said knowingly.

"A..a..couple?" I blushed instantly. So that was what Leon meant. I held my cheeks and it felt hot.

"Princess?" Tricia looked at me confused. "Don\'t tell me... did someone say such a thing to you?"

I looked at Tricia embarrassed.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my!" Tricia was getting excited.

"Shhhh." I cover her mouth with my hands to silence her. "Don\'t get to loud."

Tricia nodded slowly so I released my hand.

"Tell me princess who is the lucky man?" Tricia whispered. "Is it young lord William?"

I shook my head. Tricia was confused. She thought it would be William because he was the one who was courting me and always beside me. Then her eyes went wide.

"Oh is it sir Leon?" Tricia whispered his name.

Just by hearing his name I felt a blush creep on my cheeks.

"Oh my gosh it his him." Tricia looked surprised and excited. "I\'m so happy for you princess. He looks like a kind man. And a knight at that."

In Alvannia a princess of the royal family can only marry a man from royal linage, noble birth, or high status. And knights are included in the high status of then kingdom. In history there were many princesses that were married to their personal knights because they were the ones always beside them so it is normal to fall in love with each other.

"Are you in love with him princess?" Tricia asked.

"Umm, I guess. My heart also beats fast when I see him and my heart goes crazy when he touches me. I want him to always stay by my side. I feel at ease when I\'m with him." I replied.

"Then you are truly in love princess." Tricia said happily. "I\'m so happy. My princess has her first love. You have grown up."

"Do you think he loves me as well? He hasn\'t told me he loves me." I asked. I am not yet sure of how he feels towards me.

\'Is it okay to feel confused. Yes we kissed and he told me I\'m his. But he hasn\'t yet confessed his feelings towards me.\' I thought.

In the romance novels I have read, for two people of the opposite sex to be a couple they have to profess their love for each other. Leon hasn\'t done that yet.

\'Then are we truly a couple?\' I thought.

"Well princess, I am no love expert and I am also a beginner in love relationships. But I guess we need sir Leon to confess his love to you." Tricia said. "Don\'t worry princess I will help you with that."

"Thanks Tricia. And please can we keep this a secret?" I asked her.

"Don\'t worry princess. This will be our little secret." Tricia winked at me and I smiled.