The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 179 Regaleon’s Worries

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

I put my head back on the chair and slouched. This war really is tiring and draining me. If I want to make clear decisions, I need to rest well to have a clear mind. This is essential for winning the war and rescuing my beloved.

"Just wait Lili, I will come for you." This promise I will definitely make.

"Your majesty, there is word from our spy in Jennova." Dimitri rushed in the room.

I quickly sat up when I heard that the news was from the spy. This only meant there is news regarding Alicia.

"Quickly, read it." I ordered immediately.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri nodded. He lifted the note he was holding. "It says that the princess has just woken up from her six month of sleep. She seems to be in good health and doing well. The princess is still being guarded carefully by the Jennovian queen\'s men and it is still hard to get close. But he will try to make contact."

It was like a huge and heavy rock lifted from my heart. Relief has spread in my entire body.

"Let me see the note." I ordered Dimitri and he handed it to me. I read the note once more and now I felt joy in my heart. "She is well. She is doing well. Thank God."

"That is good to hear your majesty. I am sure that the princess will be safe." Dimitri gave me comforting words.

"I know. She is a smart and strong girl." A smiled crept from my lips.

"Is it true? Alicia is awake already?" A voice came from the open door of my office.

With Dmitri\'s rush to give me the note from the spy, he might have forgot to close the door. When I looked at the open door, I see a familiar face of a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was holding a white cat in his arms.

"Good evening Sir William. Please come inside." I greeted him.

William was badly injured in the parade ambush. It took him at least two to three months to fully recover. And after recovering from his injuries he begged to join me in my quest to save Alicia.

"Good evening your majesty. I am sorry to eavesdrop on your conversation with Sir Dimitri but after hearing Alicia\'s name." William said while entering my office and closing the door.

"I understand Sir William. Like what you have heard; Alicia has just woken up from her six months sleep as the note says." I said.

"Then that\'s a relief." William sighed. "Do you have any plans on how to rescue her? I am willing to offer my help." A glint of hope was sparkling in his eyes.

I know that like me, William was still very much in love with Alicia. I may not like the feelings he possess towards my fiancée but I am relieved to know that his feelings for her are pure and with no ill intentions.

"The news is still new Sir William and our spy hasn\'t had the privilege to make contact with the princess yet." Dimitri explained. "We can devise a plan for a rescue operation after our spy gives us some more valuable information. So for now all we can do is to wait."

William has same anxious face like mine. Then I realized that he was carrying Alicia\'s familiar in his arms.

"By the way, what brings you here in the middle of the night Sir William?" I asked.

"Oh yes. Alicia\'s cat Snow has just woken up." William said. I see Snow lift her head slowly and looked at me. "She said she wants to talk you."

Snow was Alicia\'s familiar and because of that they have a link with each other. Snow was living off of Alicia\'s magic essence and so they are linked with each other like how Tempest is linked to me.

After the battle in the ambushed parade, Tempest was able to survive the arrow shot. He was able to evade at the last second and the arrow only hit his right wing. As for Snow, after Alicia had gone berserk, she was also found unconscious. Snow was able to help many of my soldiers during the battle and guarded the unconscious William back then. After she became unconscious, my soldiers took her to me. The doctors said that Snow\'s injuries were minimal but she wasn\'t waking up. When William was recuperating, he asked me if he could take care of Snow as a thank you for helping him.

I had my doubts as to why Snow wasn\'t able to wake up because this has not yet happened to me and Tempest before. But now seeing that Snow has woken up after I received the news that Alicia also has woken up confirmed my doubts. A familiar\'s link to its master is really beyond what I currently know.

Snow that was nestled in William\'s arms leaped towards my lap slowly. She was still weak.

\'Regaleon, I want to go to Alicia.\' Snow talked to me telepathically. \'I am worried about her.\'

Unlike me and Tempest that can talk telepathically at a distance because we have a link as familiar and master, Snow needs to have physical contact to telepathically talk to me. I guess Snow had also talked to William like this as well.

"I understand that you are worried about her. I am also worried. But we can\'t go in there blind." I said to her. "Let\'s wait for further information like Dimitri said. And you need to gather your strength as well. You are still weak."

\'Alicia\'s magic is still in disarray. Now that she is awake, I can feed off of some of her magical essence. But I am afraid there is something there that is blocking her magic from reorganizing.\' Snow said.

\'Could it be the rock that nullifies magic abilities?\' I thought. I have only read about this rock in the texts of the last Great War.

"Don\'t worry about it. For now you must rest and regain your strength. I will inform you at once if we have further information." I said.

I looked at William signaling him to take Snow so that she can rest. He nodded and carefully took Snow and nestled her in his arms.

"Thank you your majesty." William bowed.

"It is nothing. I am sure that you are also worried as well." I replied. "If it is okay with you, I will need your presence by my side starting tomorrow. You are one of the only men whom I could trust."

William was taken aback by my words but then smiled. "Then I will be of service to you your majesty." He bowed and left my office. "Please use my skills as you deem fit."

"Dimitri, bring me all of the information you can gather about that magic nullifying rock from Jennova." I said once the door was closed. "I want it as soon as possible."

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri nodded.

If Alicia\'s magic is being nullified then she can\'t use it to her advantage. I need to think of a way to rescue her as quickly as possible.

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