The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 197 Trying to Contact my Mother 1

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Weeks have passed since the incident at the library. So far there were still no results in the investigation about the fire. It is still unknown to the public how the fire started.

Fortunately no one was injured severely. Satiana also recovered after a few days of rest. She has come back to her usual self except for one thing that I observed, she usually blushes when Jack is near us.

Like the usual day, after I have eaten my breakfast I come to visit my mother in her quarters. I was walking with William and Jack behind me through the hallway when I heard Satiana\'s voice.

"Big sis!" Satiana called out.

I turned around to see her trotting towards us. But by the time Jack turned around, she lessened her pace and became more graceful. This made me giggle lightly.

"Good morning big sister." Satiana made a curtsy after stopping just in front of us.

"Good morning Sati." I smiled. "You seem a little bit hot. Your face is a little flushed. Have you been running all this way? Have you eaten breakfast yet?" I teased her.

Satiana\'s face became redder in an instant. "N-Not yet big sis." She said shyly.

"Well why not eat first. I won\'t be going anywhere you know." I giggled. "I will be in with my mother."

"Okay." Satiana replied. "Are you going to the greenhouse this morning?" She asked.

"Yes, I will be going there a little bit later." I replied.

"Then wait for me there big sis." Satiana said. "I will accompany you and aunty."

"Okay." I smiled while I look at Satiana\'s retreating back.

"The little princess is very fond of you isn\'t she?" Jack said with a low tone.

I looked at him curiously. It looks like he hasn\'t gotten any of the signs that Satiana has a crush on him.

"You know Jack, you are clever and all but you seem to be dense at some aspects." I said with a neutral tone.

Jack looked at me curiously. "Hey, where did that come from?"

I resumed my walk to the direction of my mother\'s room and William followed me behind.

"Hey, what aspect am I dense with princess?" Jack tried to nag me about it.

"Hehe, well if you can\'t see it then you really are dense." I giggled.

Jack fell silent and looked at William with confusion written all over his face.

"Don\'t look at me like that. I also do not know what the princess is talking about." William replied coldly.

The three of us resumed our walking until we arrived at my mother\'s room. Inside, Martha has prepared my mother to our walk towards the greenhouse. I have instructed Martha to come here beforehand to prepare my mother.

My mother was now wearing thick clothes and a winter coat over her body. She was sitting on the wheel chair provided by my aunt the queen.

"Good morning mother." I greeted her with a smile. "How have you been?"

My mother looked at me and smiled. But her eyes were still empty. Today I was planning to go into her mind a little further.

These past few days I was trying to enter her mind slowly and it wasn\'t easy. Her mind was presently hazy and it was guarded protectively. Every time I try to enter, I make my way to her inner consciousness. And every time there would be a wall blocking my path. Destroying a wall also takes a toll on my body. My magic power has increased significantly since then, but the wall blocking my way drains me. It just shows that my mother\'s protection on her mind is too great.

"Let\'s get going." I ordered. Jack was the one that pushed my mother\'s wheel chair while I walk beside her.

Once outside, the weather was still cold but the cloud that constantly covers the sky has disappeared. The sun has been shining constantly and some of the snow has been melting.

\'It looks like the weather has been improving lately.\' I thought.

After the incident where I summoned rain clouds, the weather in the capital and nearby has been good. The snow began melting and the once frozen water source was starting to thaw. This is a significant change for this country.

"The weather has been improving lately your highness. The people nearby the capital are becoming hopeful once again." Martha said. "If this keeps on then the livelihood of the people will flourish once more. There will be no use for the war to go on."

"Are the people of Jennova against the war from going on?" I asked.

"Many of the people aren\'t that fond of the idea of war. It was just that the queen has promised more abundant and flourishing lands to the south once Jennova wins this war." Martha explained. "But if the good weather keeps on, then there is no need for this war to go on any longer. Many people are also suffering from this war."

"I see. I also pray that is the case." I said hopeful.

The people of Jennova are not so greedy that they will steal the lands from others. If they can live here in their homeland peacefully and abundantly, then they will not resort to war. They really don\'t have any reason to go to war against Grandcrest because there wasn\'t any breach in the laws between the two countries. This war is all the vendetta of the queen; it is for her own personal revenge. If the people see the queen\'s true colors, then I can easily tip the balance here in this country.

\'Starting a civil war inside this country.\' I thought. But to start such a thing, I need find myself an ally inside the royal court that opposes this war.

While thinking about this, we have just arrived at the greenhouse. As usual, the greenhouse was abundant with greeneries. Satiana was the one taking care of this greenhouse with her magic.

\'Satiana\'s magic can help the people of Jennova to grow their crops once more.\' I thought. I guess it will be best to speak with Satiana about this.

I took over Jack\'s place and pushed my mother\'s wheel chair towards the make shift pond. The pond was decorated with beautiful water lilies and there are also koi fishes swimming underneath.

I took a seat right in front of my mother and held her hand that was resting on her lap.

"Can you please give us some space?" I asked my retainers with me. They nodded and stood at a distance from us.

I was determined to break many walls of defense today so I am not sure if my mind magic will affect anyone physically near me. It would be best to let them stay a few distance away from me.

"Okay, here goes nothing." I closed my eyes and concentrated.


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