The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 194 The High Priest of Jennova

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"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??!!" Queen Patricia\'s voice echoed inside the royal office.

The three people that last entered the hidden section of the library were seen on the floor kneeling in front of the queen with their heads bowed down and hitting the floor.

"P-Please spare us your majesty." One of the men said with a quivering voice.

"W-We didn\'t know what happened." The other man said with fear in his voice. "W-We left there without any incidents happening."

"Then how can you explain how and why the fire started?!" The queen asked furiously. "It is said in the investigation that the fire started on that section of the building!"

"W-We are not sure your majesty." The woman said with a shaking voice. "M-Maybe someone started the fire." She wanted to make an excuse and divert the queen\'s anger and escape punishment.

"Oh, but you said earlier ago that you were sure that you locked the doors before all of you left." The queen said mockingly. "Are you seeing your queen as a fool?!!" Her voice resounded again inside the room.

The three people were shivering in fear and answered simultaneously.

"O-Of course not your majesty."

"No your majesty."

"No, no my queen."

"Because of your incompetence, the vast knowledge that we have saved from our country turned into dust!" The queen said furiously. "Your actions are punishable by death! Guards seize them and cut off their heads! Let this serve as an example for the others to avoid incompetency!"

The guards stationed outside the room rushed inside to take ahold of the three people.

"Have mercy my queen!"

"Please forgive us!"

"Please spare our lives your majesty!"

The three cried in agony for their impending death.

"Your majesty, I know that your subordinates have made a huge error in their ways. But these errors could be redeemable." The man standing next to the queen said.

This man was wearing a white Jennovian priest\'s robes. He was middle aged with grayish hair and beard.

"Then what do you suggest, High Priest Hector?" Queen Patricia looked at the middle aged priest beside her.

"Of course their actions are subjected to punishment. To serve as an example to your subordinates for them to not make the same mistake as these three did, why not give them thirty lashes of the whip each." High Priest Hector said with a gentle voice and smiled. "I am sure this will be an adequate punishment for their errors."

"Hmph, if that is what you advice then do so." Queen Patricia sneered. "You heard him, thirty lashed each!" The queen said to the guards.

"Thank you your majesty, thank you High Priest Hector for leniency." The three bowed with gratitude for sparing their lives. The guards quickly dragged them away from the room and the door was closed shut.

"Hmph, they retained their lives thanks to you." Queen Patricia sneered at the high priest. "If not for you, I would have beheaded them instantly."

"That is a little cruel your majesty." High Priest Hector smiled calmly. "As your personal advisor and right hand, my advises are for your benefit."

"Oh, and how will that benefit me?" The queen looked at the high priest with piercing eyes.

"If your other subordinates and countrymen learned that you weren\'t merciful with the mistake of your own countrymen, then they will view you as being similar to your father the mad king." The high priest maintained his calm demeanor. "We wouldn\'t want them to turn against you because of this. Am I correct your majesty?" He smiled.

"Hmph, I suppose you are right." The queen said, forcefully admitting to the high priest\'s explanation. "But that doesn\'t change the fact that the important materials from my country are now destroyed."

High Priest Hector stroked his beard deep in thought. "This may not be just a simple mistake of those three, your majesty."

The queen looked at the high priest with confusion. "What do you mean? That someone was behind the destruction of one of our bases."

"I have a feeling that there is more to the fire. Let me investigate this further." High Priest Hector said solemnly.

"Okay then, investigate what you must. And I want the other bases of operation to be more secured." Queen Patricia ordered.

"As you wish your majesty." High Priest Hector bowed.


The next morning I specifically went to visit Satiana in her room first before eating breakfast. She was told to rest for the whole day after the incident that happened yesterday.

William was promoted to be my escort knight after protecting me from the fire yesterday.

Jack was also promoted to senior servant, similar to a head butler of an estate. His role is to see to me and princess Satiana\'s needs.

And because of that, these two men are walking behind me with Martha. It was quite reassuring to know that both of them are here with me.

\'Knock knock\' I knocked on her door after arriving in front of it.

"Sati, it\'s me Alicia. Can I come in?" I asked.

"Yes, come in." I heard Satiana said.

Because this was a princess\' private quarters, the men was left to guard outside while Martha and I came inside.

I saw Satiana lying on bed still wearing her nigh gown. Her face that was pale yesterday was now regaining her rosy complexion.

"How are you feeling Sati?" I asked while sitting in her bedside and holding her hand.

"I\'m doing fine big sis." Satiana smiled cheerfully. "Thanks to Mr. Rafael for saving me. Uhm big sis, is Rafael with you? I heard that he was your personal escort and was just promoted as senior servant." Rafael was Jack\'s alias here in Jennovia.

"Yes, he is jusy outside." I said. "Do you need him for anything?"

"Ohh...I just...I want to thank him for saving me." Satiana shyly dodged my gaze and was stated down while fumbling with her fingers.

\'Is that a blush?\' I thought while I was looking at Satiana\'s face. I smiled gleefully. \'It looks like our little Sati is starting a crush.\' I giggled.

"Well he can\'t come inside a princess\' room. So if you want to personaly thank him you need to recover first, okay?" I said with a smile.

"Yes big sis!" Satiana said enthusiastically.


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