The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 180 A Palace made of Janetite

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The next day, the queen asked me to walk with her on the palace grounds. Because it was cold outside, I was once again inside the walk in closet room full of beautiful clothes.

"This dress will be very beautiful on you princess." Martha said enthusiastically.

Martha was holding an all-white dress with a matching thick fur coat, gloves and boots. I was amazed with how fluffy the coat was that I stroked it. And to my amazement, it was really fluffy to touch. Martha helped me put on the clothes and escorted me outside. While walking along the corridors, I made a mental note of every corner of this place. I have memorized the way towards my mother\'s room and now I have to learn how to get out of this palace walls.

"Princess, the queen has assigned to you a palace servant to accompany you where you want to go." Martha said. "If you want to go anywhere, I and the palace servant will be the ones to accompany you."

The queen has given me permission to roam inside the palace and also visit to my mother any time I want. At least I had freedom to walk inside the palace walls. But still I am not allowed to go anywhere without an escort to accompany me. I am sure that the escorts are not simple palace servants but someone that was sent by the queen to guard me.

"Oh there he is." Martha said with joy. "Rafael…" She called out.

I saw a young man wearing the palace servant\'s uniform. He had a good built and an above average height. Like I thought, he was not a simple palace servant. Judging by his physique, he was a soldier or a guard. What caught my eyes was his fiery red hair. His red hair made me think of someone I know.

"Rafael, the princess you will be escorting is here." Martha made a whisper on the ear of the palace servant. Then the young palace servant turned around.

I was shocked for a split second but have gone back to my calm composure in an instant.

"Greetings your highness, I am Rafael." The young man said respectfully. "I will be the one to accompany you in your stay here in the palace."

"Nice to meet you Rafael." I replied. "I will be under your care then."

"The honor is mine your highness." The young man replied.

I looked at him once again and I am sure I am not mistaken. This young man was no other than the leader of the Crimson Bandits, Jack.

Jack gave me a knowing smile and winked. \'If I am not mistaken, he is here to help me.\' I thought.

Maybe Regaleon sent him here to rescue me. This made my heart feel warm. I am sure Regaleon is doing whatever he can to win this war and take me back.

"Right this way your highness. The queen is waiting for you." Jack said.

Martha and I followed him and went outside the palace. A cold wind blew on my body once the door was opened. The land outside was covered with white snow. The sky today was a clear blue and there was no snow was falling. I walked at the clean shoveled path and followed Jack. Not long I see the queen with her hand maidens tending to some flowers in the garden.

"What kind of flower can bloom in such a cold weather?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Those are called snow lilies your highness." Martha replied. "This flower is rather special. They can only grow in cold climates."

We stopped just a few meters from where the queen was standing.

"How was your night dear?" The queen asked and turned around. She gave me a warm smile. "I hope you were not too cold. I am sure you are not very accustomed to this kind of weather."

"I slept well, thank you for asking your majesty." I replied respectfully. "The room was rather warm, Martha made sure that the fire place had the ample amount of fire wood."

"That is good to hear. And please call me Aunt Patty like I told you yesterday." Queen Patricia said.

"Yes, Aunt." I complied with her request. This will make the both of us feel at least a little close and familiar to one another. I need to gain her trust.

"Yes." Queen Patricia nodded in satisfaction. "Come, let\'s take a walk."

The queen and I started to walk on the clean path while her hand maidens and my escorts followed not far behind.

"There is a small greenhouse located not far from here. Let\'s have some tea there while talking." The queen said and I nodded in response.

"Have you decided on what I asked you yesterday?" The queen asked while we were walking.

"If it is about learning mind abilities, then I am willing to try aunt." I replied. "I want to help my mother go back to normal."

"Then I will teach you what I know. But to do that we have to do it at a far distance from the palace." The queen said.

I was rather curious why we need to practice it at a far distance from the palace.

"It is because the palace walls are made with janetite." The queen answered my silent question. "That is why we cannot use magic in the vicinity of the palace."

\'So that\'s why my magic isn\'t working.\' I thought to myself.

At first I thought the queen has a janetite rock hidden somewhere in my room. But even after going out of my room, my magic isn\'t working. I never thought that the palace walls are made with janetite rock. It was a good prison for us Atlantians.

"That pig saw how valuable jantite was to nullify magic abilities. And so he made his castle \'magic proof\' to protect himself from any Atlantian assassins during the last Great War." Queen Patricia explained. "And also because of that, I wasn\'t able to use my magic abilities to make my revenge. So I turned to the old version to take my revenge which took time but at least I still had my end result." She had a wicked smile on her face.

I was curious what that \'old version\' was, but after seeing such a wicked smile I opted not to know.

We arrived at the greenhouse and entered. Inside had the right amount of warmth and so the inside was filled with different kinds of trees and plants. At the center was a small pond with fishes swimming.

When I was looking around I saw a girl, maybe between ten to twelve years of age. She had light brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a beautiful green dress and had a graceful demeanor, signifying she is of noble birth.

The young girl noticed our presence and was shocked to see us. She quickly curtsied in front of me but I am sure she was giving her greetings to the queen.

"G-Greetings to the sun of the Jennovian Empire." The young girl stuttered. She was evidently frightened.

"Why are you here?" The queen asked with a cold tone.

"I-I am sorry. I didn\'t know that you would be visiting the greenhouse, royal mother." The young girl replied.

\'Royal mother?\' I looked at her and my aunt who was just by my side. \'Is this young girl my aunt\'s daughter?\'

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