The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 193 The Aftermath

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"Sati, Jack!" I called them after they landed safely on the ground.

Jack was carrying Satiana protectively in his arms.

"What happened? How is she?" I asked immediately once I was near them. I saw Satiana covered with black ashes and stains on her skin and dress. Her eyes were closed and she wasn\'t responding.

"Don\'t worry princess, she just fainted." Jack reassured me but I can\'t get myself to calm down until someone checks on her.

"Medic!" I looked around and called for a medic. "Is any medic free to look at the princess?!"

"I can check on her your highness." AI female medic came running towards us with her bag. "Please lay her down on the stretcher over there."

Jack carefully laid Satiana down on the stretcher where there is cover from the rain. The female medic checked her up instantly. My heart was beating faster and faster because of anxiety.

"Don\'t worry Alicia, I am sure everything will be fine." William was beside me and comforting me.

"I pray that is the case." I whispered. "If something bad happens to her, I think I can\'t forgive myself."

I was starting to shiver with the cold wind. My dress was soaking wet from the rain and to double it, the wind is blowing even colder.

\'How I wish Leon was here.\' My mind thought of him and my heart was yearning for his warm embrace. \'If he was here, I would have been more at ease. He would know what to do.\'

To my surprise a blanket covered me out of nowhere. When I looked back, William was tucking me in the huge thick blanket. I didn\'t realize when or where he got the blanket because I was preoccupied with my thoughts.

"You might catch a cold." William said with a gentle tone. His voice gave me comfort from my anxiety right now.

"Thank you." I tried to smile at him.

"Your highness, princess Satiana inhaled some smoke but it isn\'t an amount to be worried about." The female medic said after diagnosis. "She might have fainted due to shock. But overall, there is no major threat to her health. It would be best to take her home and let her rest. I will be prescribing some medicine for her."

"Thank you." I sighed in relief after the words of the medic. My heart became calm after the worry I was feeling.

And like my calm heart, the rain clouds quickly dispersed and a clear blue sky appeared. I looked up and pondered about the weather just now.

\'Was that rain clouds my doing? Are my feelings affecting the weather?\' I looked at my hands unconsciously. \'Do I have such strong magic to affect even the weather?\'

I have so many questions and I hope that the answers are all in the books that I got from the hidden section of the library.

Remembering the books, I quickly searched for Jack and found him leaning on a lamp post. Looking around and being certain that Martha wasn\'t here I quickly paced towards Jack and pulled him towards a corner where no one was.

"Whoa easy there princess, my arms might get pulled off." Jack joked.

After looking around and seeing no one but William, Jack and I, I stopped.

"What happened back there?" I asked him curiously. "That other set of explosions wasn\'t your doing right?

"Of course not princess. Why would you ever doubt a very honest person like me?" Jack said. "I am sure it was because of the magic stones. The stones are not like ordinary rocks or stones. They have chemical compounds that are very complicated to my comprehension. But I am sure that after contact with fire, it became an explosive in its own manner. I cannot give you a definite reasons but my father might give you more details about this."

I listened to Jack\'s words carefully. He might know that the magic stones have a different set of chemical compounds but he didn\'t know the reaction of it to fire and would become an explosive.

"Please don\'t misunderstand. I am not blaming you for that big explosion. I just wanted to know what really happened." I looked at Jack apologetically. "I would blame myself for my ignorance if things got out of hand and many got hurt.

"I understand princess. Don\'t worry, I would also blame myself if someone got severely injured or died out there." Jack said while patting my head and dispelling my worries. "I am just thankful that I was able to save the little princess in time. She strayed near the burning floors and nearly got squashed by a burning bookshelf that was falling. Fortunately I was there in time but she lost consciousness after thanking me for saving her."

"So, what will we do now after this incident?" William asked.

"I am sure the queen will be vigilant after what happened to the secret room. That was where most of the useful information was gathered. She would be furious and would investigate this incident." I said. "But we didn\'t leave any traces so we should be fine. By the way Jack, when would be the soonest I can meet your father Mr. George Wilson?" I asked Jack.

"I will send out word to my Crimson Bandits to search for his whereabouts and send word that you would like to meet him. Maybe give me at least about a month." Jack said while cupping his chin in thought. "The continent is vast and my father doesn\'t stay at one place too long so searching for him would take time."

"I understand. What\'s important is that I can be able to meet him." I said.

"I understand." Jack nodded.

"Princess… Princess Alicia." I heard Martha\'s worried voice at a distance.

"We better head back Alicia." William said.

"Okay." I agreed and the three of us walked back to where the people were gathered.

I looked around the people that safely got out of the library building safely and sighed in relief. Even though this people are Jennovian, they are innocent from their queen\'s schemes. I need to get their hearts and let them see what the true colors of their Queen Patricia.


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