The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 195 A Message from Jennova

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

Time flew by fast and the war was still on going. We were winning battle upon battle slowly yet surely. Alicia\'s letters come by once a week and those letters are what give me strength and hope in this ongoing battle with Jennova.

"Your majesty." Dimitri walked inside my office. "A letter from Jennova just arrived."

"From Alicia?" I looked at the envelope that was passed to me by Dimitri with glee.

"Yes your majesty. And there is another one from William." Dimitri said after giving me the two envelopes.

"From William?" I looked at the envelope that has an unfamiliar handwriting. "What could it be?"

I decided to open William\'s letter first before Alicia\'s. I was thinking to savor her words later.

After opening the envelope, I took out William\'s letter and read it. The contents were about the plans of Jennova for a sneak attack in the junction between the Deuss River and Trestian Channels. He said that Jennova has been hiding their massive naval fleet and plans to use it in the sneak attack.

"Dimitri, send word to General Vincent about the contents of this letter." I handed the letter to Dimitri. He quickly read its contents and had his eyes wide in shock.

"This… if William didn\'t send word about this…" Dimitri said with fear on his face.

"Then the Jennovian naval fleet would have succeeded in getting into our country using the river ways. They could have launched an attack here in the capital." I finished Dimitri\'s sentence.

"We would have been defenseless." Dimitri added. "With the three generals outside fighting their battles, only General Greynon\'s army is stationed to guard the capital and the cities around it. Judging by the naval fleet that William mentioned here in this letter, it is quite massive."

"They were aiming to take the easier way to win this war and that is to kill the Commander in Chief of Grandcrest\'s army, me." I said with a serious tone. "Heh, I am in awe with whoever devised this plan. It is a plan to aim at the tigers head, an instant kill."

"I will send word to General Vincent at once your majesty." Dimitri said.

"Tell him to make haste at the junction." I said. "And be sure to conceal our fleet."

"Conceal the fleet? What are you planning your majesty?" Dimitri asked.

"Jennova has hidden their massive naval fleet, letting us think that they don\'t have power over water battles. They are expecting that we would station just enough fleets to guard the junction and the river ways coming inside Grandcrest." I said and gave of a grin. "Then let them think that we really have a few fleets left guarding it. Let our main fleet, lead by General Vincent hide from their view and launch an attack when they least expect it."

It was just letting them the taste of their own medicine. Having them think that they have the advantage, just to crush it in the end.

"I understand your majesty. I will send word to General Vincent at once." Dimitri bowed and quickly exited the room.

I let out a sigh and leaned my back on my chair. I pressed my temples, feeling a headache coming up.

"This war is taking so long." I said. "Just in a blink of an eye, nearly a year has passed."

I reached for the envelope that contains Alicia\'s letter and opened it. In the letter, she relayed her day to day events to me. She wrote about her mother\'s condition and about her little cousin Satiana who she is being close to right now.

"Once we win this war, I will need to give pardon to this princess of Jennova." I said.

Alicia talked about her little cousin fondly in her letters. She might be the little sister of that b*stard, but fortunately she didn\'t follow on her mother and brother\'s ways.

I continued reading Alicia\'s letter and she wrote about the incident in the Jennovian National Library. Reading that they were able to find a hidden section inside the library full of information from the fallen country of Atlantia made me proud of her. She was moving independently and is making good progress of her actions.

Alicia informed me about the magic stones that the queen plans to mass produce. This gave me a problem that needs to be solved. If normal Jennovian soldiers were equipped with such magic stones in battle, it was like fighting against an Atlantian magic user. My current army now is not trained to handle opponents that use magic. This will be a disadvantage for us.

Alicia also wrote about how they planned to destroy the hidden section together with that vast information and magic stones that were stored there. They executed the plan perfectly except for one thing they did not expect. The magic stone\'s reaction to fire made them explode. The fire that they didn\'t plan on getting bigger was uncontrollable after another chain of explosions came. She narrated how she felt anxiety and fear for her cousin\'s safety that was left inside the burning building. She said her emotions were out of control and she unconsciously summoned rain clouds that poured heavy rain to help stop the fire.

I was no stranger to Alicia\'s magic being affected by her emotions, I have witnessed not once but twice, how her magic went out of control and nearly endangered her own life. This made my heart ache because I wasn\'t there for her this time.

Thinking about it, Alicia\'s powers is growing stronger and stronger by time. And looking at the latest development, she managed her powers pretty well. This made me curious as to what extent Alicia\'s magic abilities can further evolve. Dimitri just arrived when I was about to call him.

"Dimitri, I remember you have told me about your father that was once an Atlantian researcher that studied ancient Atlantia where the forbidden magic originated." I said.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri looked at me in confusion.

"I remember my mother once told me of a fairy tale. She said it was a fairy tale about how our continent was formed by a powerful being. How that being gave this continent life and gave people the resources to live life peacefully." I said." This being\'s descendants were the Atlantian\'s hence the magic abilities they possess. The direct descendants were the royal family of Atlantia. There was also a prophecy of a chosen Atlantian of royal blood that will be like the being\'s reincarnation. The chosen one will have the same power as this being. Very powerful that the fate of the whole continent would be in his hands, he can lead it to glory or choose to lead it to ruins."

"I also know of such fairy tale your majesty. Atlantian parents will always tell their kids about his fairy tale and the chosen one being the second coming of the powerful being." Dimitri said. "My father may have once worked on this together with the ancient texts but all of his research was destroyed together with the country of Atlantia."

"As I know there were researchers that were able to escape the destruction, correct?" I asked earnestly.

"I believe there were a few…" Dimitri said then his face remembered something. "Oh yes, I heard that Jack is half Atlantian as well. His father is said to be an Atlantian researcher."

"Find Jack\'s father and tell him I want to meet him at once." I ordered.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri said and left once again.

I have a feeling that Alicia\'s strong magic powers have a connection with this Atlantian prophecy. I need to learn more information about this.


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