The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 187 Reunion with dear Friends 2

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Our trip by carriage lasted for at least two hours before arriving at the city capital of Jennova. Like Alvannia\'s capital, this city was also bustling with life. This country is currently at war with Grandcrest, but the people are in \'business as usual\' mode.

"The city capital is also quite big, similar to Alvannia." I said while peeking out from the curtains of the carriage window.

"Yes, the city is quite big. It is found at the center most part of Jennova." Satiana explained.

"Oh, so that\'s why it is a little warmer here than the palace." I said.

"The palace is situated just a little north from the city but the climate is a little harsher because of the winds coming from the most northern part." Satiana explained.

I nodded in understanding. "And your family is living at the far north, right Martha?" I looked at Martha.

"Yes your highness. It is harsher to live there but because the old people don\'t want to leave their own lands. That is why they try to go on and live there." Martha said. "We young people do what we can to support our families living there."

"But how can people survive in such harsh weather?" I asked in confusion. "Shouldn\'t that area be inhabited because of the climate?"

"The climate wasn\'t this bad before." Martha said with a sad face. "The old people said that in the past, Jennova had a more forgiving climate. It was cold but at least it was bearable. The old ones told stories that they could grow livestock and also fruits that survive in cold weathers. Their livelihood back then was just right to make a living. But twenty years ago the weather started to worsen until it became like this, a cold wasteland."

\'Twenty years ago? That was during or after the Great War.\' I thought. \'Does this cold weather have a connection with the fall of Atlantia?\'

Ideas started to swirl on my mind. There is much information I have learned and to know more I need to research and investigate further into it.

"Where do you want to go to your highness?" Jack asked.

The carriage just entered the gates of the capital a few minutes ago and we were driving slowly on the streets.

"I want to visit the national library." I said.

"Okay, I\'ll tell the coachman." Jack replied.

After Jack told the coachman of our destination, the carriage continued slowly with the knights following from the sides. The common people from the outside looked at our entourage with wonder and amazement. The carriage we are in right now carries the royal seal of Jennova and so they for sure knew that the passengers are of royal blood.

I looked at the young knight that was riding the white horse once more. The feeling of familiarity was still there. And as if the young knight felt my stare, he glanced at me and caught me staring at him. The young knight smiled at me once more. I turned my head in an instant, getting shy for being caught staring.

After some time the carriage stopped. Once I looked outside, I saw a huge building that looks quite old.

"We have arrived." The coachman announced.

Martha and Jack were the first ones to come down the carriage followed by Satiana and I. When I stepped outside, a hand was offered to me for support and so I took it.

\'The feeling of this hand…\' I was jolted by the touch and warmth of the hand I was holding. It seemed somewhat familiar. I looked up and it was the young knight\'s hand I was holding.

\'Him again. Who is he?\' My thoughts were running while looking at his emerald green eyes. The twinkles in those eyes were bright and warm.

"I will be your escort your highness." The young knight said.

"Oh, then I am in your care." I smiled.

Satiana was walking in front of me with her own knight escorting her. "Big sis, do you have books you want to read here?" Satiana looked back at me and asked.

"I am just planning to borrow some books to read so I won\'t be bored in the palace." I smiled at her.

Actually I was planning on researching about the last Great War and Jennova\'s part in it. I believe that the cold and harsh weather in this country isn\'t normal at all. The country may be on the most northern part of the continent, but Alvannia also shares the same northern terrains but the weather isn\'t this harsh at all.

I also plan to see how the common people of Jennova are living. As far as I have seen here in the capital, they are living quite normally, but I bet that is just for now. The war has been going on for months now and it will be almost a year. The effects of the war are surely being felt at the southern parts of Jennova. For my plan to start a revolt inside Jennova, I need to gather more information and also allies inside this country.

The inside of the national library was huge. The building might seem old from the outside but the interior has been well kept. Rows and rows of books are seen everywhere I look.

"Oh my, oh my. I wasn\'t informed of a visit from the royal family." An old stout man with eyes glasses was running towards us. The old man was rather short but looked kind. "My apologies, I am John Sinclair the head librarian. Welcome to our national library." He extended his hand for a handshake.

"It\'s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sinclair." I smiled and shook his hand. "I am Alicia, niece of Queen Patricia. I am with my cousin Princess Satiana."

"It\'s a pleasure, a pleasure for you to visit us. And it\'s so nice to see you once again Princess Satiana." Mr. Sinclair said. "Would you like me to give you a tour Princess Alicia?"

"Oh, no need." I said. "I will just take a look for a while."

"Oh, then if you need anything or find a specific book you can ask our capable librarians on duty." Mr. Sinclair said.

After that Mr. Sincliar walked to the other librarians and gave out some orders. We on the other hand started to walk around.

"Big sis, do you have any specific books in mind?" Satiana was looking around while following me.

"Well, not really." I replied. "If you want to go to a specific section, then you can go. I will just look around."

Satiana\'s face brightened. "Then I will be just in the romance fiction section big sis. You can go and look for me there or at the reading lounge."

"Okay, go." I giggled while looking at Satiana skipping away. "That girl really likes to read romance stories." I said to no one in particular.

"Well she is a young girl still waiting to bloom." The young knight beside me said with a smile.

I looked at him and became conscious of his presence. I feel a blush crept from my cheeks.

"T-Then I will be looking at the world history section." I said shyly.

Martha and the young knight were my escorts while Jack was left with the other knights in guarding the entrance. I was a few paces in front of my escorts while trying to use my magic if it would work but still to no avail. I also tried using my magic inside the carriage but it was still not working back then.

\'There is only one reason why my magic isn\'t working. Someone from my two escorts is carrying janetite stone.\' I thought.

The history section was found at the second floor of the library. The second floor was packed with rows and rows of books with towering bookshelves, like a maze. You can easily get separated with your companion here.

I tried looking at the books in the history section trying to find what I was looking for. I got some books about Jennovian history and politics in the past decades but there are no books about the Great War.

I sighed, thinking that they might have burned anything that talks about Atlantia. While reading one of the books I took from the shelf, I felt something fury touch my legs. When I look down I see a snow white cat twirling on my feet.

"Snow!" I was shocked that I screamed her name.


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