The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 184 Going to Enemy Territory

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

\'Knock knock knock\'

I wasn\'t waiting long inside my office when I heard someone knocking on the door.

"Come in." I said.

The door opened and Dimitri came in first.

"Your majesty, Sir William is here." Dimitri announced.

After Dimitri entered, William followed behind with Snow. Snow has long since recuperated, meaning that Alicia is in good health as well. But a familiar that is far from its master is not in best shape. They tend to be depressed and sad.

"Greetings your majesty. You called for me." William bowed.

"Yes. Please sit." I said.

When William took his sit in front of me, Snow walked towards me and jumped up on my lap. Because Alicia is quite far, she tends to cling to a strong magic user to appease the absence of her master\'s magic essence. Everyday Snow searched for me because of this.

I felt sad for Snow right now. We are both missing Alicia so much. I stroke her snowy white fur and I hear her purr.

"A letter came from my spy in Jennova." I started. "The letter was written by Alicia."

"The princess?!" William was shocked at first and then smiled. I can see him sigh in relief. I am sure that he is also very worried about Alicia\'s wellbeing.

"Yes. She said that she is doing fine and we don\'t need to worry." I said. "She also said she cannot return for now because of her mother. Her mother is alive and well in Jennova and is being kept by her aunt but she is presently not in her right mind. Alicia wants to escape there with her mother and so she will wait until her mother gets better."

"Her mother is alive? You mean King Edward\'s concubine, Lady Leticia?" William asked. "But what if her mother doesn\'t recover?" He asked worriedly.

"That is why I asked you to come here." I looked at him straight in the eye. "You are the only one I trust with Alicia\'s safety. And so I would like you to go to Jennova and help her. If after a long time and Alicia\'s plans doesn\'t go smoothly, then I want you to help her escape with her mother."

William returned my look with the same seriousness. He knows that the task I am giving him is very important.

"I understand." William replied firmly.

"And another thing, besides Alicia\'s mother she is trying to gather information about the forbidden magic in enemy territory." I added.

"Forbidden magic?" William looked at me questioningly.

"I will let Dimitri brief you with the details. What I can tell you now is that it is a very frightening weapon of mass destruction. And the queen of Jennova is searching for it and is planning to use it against us." I explained. "This frightening magic destroyed and sank the country of Atlantia to the bottom of the sea."

William\'s eyes went wide. I am sure he has heard some stories from the soldiers under my command which were Atlantian survivors.

"I understand your point your majesty but why is Alicia the one given the task to gather such information from the inside. It is very dangerous." William asked. "Don\'t you have a spy inside Jennova?"

I sighed with hearing his word. "Both of us are thinking of the same thing. I don\'t want Alicia in any kind of danger. But she was the one to offer her help." I said. "She has her own will and I cannot stop her from doing so. And this also concerns her loved ones that are put in danger and so she wants to do what she can to help."

William sighed. I am sure he also knows Alicia\'s feelings of wanting to help. My Lili is really a kind person.

"Then I will go to enemy territory to give my assistance to the princess." William answered resolutely. "I will do as you say your majesty."

I nodded in agreement.

\'But what if that prince of Jennova recognizes William?\' Snow asked. Her little head looked up at me.

"Yes, I know what you mean." I replied to her. "And I have a solution for that."

William looked at me confusingly. "What did she say?" He asked.

"Snow said that what if prince Gladiolus recognizes you." I answered. "Not only that, some of his subordinates that came with him in Alvannia six months ago might recognize you as well. But I have thought of a solution about that. Do you remember Alicia\'s first personal knight?"

"Yes, I have a vague memory of him." William replied.

My lips curved up into a smirk. Using my hand I covered my face and slowly glided it outwards. I used my magic to change my appearance. Now I am using my old disguise, I used the old look when I was \'Leon\' Alicia\'s first personal knight.

William\'s eyes went wide with surprise. He maintained that appearance for some minutes until he said a few words. "You… you\'re Alicia\'s first knight."

"Yes, using magic I altered my face to get inside the Alvannia\'s palace." I said.

William was speechless once more. I am sure he was thinking of so many things right now but cannot voice it out. He is not in the position to ask me why I spied inside Alvannia and I don\'t have to explain anything to him. And so there was a moment of silence between us.

I opened a drawer on my desk and took a small box. Inside was a male platinum ring with a small crystal at the center.

"Dimitri has studied the janetite rock that blocks magic users from using magic. The whole Jennovaian palace is made with janetite rock and so we need more information about this. After his research, it is said that magic items infused with magic can still be used near janetite." I said. "I will infuse my face altering magic in this crystal ring which is a magical object. Once you are wearing it, your appearance will change." I explained.

I passed the ring to William. He took it without further questions and examined it.

"Snow will accompany you in your journey. Being separated with her master for so long isn\'t good for her." I said.

"Yes your majesty." William bowed his head.

Snow jumped down from my lap and into William\'s arms. She snuggled gently to him.

"Just tell Dimitri what you need in your journey and he will prepare it for you. He will also brief you with the latest news." I said and looked at Dimitri.

"Sir William, please follow me." Dimitri led the way.

"Then I will be going your majesty." William bowed and followed Dimitri out.

"William." I called to him before he exited my office. William looked back at me questioningly. "Be careful. And please keep Alicia safe for me."

"I will, your majesty." William bowed down to me once more and then left.

"You are the only one I can count on for now." I whispered and sighed.

I looked outside the window and saw the clear blue sky. I thought of Alicia\'s beautiful platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes. I imagined her sweet and gentle smile while calling out my name.

"How I wish that I was the one to be able to go to your side." I said while thinking of her. "But as king and commander in chief in this war, my presence here is more important. To win this war as soon as possible is what I need to focus right now."

\'Winning this war and destroying all my enemies is the only thing that can ensure your safety and our happiness. And after that we will be together forever my love.\' I thought.

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