The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 178 Seeing my Mother Once More 2

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Inside was a room with the same layout as the room I came from. Scanning inside, I saw a woman sitting beside a window, she was looking outside. She also had the same platinum blonde hair I had.

"M-Mama…?" My voice was low but still broke the silence inside the room.

The woman sitting beside the window turned to look towards me and smiled sweetly.

"Mama!" Tears came pouring down my eyes. I quickly ran to where my mother was.

I quickly walked towards her and hugged her tightly. "Mama. Mama, I\'m so happy that you are alive."

Tears started to fall from my eyes down to my cheeks. The happiness I am feeling right now is welling up inside my heart.

I slowly released her from my embrace to look at her face. Looking closely you can see some age lines in her face. Of course she has aged these past few years since I last saw her.

The time I last saw her was at her death bed. She has been sick for a long time and her body was all skin and bones. Her face was pale and her eyes were lifeless. But now I am happy to see her with a healthy body and a rosy glow in her cheeks.

But when I looked at her eyes, it was the same eyes I saw when she was dying. It was lifeless.

"Mama, mama it\'s me Alicia." I tried to call out to her.

She didn\'t reply but only smiled at me.

"Mama, can\'t you remember me?" My voice started to tremble. I was getting anxious.

My mother looked away from me and resumed looking outside the window.

"What\'s wrong with mama?" I asked Martha.

"P-princess, she has been like that ever since I saw her." Martha replied.

My heart started to ache. My mother was alive and well before me but I am afraid her mind have suffered.

"Your mother has never uttered a word since I rescued her." I heard my aunt\'s voice. I looked around and saw her entering the room.

"What do you mean?" I asked her. Worry was clearly evident on my face.

"We were able to save her from death due to the poison your step mother has given her. Her body recuperated and is very healthy now. But her mind was closed off." Queen Patricia said.

The queen walked towards my mother and put her hand on her shoulder.

"The doctor\'s said it was due to mental and physical trauma. Her body was able to heal while her mind was locked up to protect itself from harm." Queen Patricia explained. "I was hoping that once she sees you, there can be at least a tiny opening from the walls she has placed herself in her mind."

I was processing all of this information. It is true that my mother\'s body tried to withstand the slow acting poison my step mother has secretly administered to her. She was able to prolong her life longer that the enemy anticipated. But it took a toll on her mind.

"She tried to survive because of me." I said in a whisper.

"Your mother didn\'t want to leave you behind alone. She tried to fight the poison in her body for as long as she could bare but at end her body gave in. And so her mind also gave up." Queen Patricia said. "By the time she gave your custody to your father was also the time she locked up her mind. She separated her body and mind to nullify the pain before dying. We were able to save her but I was too late because she has locked herself up."

"But she can be normal again. Can she go back to normal?" I asked.

"I tried communicating to her thru magic. Our bond as twins is different from normal siblings. But when I came knocking, she wasn\'t willing to open up." Queen Patricia said. "I am hoping maybe you can make a difference."

"Me?" I asked in confusion.

"Yes. I can teach you how to use mind magic." Queen Patricia said. "We Atlantian\'s of royal blood can use any form of magic, unlike normal Atlantians that can only use given particular types of magic. We of royal blood can use all but with some limitations. For example I have high aptitude in fire type magic while having low aptitude on water type magic." She explained.

The queen was giving such useful information. So far I know that I can harness the power of all elements but I am still not sure where I excel in.

"Mind abilities are rare, only a few has this. Also in the members of the royal family, mind abilities are rather weak. The most I can do is talk telepathically with one person at a time." Queen Patricia said.

\'Talking telepathically? I only have talked with Snow like that because she is my familiar. But never thought I can also use it to communicate with other people.\' I learned some new information.

"But your mother, she is adept with mind abilities." Queen Patricia said. "She can talk to many people telepathically at one time and can also link others mind to one another. I only know the extent of her abilities with what she has told me when we were young. Who knows if she was able to further enhance such abilities? But judging personality which was a kind heart, she would never use it to harm others. Therefore she decided to lock herself away inside her mind."

I looked at my mother again. She was still looking outside the window with lifeless eyes.

"Do you think I can wake her up from her state now?" I asked the queen.

"There will be no harm to try." Queen Patricia smiled. "I am willing to teach you what I know so that you can reach out to your mother."

"Then I am willing to try." I said with conviction.

I get a feeling Queen Patricia is using me but for now I will play in the palm of her hands. I still need to get her trust. And if ever I can wake my mother up, it is hitting two birds with one stone.

\'If ever the time comes, I will escape this palace with my mother.\' I thought to myself.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

It was deep in the night and I was still sitting in front of my desk. I pinch my temples from the headache that I was feeling.

"Your majesty, it\'s late. Why not take your rest for the night? I will tidy things up here." Dimitri said with a worried tone.

"How can I sleep in this kind of situation?" I said with frustration.

Since the start of this war I wasn\'t able to sleep properly. And after receiving news from the spy inside the Jennovian palace two weeks ago, I wasn\'t able to sleep at all.

Knowing that Alicia was asleep for the past six months we were away from each other made me more anxious. I couldn\'t sleep from worrying about her. How I wish I can storm that palace now and take her back. The anger I was feeling against the crown prince of Jennova intensified tenfold.

"I know you are worried your majesty. But your body also needs to rest." Dimitri said. "Your position is essential in this war. And also the princess is waiting for you. You need to be in your best shape to be able to rescue her and also win this war."

Dimitri\'s words seeped in me. "You are right. I need to be in my top condition to save her." I sighed.

"Then let me make you a cup of tea to calm yourself and help you rest." Dimitri bowed and exited the room.

I put my head back on the chair and slouched. This war really is tiring and draining me. If I want to make clear decisions, I need to rest well to have a clear mind. This is essential for winning the war and rescuing my beloved.

"Just wait Lili, I will come for you." This promise I will definitely make.

"Your majesty, there is word from our spy in Jennova." Dimitri rushed in the room.

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