The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 181 The Princess of Jennova

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"G-Greetings to the sun of the Jennovian Empire." The young girl stuttered. She was evidently frightened.

"Why are you here?" The queen asked with a cold tone.

"I-I am sorry. I didn\'t know that you would be visiting the greenhouse, royal mother." The young girl replied.

\'Royal mother?\' I looked at her and my aunt who was just by my side. \'Is this young girl my aunt\'s daughter?\'

"Hmph, it seems like my mood has been disrupted." Queen Patricia said. "Let\'s have tea together some other time Alicia. You can stay if you want. I will be going back to rest. I feel a headache coming."

And just like that the queen left the green house. The young girl looked really awkward while looking at the queen leaving. She had a sad bitter face showing.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"I-I am sorry." The young girl was startled. "B-Because of me, your tea with queen mother was interrupted. If I have known before hand, then I would have visited the greenhouse in the afternoon."

"You frequent here in the greenhouse?" I tried to start a friendly conversation with her. "By the way, my name is Alicia." I gave her a friendly smile.

"I am sorry to be late to introduce myself." The young girl curtsied to me. "My name is Satiana Elissar, princess of Jennova and the queen\'s second child."

"So you really are the queen\'s daughter?" I was surprised. This young girl doesn\'t have the same features a royal of Atlantian should have.

Satiana looked embarrassed with what I have said and lowered her head.

"Oh I\'m sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?" I was flustered with her reaction. She was just a little girl and by experience I am sure her emotions are fragile.

"I don\'t have the same features like mother and big brother." Satiana said sadly. "I guess that is why queen mother hates me so much."

I can feel the sadness and the hurt in Satiana\'s words. I have also felt the same way as her before. I walked towards her and held her hand gently.

"Having these features isn\'t anything special." I said. Satiana looked up at me with a teary eye. "You are beautiful and special in your own way."

"R-Really?" Satiana asked. Tears started to fall on her pinkish cheeks.

"Of course. Everyone is special in their own personal way." I wiped her tears.

I can feel the pain she was feeling. It was so similar to what I had felt before. It was the feeling of not being loved by your own parent. It was really painful and quite lonely. If Grandpa Robert and Richard weren\'t there for me, I do not know what have happened to me.

"You really have such beautiful hair like big brother\'s." Satiana said while holding my hair. "C-Can we be friends?"

I smiled with her shyness. "Of course we can. We are cousins after all."

Satiana smiled brightly and it made me feel warm somehow.

"Then you can call me Sati." Satiana said. "I\'m so happy to have a big sister like you."

"B-Big sister?" I was taken by surprise. Yes we were cousins but being called a big sister.

"Aren\'t you going to be my big brother\'s wife?" Satiana asked with a curious face.

"Um well, why not sit down first and let\'s have some tea." I ushered her to the table where the tea and snacks were.

Satiana was still a young girl. Judging by our interaction so far, she doesn\'t have any malice towards me. I plan to tell her my situation and maybe I can get her to sympathy and help me out inside this palace.

Once we sat down, I took a sip of my tea and looked at Satiana with a serious face.

"Sati, can I trust you?" I asked her seriously.

"Yes… you can trust me big sister Alicia." Satiana smiled brightly. "Other than big brother, only you treated me well inside this big palace."

I have expected that she will also be shunned by the servants inside this palace. Even though she is a true princess of Jennova born from the king, because the queen hasn\'t given her any favor then the servants isn\'t giving her any importance.

"Your big brother treats you well?" I was a little doubtful that Gladiolus was a good brother to her. The only impression I have of him is that he wants me badly that he has hurt my loved ones in the process.

"Yes. Even though he hasn\'t been visiting me lately, he is a good big brother to me." Satiana smiled.

\'Well maybe Gladiolus has his positive side as well. But for me he is still a bad guy.\' I thought.

"Well Sati, to tell you the truth I was taken here in Jennova against my will." I said with a sad smile.

Satiana froze up while holding her tea cup. She looked at me with surprise.

"You were kidnapped?" Satiana said doubtfully. "But…how, why? I mean you are family."

"I am engaged to another man, the crown prince of Grandcrest. And that man is the one I truly love." I said. "When I was on my way to his country, your brother Gladiolus abducted me and taken me here against my will."

Satiana lowered her tea cup and was in thought. "I can\'t believe my big brother would do such a thing."

"I understand if you don\'t believe me. Gladiolus is still a good big brother to you and you have just only met me." I solemnly said. "But I don\'t have any intention on marrying your brother that I do not love."

Satiana was silent for a while and looked at me. Then out of nowhere she stood up and slapped the table in front of us that made me startled.

"I can\'t believe that big brother would do such a thing to a girl in love with someone else." Satiana was looking a bit furious. "Even though he is my brother, I cannot forgive him. I girl\'s love is so pure and forcibly taking it is so unforgivable. Big sister, your situation now is similar to the ones I have read in novels and my big brother is becoming a villain."

I looked at Satiana and giggled. This little girl is immersed with romance novels, no wonder she sympathized with my situation instantly. Having a huge gap with her own family, Satiana will be a very good ally inside this palace.

"I promise big sister Alicia, I will surely help you return to your one true love." Satiana reached for my hands and clasped it tightly, making such promise.

"Then I will hold you to that promise." I said to her and smiled.

"Hmm." Satiana nodded with resolve.

If Satiana was like me a forgotten princess of this country, then I also want to help her as much as I can. I feel a connection between us.

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