The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 190 A Hidden Section Inside the National Library 2

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"We will get our revenge on the countries that trampled on us. We will take their lands as payment for robbing us of our own home land." The other man said.

I can feel the anger and pain this Atlantians have. Their grief and anger are deep and with the queen\'s influence it became even more.

\'I need to get more information while I am here.\' I thought.

"Well, I don\'t know about you guys but I am finished here." The woman said while stretching her arms up.

"Oh, I am done as well." The man said.

"Me too. Let\'s tidy up and go home for the day." The other man said.

The three people tidied up their work and left the room one after the other.

"I am famished." One man said.

"Let\'s go and grab a bite once outside." The other man said.

"Be sure to lock the doors before we leave." The woman reminded.

"Yeah, yeah. Locking it right now." One man said.

After the three people left and closed the door, I heard a click on the lock outside. That was when I knew that the cost is clear.

"William." I called lightly. "The coast is clear. You can come down with Snow."

Not long, William arrived where I was standing but was looking around searching for me.

"Alicia, where are you?" William asked.

"Oh, sorry. I\'m still invisible." I giggled. I canceled my camouflage magic and I was visible once again.

"Ohh, there you are." William said with a smile.

\'I can always pinpoint where you are even when you are invisible.\' Snow jumped down from William\'s arms and on the table. \'I can feel magic from this stones.\' Snow sniffed the stones that were neatly placed in boxes on the table.

There are also a bunch of boxes stacked in the room where we were just in. That just means that they are mass producing this magical stones.

"These stones are magical objects embedded with magic, like your ring William." I explained.

"Like this?" William raised his hand where the ring was. "His majesty said that the magic he embedded in this stone will last for at least three months. And so I can use this for that time limit only."

I cupped my chin with my fingers deep in thought. "So the magic embedded in these stones has a time limit. It\'s just like a container that runs out."

"If they have mass produced such magical stones, then that means even common soldiers without magic abilities can use this in battle." William concluded. "This is bad. This can give Jennova an advantage in this war."

"You are right. We can\'t let them have that kind of advantage. But I am afraid this is not the only facility where they are making this stones." I concluded.

\'But this place stores a lot of magical books to their favor.\' Snow interjected. \'If you destroy their base of information, then you can at least cripple them.\'

"You have a point." I glanced at Snow and smiled to her. "Let\'s destroy this place. But first let\'s look around. Maybe we can find some valuable books and information that can be used to our advantage." I said.

William nodded in agreement. I looked around other bookshelves to find more valuable books that can be of use to us.

\'It will be good if I can find books about the forbidden magic.\' I thought.

After looking for a while, I ended up on a bookshelf with books containing letters that I cannot read or understand. My eyebrows squinted trying to look at this strange letters and symbols but I cannot decipher them. After flipping a few pages, I saw the picture of the statue of the woman on the painting.

"It\'s the same statue." I said.

Like in the painting, the woman was holding her arms up high. But in this picture she wasn\'t holding anything in her hands, unlike in the painting that she was holding something that emits bright light.

When I flipped the pages once more, I saw some kind of medallion with a huge jewel on the center. I have the feeling that this medallion is of some importance.

"I need to get this book." I said. I quickly took the books on that shelf with the same unfamiliar letters.

I walked towards the table carrying at least five to six large heavy books stacked to each other in my arms. I placed it down on top of the table and sighed.

"These books are heavy." I said. "How about you Will, did you find something?" I asked.

William emerged from a corner holding stacks of documents and maps. "I found some valuable information here." William spread the map and the documents on the table. "These are some plans of different platoons in the battles to come."

William pointed out the Deuss River way that crosses the border of Jennova and Grandcrest.

"Currently, Grandcrest are gaining these parts of the river upward." William ran his finger to a portion of the river going up. "And here where Deuss River meets the Trestian Channels, the Jennovians are planning a sneak attack. They have succeeded in hiding their huge naval fleet until today. Grandcrest\'s information network has not yet caught up to this information."

"If the Jennovian naval fleet succeeds in winning that battle, then our defenses on the Deuss River will be eliminated." I said with eyes wide in fright.

"They will have an open way to Grandrest if that happens." William summarized. "General Vincent\'s naval fleet that is stationed in the West seas won\'t be able to get in time to stop the Jennovian naval fleet from crossing the river and into Grandcrest. That river runs thru the capital where the Chief in Command is stationed."

I understood what William is trying to say. The Chief in Command is no other than the king of Grandcrest, King Regaleon. Killing the king and the opponent\'s Chief in Command is like pulling the backbone from the body. The winner of this war will definitely be Jennova.

"We can\'t let that happened!" My voice sounded desperate.

"Of course we won\'t let that happened." William assured me. "I will send word to his majesty immediately."

I nodded in agreement. I won\'t let Regaleon be in danger, I will do everything I can to prevent that.

"Then let\'s leave and make haste." William said.

"Okay." I replied.

When we were fixing the things we decided to bring, we heard footsteps coming from the way we used to get here. William and I stopped what we were doing and looked at each other.

William gesture with his finger to be silent and unsheathed his sword. I squatted on a bookshelf to hide myself. I used my magic to make an ice dagger if ever I need to help William fight.