The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 185 Learning New Tricks

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My aunt Queen Patricia has started to train me using mind magic for these past few weeks. I have been practicing diligently in the greenhouse which has a considerable distance from the palace which is made with janetite.

Here inside the greenhouse, I was able to practice my magic skills under \'supervision\'. Guards are stationed near the entrance and both Jack and Martha are ordered to monitor me. Good thing that Jack is on my side. I still need to reel in Martha to my side as well.

These past few weeks, Satiana has been accompanying me. Every day that we spend with each other\'s company, the more we get closer like sisters.

"I can\'t believe big brother is such a player!" Satiana was fuming with anger.

"What is the matter Sati?" I asked curiously.

"I was wondering why I wasn\'t seeing big brother Gladi these past month. I know that meeting him by chance in this huge palace is a few, but at least I can see him a few times in a month." Satiana pouted her lips in irritation. "And then I just knew that he left a month ago to go to your country Alvannia and take your step sister as his wife. How infuriating!!! He said that you are the one he would marry and become his wife but now he was jumping to another country to marry another girl."

I was informed by Jack of what was happening in the other countries so the news of Gladiolus marrying Elizabeth isn\'t new to me. Satiana only heard of this recently and now her impression of her big brother is becoming worse. This is a good thing for me of course but I am a little sad that there sibling relationship is becoming worse because of me.

\'I\'m sorry Sati.\' I whispered inside my heart. \'But I need to sow discord between you and your brother.\'

It\'s not like I am fabricating lies or false information against Gladiolus. It was just that his wrong doings are showing and his true colors are being seen by his little sister Satiana.

"I am not concerned if your brother marries another woman, because I am not going to marry him even if he forces me." I said with a calm tone.

"Uhuhmm." Satiana nodded in agreement. "Gladi is a good big brother to me but I never knew he was such a player to other women. Even kidnapping a woman he fancies who has another fiancé. I am beginning to see him in another way." She frowned.

"Well let\'s just stop talking about your brother. Why not help me with practicing my mind magic?" I said with a smile.

"Okay." Satiana smiled gleefully. "If I can be of help to you big sis then I am willing."

"Great. Okay, close your eyes." I said.

Satiana closed her eyes as I have asked. I took her hands and clasped it between mine. I closed my eyes as well and concentrated to go in her mind.

At first all I saw was black nothingness but then there was a gleam of light. It was a small light at first and then it enveloped the whole space around me. It blinded me for a while but after a few seconds it dimmed out and my surroundings changed.

I looked around and noticed that this was the inside of the Jennovian palace. Maids passed by me like I wasn\'t there, it was like I was invisible to them. Then I saw a little girl of about four to five years of age running. She had light brown hair and green eyes, this little girl was Satiaina.

\'I\'m seeing her memories.\' I thought.

The little Satiana was happily running around the halls of the palace. I can hear her giggles along the way. But then when she turned on a corridor, she bumped in on someone and fell down on her butt on the floor.

"Aww.." Little Satiana said. Tears stared to gather on the rim of her eyes.

When she looked up she saw the queen looking at her coldly and clearly irritated. A young Gladiolus was standing by her side.

"M-Mother." Little Satiana held her tears back after looking at her queen mother.

But the queen didn\'t even utter a word and walked away. The young Gladiolus helped little Satiana up and brushed her skirt with dirt.

"Are you alright?" The young Gladiolus asked with a worried tone.

"Is mother angry with me?" Little Satiana asked. The tears that she held back were now starting to flow after her mother left.

"Don\'t worry about mother. She must be angry because you were running in the hallways. Next time don\'t run and just behave okay." Gladiolus said with a loving tone and patted her head.

"Mother doesn\'t like me very much." Satiana said and started to cry.

After that scene my surroundings change once again. I am now inside the greenhouse but it was different with the present one. This greenhouse was still new and doesn\'t have trees or plants yet.

A middle aged man was walking with a little older Satiana. She must be seven or eight years old by now.

"I made this greenhouse for you. I know you like growing plants. You can do that here." The middle aged man said with a smile.

"Thank you king father." Satiana said with a radiant smile on her face.

\'Oh so that is Sati\'s father, the late king of Jennova.\' I looked at the middle aged man. He had the same features as Satiana, light brown hair and green eyes.

\'The late king has a big belly. I guess that\'s why my aunt calls him a pig.\' I thought.

But he looks like a kind and gentle man, well at least in front of his daughter. And it looks like Satiana loves his father very much. It seems she was spoiled by him.

\'She might lack the love from her mother but at least it looks like her father loves her dearly.\' I thought.

And then the scenery has changed once again. I was now inside a room and many people are crowding around the bed. By the looks of it, those people were doctors.

On the bed, a weak and sick man was lying. It was the late king, Satiana\'s father. He was deathly thin and pale.

"W-Where are my children?" The late king weakly asked.

Not long Gladiolus and Satiana arrived on his bed side and the queen was also present as well.

"Father… father. Please don\'t leave me." Satiana was crying.

"F-Father is sorry. My dear Sati, I cannot stay by your side." The late king said. "Gladiolus, please take care of your sister for me." Gladiolus simply nodded.

And after that the late king took his last breath and Satiana cried even louder. The queen who was looking by the side had a small grin on her face.

The other people left the room and only the queen, Gladiolus and Satiana remained.

"Stop crying!" The queen scolded. "He is already dead. Your tears won\'t do anything."

"Hush now Sati…" Gladiolus was comforting the crying Satiana.

"Mother, why… why don\'t you love me like you do to big brother?" Satiana blurted out the question. I am sure she always wanted to ask this but was afraid of the answer. And now that her emotions are in turmoil, she had the courage to ask.

"It\'s because you resemble that b*astard so much!" The queen said angrily. "I would have ignored that you are that b*astard\'s child if you inherited our looks. But you just have to look like him. You can\'t even be a candidate to be your brother\'s bride!"

Satiana\'s face was full of shock and loss. My heart ached for this little girl. I can feel the pain she was feeling, the pain of being abandoned by her own mother.

I can feel tears flowing down my face and I opened my eyes. I have now come back to the present.

"Big sis, why are you crying?" Satiana\'s face was full of worry.

"Oh, no it\'s nothing." I wiped away my tears. "May I hug you?"

Satiana looked confused but nodded. And so I hugged this young girl. I want her to be happy in the future, I genuinely think of her as a little sister now.

I thought about my mind ability, this was the extent of my mind magic for now. I have seen the strong memories of a person. I wonder if I can do other things such as alter memories and the likes in the future?

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