The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 176 Queen Patricia's Story

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\"War?!\" I looked at her with shock

\"Yes. And not long Alvannia will ally themselves with my country in this war. I am afraid that after this war ends, Grandcrest will be no more.\" The queen\'s smile that was once gentle a while ago now became sinister. \"And the engagement between you and the crown prince of Grandcrest is null and void, because by birth you are my son\'s one and only fiancée. You were born to be my son\'s wife.\"

Like I thought, speaking with her won\'t do any good. I am really a prisoner here in this country. I have to find a way to escape and send word to Regaleon.

\"And I think you will not want to leave your mother here, correct?\" The queen was smiling confidently while looking at me.

\"My mother? Is it true that my mother is still alive?\" I wavered while hearing about my mother.

\"Yes, your mother Leticia is also here inside this palace.\" Queen Patricia said. \"She is my twin sister that I love. We were lucky that we found her before she breathed her last.\"

My mind was now in turmoil. I am afraid that my face shows what I am feeling right now. I can\'t keep up the face of holding my ground just a while ago.

\"Child, can you hear me out first before branding me as your enemy?\" Queen Patricia looked sorrowful. \"After that I can send you to see your mother.\"

I nodded slowly after hearing her words. All I wanted to do now is see my mother.

\"Maybe you know about the last Great War that ended our country of Atlantia. You might have heard of all the bad things my father, your grandfather did. But let me tell you he also made good things too.\" Queen Patricia said. \"Back when I and your mother were still young, Atlantia was a flourishing country. It was abundant with good weather, lands, and also gifted with magic. My father was a good ruler and loved his people. But all that changed when he saw the tablet of prophecy.\"

\'The prophecy? Yes I heard that before.\' I thought.

\"The prophecy states that one Atlantian of royal blood will be born to rule or destroy the world, whichever he chooses.\" The queen continued. \"Of course my father thought he was the one stated in the prophecy. He tried to invade the other countries in the continent and wage war against them. The prophecy drove my father mad and of course it led our country into ruin.\"

That part of the story of course I already have heard about it.

\"I and your mother were lucky to survive before the fall of Atlantia. Our brother the crown prince had planned for us sisters to flee the country before the final battle on the Upgrove Plains. He had planned for us to take shelter in a safe location hidden in the country of Alvannia. We were successful in escaping the country\'s destruction but on the road our envoy were ambushed by Jennovian soldiers. Using myself as a diversion I let Leticia escape but I was captured.\" The queen\'s face twisted with the memory. \"The king of Jennova knew I was of royal blood of Atlantia and took me as a trophy for winning the war. You don\'t know just how he used me.\"

The queen was fighting back her anger but it was very evident in her face.

\"That pig used me like a slave. He pleasured himself using my body day and night. I endured all of that with the hopes that my brother will surely come and save me and make that pig pay. But when I heard the news that my brother died with father at the Upgrove Plains, my whole world sank. All I wanted after that was vengeance, vengeance to all the people that have hurt us and took away our home, our life, everything.\" The queen\'s words were all coated with anger.

Thinking about what she has gone thru made me pity her. My mother was a little lucky that she stumbled upon my father who loved her. But my aunt only knew pain and suffering after the war.

\"Then I found out I was pregnant. Of course I knew that this child is my brother\'s child because we were married and consummated before my sister and I escaped the country. The pig, thinking that it was his made me a concubine because his own wife cannot produce an heir. This was where I started my plans. I fought my way up and kicked the former queen from her place. I became queen and my son became crown prince. And after that of course I can\'t let that pig live any longer. I seized his power and became the most powerful person in Jennova. Of course it won\'t end there.\" The queen looked at me after.

\"Is that why you want to wage war against Grandcrest? Are you also planning to devour Alvannia as well?\" I looked at her seriously.

\"Those two countries also sinned against us. It is only befitting to take them down as well.\" Queen Patricia smirked.

\"But vengeance won\'t get you anywhere. War can only hurt many people.\" I said. I may not know what she is feeling but I am sure that anger is fueling her every move. I pity her for what happened but war is never a solution to her grievances.

\"You are still young. I am sure your mother also wants vengeance as well.\" The queen said. \"Do not worry, if Alvannia upholds our agreement then I will not devour them. And also on behalf of your marriage with Gladiolus, Alvannia and Jennova will be united in marriage.\"

I was at a loss. This queen was really hell bent on her vengeance. And also dragging me and my mother into this mess.

\"And with the use of the forbidden magic, I am sure that we will win this war.\" The queen said and smirked.

\"The forbidden magic. But that magic only destroys!\" My eyes went wide. \'Does she have information regarding that destructive power?\' I thought.

\"My father was unable to control the forbidden magic because he was not the chosen one. After doing further research I am sure that we can control such magic. It will be only a matter of time until I gather more information about the chosen one. But I am sure that my son Gladiolus is the chosen one, because he is the only surviving male heir with the purest bloodline.\"

It frightened me to the core after hearing that my aunt was planning on using the forbidden magic once more. Regaleon and my loves ones will be in danger.

\"Then I will be going. For now you rest for a little while. I will let a maid send you to your mother\'s quarters later.\" Queen Patricia said. She stood up and walked towards the door but stopped before exiting. She turned around and looked at me. \"I hope you find it in your heart to help us whole heartedly. I am sure your mother will like that as well. Think about it.\"

Then she left. I had a sigh of relief after she exited the room.

\'I am afraid I can\'t leave this place for now.\' I thought. \'I need to know what my aunt is planning and how to stop her from using the forbidden magic once more.\'

I looked outside the window. Outside, snow was starting to fall.

\"I miss you.\" I said. \'I want to see you Leon.\'

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