The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 198 Trying to Contact my Mother 2

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"Can you please give us some space?" I asked my retainers with me. They nodded and stood at a distance from us.

I was determined to break many walls of defense today so I am not sure if my mind magic will affect anyone physically near me. It would be best to let them stay a few distance away from me.

"Okay, here goes nothing." I closed my eyes and concentrated.

The surroundings were first pitch black but then it lighted up to a grayish color. I was standing on a road which was a few meters wide. This wasn\'t the first time I have been here because every time I came inside my mother\'s mind, this was the road I was standing.

Since the first time I came here, I have walked a bit far. I have destroyed at least four walls that have blocked my path. Every wall was bigger, wider and sturdier than the last one and breaking them has been difficult. The last wall took me five days to break.

I walked a little bit and saw a shadow looming from the horizon. When I was getting nearer, I see another wall blocking my path. This was the fifth wall so far and it was the highest one of all. It also looked thick and sturdy. Making a path will surely be difficult.

"No, I need to do this today." I said to myself with resolve.

I walked towards the wall and stopped right in front of it. I put my palms on the wall and feel the surface.

"It feels solid as it looks." I said.

I pressed my palms on the walls and closed my eyes to concentrate. I am determined to get thru to this wall today, no matter what it takes.


(At the greenhouse)

Satiana just arrived at the greenhouse. Upon entering she saw Alicia\'s retainers near the entrance standing. She saw Jack instantly and blushed.

"Where is big sister?" Satiana asked when she was near them.

"She is there your highness." Martha pointed to where Alicia and her mother were sitting.

"Then why are you all here?" Satiana asked curiously.

"The princess asked us to give her some space." It was Jack that answered Satiana\'s question.

After Jack\'s sentence, Satiana looked a little shy. She slowly walked towards Jack while having her head bowed down.

"Umm, Mr. Jack." Satiana called shyly.

"Yes princess?" Jack replied politely.

"Can I speak with you privately?" Satiana asked.

"Ohh, okay?" Jack looked at Satiana questioningly.

The two walked not too far away but just the right amount of distance from the guards and retainers.

"What can I do for you your highness?" Jack asked.

"Well umm… it is a little bit late but… I want to thank you for saving me from the fire in the library last time." Satiana\'s face was flushed red. She was shyly fidgeting her fingers.

"You are welcome your highness." Jack smiled widely. "It was also my duty to see to your safety."

Satiana smiled from the bottom of her heart. All of the other servants only give her stares of ridicule and pity, being an unwanted child by her mother the queen. But Jack was different. He treats her like a normal person and also not some royalty. Her heart was beating fast.

"Umm… as thanks, I made this for you." Satiana took out a small bag from her pocket. It was tied with a red ribbon similar to Jack\'s hair color.

"Oh, what is it?" Jack asked curiously and took the small bag from Satiana. "Hmm… it smells yummy."

Jack opened the bag and saw cookies shaped as rabbits.

"I-I personally baked them. I am sorry if some didn\'t turn out alright. It was my first time doing such a thing." Satiana said shyly. Her face was red as a plum.

Last time, Satiana asked Alicia what will be good to give Jack as a thank you. Alicia has suggested something that was personally done like a handkerchief with her own stitch work or baking something. Because Satiana was not proud of her stitch work she opted for baking something and ordered the chefs to teach her.

Jack took one cookie and put it on his mouth and chewed. "Hmm, it\'s quite delicious actually. Except for some burns here and there, it\'s all right." He smiled.

"Really?" Satina smiled cheerfully. "That\'s a relief." She sighed.

Then after that moment a strong wind blew their way.

"Why is there a strong gush of wind inside the greenhouse?" Satiana asked in confusion. She was holding her skirt from flying up. Her hair was also in a mess and she tried to hold it in place.

Jack and Satiana searched for the source of the wind and saw that Alicia and her mother were inside the winds vortex. Both of them ran towards where the guards and William was standing.

"Princess, it\'s dangerous to go near." Martha grabbed Satiana and maintained a safe distance.

"What is happening?" William looked at Jack.

"I am also not sure. But I can feel the princess\' magic power is rising." Jack whispered to William. He was using his hand to cover his face. The wind was blowing rather stronger. "Get princess Satiana out to safety!" He ordered.

The guards obeyed and lead Satiana and Martha out of the greenhouse, while William and Jack stayed inside.

"I can\'t just leave Alicia behind. I am her knight." William said because he was suspecting that Jack would ask him to go out for safety as well.

Jack nodded. "Then let\'s observe first."


(Back inside Alicia\'s mother\'s mind)

I concentrated all my power towards both of my hands. My surroundings began to rumble with the intensity of magic I was dispersing.

"AHHHH!!!" I shouted.

The wall was vibrating more violently now. Small rocks are flying away here and there. I was being hit by these rocks and I can feel the pain on my body but I still continued. Any injury I obtain here inside the mind, I retain in my physical body as well. That is why I was careful with breaking the past four walls. But now I want to break this with one go.

I opened my eyes and given it my all in this final single blow.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!" My power was magnified at the palm of my hands and broke thru the wall.

"Hah..hah..hah." I was panting heavily. My body felt heavy after that surge of power I just released.

I looked up and a hole was made thru the wall. I smiled with my success.

I carefully stood up and carried my body that felt heavy to walk into the hole. Once thru, I looked at the surroundings. At the other side of the wall was like a new world. There was a clear blue sky, green fields and colorful scenery, unlike the hazy gray world I was just in.

I looked around having a huge familiarity with this place.

"It\'s like I have been here before." I said.

I walked around and saw houses in the horizon. My mind was registering the place and then thought of something.

"This place… it looks like the village where mama and I used to live when I was young." I realized.


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