The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 183 A Letter from my Beloved

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

Days have passed by since the last report of Jack from Jennova came. After learning about Alicia waking up and is well, I had some peace of mind and was able to get a good night\'s sleep after these past six months.

The war against Jennova has been progressing slowly. General Vincent of the navy has winning battles on water. Grandcrest has been gaining Jennovian ports one after the other at a slow pace. As for General Fernan, he was been managing the battles in the central plains well. And for General Stewart that has been ordered to defend the mountain passage, he was at least doing a good job. Jennovian soldiers are adept with the mountainous terrain and the cold weather unlike our Grandcrest soldiers. And so the advice my capable advisers has given to General Stewart has been very helpful. Defending is a lot easier with a good vantage point rather than push forward where we know we would be in a disadvantage.

When I looked at the piece of paper reporting the movements of the crown prince of Jennova, Gladiolus, I heaved a heavy sigh.

"Is this the latest report about that b*stard?" I asked Dimitri who was standing by my side.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri replied. "As of yesterday he has arrived in the capital of Alvannia."

"So, Edward is willing to marry his b*tch daughter to that b*astard. Heh, a pair made in heaven." I scoffed thinking what a matching pair they would make.

"King Edward is not willing to lend his army unless the crown prince of Jennova keeps his promise to marry his daughter Princess Elizabeth." Dimitri said. "I think this is his way to keep Alicia safe from marrying Prince Gladiolus. At least he is buying some time until we can rescue the princess."

"Even without his help, I won\'t let that b*astard marry my Lili." I was feeling anger just by thinking that Alicia is still in that b*astard\'s territory.

"After the crown prince of Jennova successfully marries Princess Elizabeth, King Edward has promised to lend Jennova half of his army." Dimitri continued. "He is not willing to join in the war unless Princess Alicia is safely returned to Alvannia."

"We will have some difficulty after Edward lends half of his army. As of now Jennova sees our strength to be just above from theirs by only a bit." I clasped my fists together deep in thought. "If they can have even half of the Alvannian army\'s strength, they would think that they will be above our fighting strength and be in the advantage." My mouth arched up to a grin.

"That is what Jennova knows about our military strength." Dimitri had a smile as well.

"They do not know about our hidden trump card." I grinned. "Let them think that they have a chance to win this war. I want them to have a look at what victory is before I trample them to the ground and crush them beneath my feet."

Thinking about how I would make the crown prince of Jennova pay for abducting my beloved makes my blood boil in excitement.

\'Knock knock knock\' There was a knock on my office door and Dimitri walked there to see who it was.

Dimitri came back to my side after talking with someone by the door.

"Your majesty, one of my messengers came to deliver a letter. It has been sent from Jennova." Dimitri carefully placed a white envelope on my desk in front of me.

"Jennova you say?" I looked at the letter curiously. "Is it news from Jack about Alicia?"

I quickly opened the envelope and took out the piece of folded paper from within. When I opened the letter, what caught my attention right away was the penmanship.

"This… This is Alicia\'s handwriting." I was overjoyed with receiving a letter from her after all this time we were apart.

"Then I will take my leave your majesty." Dimitri bowed and walked out of my office to give me some privacy.

Once I was alone, I started to read Alicia\'s letter.


My beloved Leon,

I do not know how to begin really. I have just woken up some time ago and have just met Jack here inside the palace of Jennova disguising as a male servant. The first time I learned that I was sleeping these past six months, I was at a loss. I was in an unknown territory and I was away from you. I have been awake for some weeks now and I am missing you so badly. I can only imagine how you have felt these past six months that we were apart.

I am doing well here for the time being. I have met my aunt who is the current queen of Jennova. She is treating me well as her niece besides the fact that I am practically a prisoner here inside this palace. Oh and I have met my mother here. Leon, my mother is still alive and she is living well here in Jennova. I am so happy to see her once again. The only thing missing in my life right now is you. Oh how I miss you so much my love.

But I cannot go back to your side yet. My mother is not yet in her right mind. I will try to get her mind back and escape with her. And also my aunt is planning to revive the forbidden magic and use it against you. I know how dangerous the forbidden magic is and I don\'t want you or my other loved ones to get hurt. I will try to learn more about the forbidden magic to gain some advantage before I go back to your side. I know you would like for me to get back as soon as possible but I need to do this. I want to be of help to you.

I will try hard to accomplish my goal and go back to your side as soon as possible. I love you so much Leon, I miss you so much.

Your Lili


After reading, I caressed the smooth top of the paper. A sad smile crept on my lips.

"You little fool. You know you don\'t need to do that. You just have to come back here by my side and let me protect you." My heart ached.

I know that Alicia has a mind of her own. She is strong willed and fierce when it comes to protecting the ones she love.

"How I wish that I can just lock you up by my side." This was my wishful thinking. But I know that I cannot keep her locked up in a cage like a bird to spoil and protect her. She is free willed and can decide on her own actions. That is her beauty and I don\'t want to take that away from her.

And so I can only support her. There is only one thing that I can do to help her and at least lessen my worry, I need to send someone I can trust to be by her side and help her aside from the Crimson Bandit Jack.

"Dimitri!" I called out.

Not long Dimitri opened the door to my office and entered.

"You called your majesty." Dimitri said.

"Call for William. I have something to tell him." I ordered.

"At once your majesty." Dimitri bowed and exited my office.

"I cannot be by your side for now but at least I can send someone to help you." I whispered.

I lifted Alicia\'s letter and planted a gentle kiss on top of her name.

"I miss you to, my Lili." I said.

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