The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 186 Reunion with dear Friends 1

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Two months has passed by since I have woken up here in Jennova. I have been cooped up inside the palace and haven\'t been able to go out. But I have been easing my way thru my aunt\'s heart.

I have been very good, following all my aunt\'s rules. I can sense that she is starting to trust me. Just a few days ago I asked her if I can go out to see the town capital of Jennova. My aunt agreed with the condition that her assigned knights will keep watch and guard me. Of course my two servants, Jack and Martha will keep a closer watch over me as well.

Currently I was with my mother inside her room. I have been visiting her every day and tried talking to her. I have told her about my life inside the palace of Alvannia, Father, Grandpa Robert and Richard, and about Regaleon. I told her that I was now engaged and is about to get married to the love of my life.

My mother was still reactionless, only smiling lightly towards me. Today I thought about telling her the hardships that I have faced. How my own father shunned me and how my step mother and sisters bullied me. I told her about the assassination attempt that threatened my life and that it was planned by my step mother and her uncle. I also told her about how my own cousin prince Gladiolus abducted me from my fiancé and forced me to come here against my will.

"But still, I am happy that I came here because I was able to see you once again." I smiled sweetly at her.

If there is something I am happy about to be here, that is seeing my mother alive and well. I was also able to meet my sweet little cousin Satiana.

"I never regretted having such hardships mama, because I became stronger because of them." I assured her that I never the hardships I faced made me for the better.

After I have told all the hardships I went thru, I saw my mother gripped the chair handle tightly. My heart clenched when I saw some reaction from my mother.

"Mama, oh mama." I hugged my mother tightly. "I know that you are still in there somewhere. Why aren\'t you speaking to me?" Tears started to flow from my eyes.

Then I felt her hand touch the back of my head and gently patted it.

"Hmm hmmhhmm mmhhm…" Mother started to hum. It was the lullaby song that she always sings to me when I was little.

When I was still little, I was afraid of ghosts and ghouls at night. An old grandma from our neighborhood always told scary stories to little children that were still outside at night. And unfortunately I was one of those kids that love playing outside until dark.

My mother calms me down and sings this lullaby song to get me go to sleep. Her voice was soothing and comforting.

I pushed out of my embrace and looked at my mother, hoping that she has returned to her senses. But the eyes looking at me were still empty. Mother was still humming the lullaby song.

"Mama, I know you are in there. I will do everything I can so that you can come back." I said with conviction.

I am happy that there was even this little progress in my mother\'s condition. Now that I have my mind magic abilities in control, I can ask my aunt to try it with my mother.

\'Knock knock knock\' The door opened and a guard came inside.

"Princess, your assigned knights that will accompany you to your trip today are ready and waiting for you." The guard said.

"I understand. I will be on my way." I said.

The guard bowed and retreated.

"Mama, I will go out for a while. Don\'t worry, I will be back before dark." I kissed her cheeks. After that I stood up and exited the room.

Once outside I saw Satiana was waiting for me in the hallway.

"Good morning Satiana." I greeted her.

"Good morning big sis." Satiana smiled brightly. "I asked permission from my mother to go with you in the town capital. She granted my request so I can go with you today."

"That\'s great." I smiled at her. I have told Satiana of my trip today and she expressed her feelings to go with me. It was good that aunt gave her permission. At least I can go sightseeing with her.

Satiana hooked her arms to mine and we walked towards the front door where our carriage is waiting. Outside, I saw at least six well-built knights standing in formation to greet us.

"Greetings to the stars of the Jennovian Empire, Princess Alicia and Princess Satiana." The knights greeted in unison.

I bowed to acknowledge their greetings. "I will be under your care gentlemen." I smiled.

While walking towards the carriage, my eyes were caught by one of the knights. Like the other knights he was tall and had a well-built body. He had light brown hair and green eyes. When my eyes lingered longer to him, he smiled at me.

I felt something strange. I felt he was familiar but I am sure we haven\'t met in the past. I have never seen this man before. But I cannot explain what I was feeling right now, this feeling of familiarity.

"Big sis?" Satiana who had boarded the carriage looked at me, confused why I wasn\'t getting in.

"Oh yes, I\'m sorry." I smiled shyly.

The carriage door was closed and the carriage started to depart. Satiana and I sited side by side while Jack and Martha was sitting opposite of us.

I looked outside the carriage window and saw the knight that caught my eye was riding on his white horse.

"What is the matter big sis?" Satiana asked. "You know that knight?"

"Huh, oh… he seems a bit familiar but I don\'t know where I have seen him." I replied.

"Do you mean that knight princess?" Jack pointed to the knight I was looking at and so I nodded. "Well he is my cousin." Jack smiled. His smile told me there is more to his story of being \'cousins\'.

I looked at Jack curiously. \'Is that knight really his cousin? Maybe he was someone that Regaleon sent to look over me.\' I thought.

I looked at the knight once more. I can\'t push back this feeling of familiarity. I have to get a chance to talk to Jack about his so called \'cousin\'.


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