The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 177 Seeing my Mother Once More 1

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I was again detained inside my room after the queen left. Many things came into my mind after my talk with her. Firstly, I knew now that this war is her personal revenge on everyone that has hurt her or her family. Second, she was planning to revive the forbidden magic once used by the mad king of Atlantia that destroyed the country and let it sink to the depths of the ocean floor. Third, my mother was still alive.

My biggest worry now is the reviving of the forbidden magic. The magic that destroyed an entire country is really frightening. Knowing that it can be used against Regaleon and Grandcrest made me shiver in thought.

"What I need to do now is to know where the queen was in her research about the forbidden magic." I said to myself.

My aunt the queen is trying to \'recruit\' me into her side. Being her niece and being the so called \'fiancée\' to his son, I think I can play the part of an ally to her so that I can see what her plans are and to warn Regaleon beforehand.

\'For short I am making myself into a spy inside the enemy\'s inner circle.\' I thought to myself.

What I need to know now is how I can send word to Regaleon. I was currently a prisoner here. I need to get the queen\'s trust first before I can search for a way to contact Regaleon.

I look outside and see the snowflakes slowly coming down from the sky.

"I wonder how you are doing after these past six months we were apart." I look at the sky outside. "How I wish to see you now."

\'Knock knock\'

The door opened and the maid that I saw when I woke up came inside the room.

"Princess, I will be the one to take you to your mother\'s quarters." The maid said respectfully. "By the way my name is Martha. I will be your personal maid while you are here." She bowed in front of me.

"Thank you Martha." I said nonchalantly. "Can you take me to my mother now?" I asked.

"Of course princess. Please follow me." Martha smiled energetically.

Looking at this maid, she must be just the same age as me. She seems to be a lively and kind person. I am thinking if I can reel her to my side. But first I have to know how loyal she is to the queen first.

I followed Martha as she led the way. Looking around, this palace was a little dark. The corridors are lit with warm candle light even in day time. The sun was blocked by dark clouds outside so little light comes inside the windows.

"This palace is quite big." I masked my questions in idle chatter so that Martha won\'t get suspicious.

"Yes princess. This palace is quite big. Even I always got lost here when I first started to work. Without a guide you can lose your way." Martha happily replied.

"How long have you been working here inside this palace?" I asked.

"I started to be an apprentice maid when I was twelve years old." Martha answered. "I came from a remote village at the most northern part of Jennova. Because life is hard there, I decided to serve as a maid here in the palace in exchange of a good amount of wage. I always give my monthly wage to my parents and little brother that were left in the village."

"Is the life here so hard?" I asked.

"A large part of Jennova is an ice land princess. Life here is really hard. But thanks to the queen and the crown prince\'s efforts, life has been bearable for us common folks." Martha replied. "And if we win this war, then Jennova\'s borders will extend to the south where more livelihood is abundant."

\'So my aunt and cousin are at least good leaders to the common people of Jennova.\' I thought to myself. But their way of waging war is still wrong.

"But don\'t you think war is a little over the top." I said. "I mean there are still other ways that Jennova can live well like trading and business. War can destroy the lands that once were abundant with life. It can also take years to get it back to how it once was."

Martha was silent in thought for a while. "You are also correct there princess. Actually, we common people really are not very enthusiastic with the idea of war. What we only need is to make a living every single day, having clothes to wear, a roof to take shelter and food to eat are the most important to us. But the queen has promised us that we will have a more comfortable life after winning this war."

"But what if there are other ways for the people of Jennova to live comfortably, will you think twice on this war?" I asked.

"If you ask me princess, then I will much wish for this war not happening if there are others ways. I mean war is always accompanied with death and the loss of many people\'s lives." Martha replied with a sincere face. "I am sure many of the common people will also think of this. Many of their livelihoods are affected in this war. If not for the queen\'s monetary and food support, the common people of Jennova will not have a positive outlook with this war."

\'So the queen is giving support to the affected common people of Jennova.\' I thought. \'Then what will happen if this support is cut off? Will the people of Jennova revolt against the queen?\'

Thoughts are swirling inside of my head. This brief chat with Martha is quite beneficial. I think I can devise a plan that can help Regaleon to win this war. If Jennova is having internal conflicts while engaging war against another country, it can pose a big problem to them.

Not long Martha stopped on a specific door. We have been walking for quite a while, that just means that this palace is really quite big. The corridors all looked the same hence you can get easily lost in your way.

\'I need to familiarize myself with the palace\'s layout to plan my escape in the future.\' I thought.

"This is the quarters of Princess Leticia." Martha said to me.

"Then my mother is waiting inside?" I asked eagerly.

"Yes princess." Martha smiled and opened the door.

Inside was a room with the same layout as the room I came from. Scanning inside, I saw a woman sitting beside a window, she was looking outside. She also had the same platinum blonde hair I had.

"M-Mama…?" My voice was low but still broke the silence inside the room.

The woman sitting beside the window turned to look towards me and smiled sweetly.

"Mama!" Tears came pouring down my eyes. I quickly ran to where my mother was.

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