The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 192 Fire in the Library 2

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My eyes secretly looked at Jack and William and nodded slightly. The both of them knew that was my signal and they nodded in reply.

Not long a chain of explosions was heard. The building rumbled like there was an earthquake.

"What was that?!" Satiana stood up startled. She hurriedly walked towards the window to look outside. "The people from below are look up. What is happening, what are they looking at?

\'Cling cling cling.\' The sound of a huge bell is heard ringing immediately. I stood up from my sit acting in panic.

The reading room door opened in a bang and the knights stationed to guard the door outside came inside in panic.

"Your highnesses, there is a fire going on at the top floor of the library." The knight said in alarm. "The people inside the library are being ushered outside the building for safety purposes."

"Hmm, I understand." I replied. "Sati, we have to go out of the building fast. A fire has started at the top floors."

"O-Okay." Satiana replied in shock. "B-But what about the books? These precious books." She was wide eye in shock.

"Leave them be Sati, our safety is our primary concern for now." I said with a serious face.

"I-I understand." Satiana said with a sad face.

I took her hand and pulled her to lead outside. In the hallways, people are running in panic. There was panic in the people wanting to get out to safety that a stampede might occur at any moment.

"Make way, make way." A knight before us pushed thru the crowds of people.

"Make way for the royal princesses!" Another knight shouted in front of us.

With the chaos ensuing, I wasn\'t able to hold on to Satiana\'s hand.

"Satiana!" I screamed for her. She was being swept away by the swarm of people to another direction.

"Are you alright?" William came near and shielded me from the throngs of people squeezing their way in the narrow hallway.

"Yes, don\'t worry about me. Please get to Satiana." I said with pleading eyes.

"Princess you are my priority. I will get you out first to safety." William replied.

"But…" I was about to protest when Jack interjected.

"I will go after her. You just go to safety with knight in shining armor here, okay?" Jack said. "I don\'t know if I can keep my neck sticking to my body if anything bad happens to you. That king my cut it off without a word."

"Thanks Jack." I said with relief.

We have started this fire. I know there will be casualties but I hope there will only be minimal injuries and no loss of life.

I see Jack pushing his way back in between people to where Satiana was swept away.

"Come now, let\'s get you to safety first." William said.

William pulled me into his embrace and pushed his way in between the people. With his tall built and strength, we were able to go out of the building safely.

Once outside I looked up at the old building. The top part of it was burning slightly. Not long, fire fighters came to stop the fire from spreading out. With them here the fire will be put out in no time.

\'BANG BANG BANG!!!\' another wave of huge explosions was heard. William covered me with his body to shield me from the falling rock debris from above. He ushered me to a safe distance from the building.

"Why was there another chain of explosions?" I asked William in panic. "We only put a few explosive, right?"

"I suspect there was a reaction when the magic stones came in contact with the fire." William deduced.

The fire that was small at first now was burning heavily. The fire quickly spread out to the upper floors of the library building.

I saw the head librarian, Mr. Sinclair outside and safe. He was looking up at the burning building. I rushed towards him.

"Princess Alicia, thank the heavens that you are safe." Mr. Sinclair said after seeing me.

"I am glad you came out safely as well. Have all the people exited the library? Are all safe?" I asked hastily.

"So far, all the personnel and majority of the guests in the library today are accounted for and safely got out. Only minimal cuts and bruises were reported in the ensuing panic to go out and are now being treated by the medical team that came." Mr. Sinclair said. "

"My cousin, princess Satiana. Have you seen her?" I asked.

"I am afraid she is one of the few guests that are still not listed that safely got out your highness." Mr. Sinclair said. "Weren\'t you with her when you got out your highness?"

My heart jumped from my chest, it was beating rapidly in nervousness. "No, we got separated with the strings of people."

I looked at the burning building again and dashed my way to enter it once more.

"Princess, what do you think you are doing?!" William grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into his grasps.

"NO! Satiana and Jack, they are still in there!" I screamed. "I got to go back and save them!"

My heart was beating faster and faster. The hysteria is building up inside of me.

"You can\'t go back inside! It\'s too dangerous!" William held me tightly in his embrace. I tried so hard to come free of his arms.

"No! Let me go, I need to go back!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Dark clouds started to brew on top of us accompanied lightning and thunder. The sounds of thunder crackled in the clouds and not long heavy rain poured from above.

The people were surprised at first and then ran to take shelter from the heavy pouring rain. People started to murmur.

"Why is it raining?"

"This is the first rain I have seen in decades."

"It frequently snows here but this is the first time I see it rain."

The people were surprised with the heavy pouring rain. Because this country\'s weather has been freezing for the past decades, it has been a long time last they have seen rain pouring from the sky.

The heavy rain helped to weaken the burning fire from the building. The people shout in rejoice. When I see the burning starting to weaken, my heart started to calm down slowly.

"Is this your doing?" William asked in my ear. He was still holding me tightly, frightened that I will enter the burning building. "It is fine now. The fire is starting to weaken. I am sure that Jack will keep Satiana safe."

I looked up and see the dark clouds above. The heavy rain was splashing onto my face concealing the tears I was shedding.

\'Was this my doing?\' I thought to myself. I know that I am adept in using water magic but I never thought I can control the weather and make it rain like this.

"But Satiana and Jack are still inside." I said in worry.

But after I said those words I heard a crashing sound from above. When I looked up, the windows in the upper floor were broken.

"Look out!" William pulled me to the side fast to avoid the falling glass debris. And after that I saw a shadow jump out of the broken window.

The shadow became more visible to me and saw Jack rappelling down with Satiana cradled in his arms. My heart felt relieved instantly.

\'They came out safely." I sighed in relief.


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