The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 19 What they call love

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I wasn\'t able to sleep well last night. I was tossing and turning in my bed thinking of what happened to Leon and I.

I can\'t forget the feeling of his lips on mine. Remembering the sweetness and the wetness made me blush and embarrassed.

My heart was beating faster when I think about Leon. This was the first time I had felt this so badly. Yes I have also felt my heart beating faster when William was introduced to me and wanted to court me but the feeling was only fleeting.

My feelings for Leon was more intense. I have been feeling at ease when he was beside me. And after experiencing my first kiss with him, I felt that I want to be with him forever. Just by thinking of him my heart is beating strongly.

"Is this the feeling what they called love?" I asked myself. I only read such things in romance novels. And reading those love stories made my heart also squeeze sweetly and beat fast. But this is the first time that my heart felt like that for a specific man.

"Good morning princess." Tricia greeted me. "Your bath is ready. After that you can eat your breakfast. Sir Leon said that you will have your horse back riding lessons this morning."

Because we weren\'t able to do my horse back riding lesson yesterday after the incident, we were going to do it this morning.

"Okay." I answered in a daze. I would see Leon again. My heart beat went fast again.

\'How will I talk to him? Can I even look at him in the eyes after what happened?\' This thoughts flooded inside my brain. I buried my face on the pillow.

"Princess?" Tricia looked at me confused.

"Um, Tricia." I said shyly. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course princess." Tricia smiled. "What do you wan to ask?"

"Have you been in love?" I asked shyly.

Tricia was surprised with my question.

"What made you ask princess?" Tricia asked curiously.

"Well I read such things in novels so I\'m rather curious." I lied.

"To be honest princess, yes I have been in love." Tricia answered. "Truthfully speaking I am in a relationship right now." She said shyly.

"Really? With who?" I asked her excitedly.

"Well with a palace guard." Tricia blushed.

"Wow really? Then have you experienced your first kiss? What did you feel?" I asked.

"Well yes I have had my first kiss." Tricia replied embarrassed. "It felt um... nice?"

"What else?" I continued.

"Well my heart was thumping rapidly and it felt good." Tricia said.

"What do you feel when you see him?" I asked.

"What do I feel? Um well I feel my heart beats very fast. And when I am near him I want to hold his hand and my heart will go crazy inside." Tricia replied. "When we are together I would wish that time would stop so that we would be with each other longer."

I look at Tricia and she was blooming just by thinking of her love.

"What does it mean when a man says \'you are mine\'?" I ask the most important question.

"Then that means you two are a couple now." Tricia said knowingly.

"A..a..couple?" I blushed instantly. So that was what Leon meant. I held my cheeks and it felt hot.