The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 175 A Prisoner here in Jennova?

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I sat down in front of a coffee table near the fire place. I was a little conscious because I was still wearing a sleeping gown while in front of the Queen of Jennova.

"You, help the princess get dressed while waiting for her food to arrive." Queen Patricia ordered one of the maids that were in waiting.

"Yes your majesty." The maid replied and bowed. "Right this way princess." The maid gestured.

I got up and followed the maid towards a door found inside the room. Once I entered my eyes went wide with surprise.

The room was filled with different kinds of dresses, shoes, jewelries and hair ornaments for ladies. They were arranged neatly by category. I have heard about walk in closets because my step sisters and step mother was said to have them in their rooms back in the Alvannian Palace. But this is my first time seeing and walking in to one because I never had one of this rooms before in my palace.

"What would you like to wear princess?" The maid asked. "I will be here to assist you in changing your clothes." She said with a respectful tone.

"Will it be alright for me to use such beautiful clothes?" I asked. For sure these clothes and accessories are the queen\'s.

"It will be no problem princess because everything you see here is all yours." The maid said.

"A-All of this is mine?!" I was shocked.

"Yes princess. The queen has specifically bought and filled this room with the things you will need while living here in Jennova." The maid answered in a calm tone.

"Living here?" I asked in confusion. \'They want me to live here? Even if they buy me such exquisite and expensive things, I will still look at myself as a prisoner forced to stay here.\' I thought to myself.

I look around and touch the dresses that were all lined up. The touch of the fabric in each and every dress feels exquisite. The dresses are all designed gorgeously. The jewelries and hair accessories looked expensive. Even the shoes are designed beautifully.

"Can you pick me a simple dress to wear for now?" I asked the maid.

"Of course princess." The maid bowed and left to find the things I need to wear for the day.

Once she came back, she was carrying a light pink dress with a simple design together with a pair of boots to match. The dress had long sleeves and the seams are lined up with white fur made for cold weather. The maid helped me to wash my body first before putting on the dress.

After that, the maid helped me with my hair. She braided the front part with pink ribbons while letting my hair flow freely at the back. She also picked simple accessories to compliment the dress I am wearing.

When all of these are done, she assisted me back to the room. Upon entering I saw that food was already placed on the table. It was still hot because I can see the steam rising up from the food.

Queen Patricia looked back when she heard me entering and gave me a warm smile. "Come sit and eat. I am sure you are quite hungry."

After hearing the word hungry and looking at the food on the table, my stomach grumbled in agreement. I was ashamed and looked shyly around, looking if the people heard my stomach grumble just now.

The maids maintained their expressionless face so I sighed quietly in relief. I walked towards the table and sat down opposite the queen.

"Thank you for the food." I humbly said. Even though I am imprisoned here at least they are treating me well.

I started to eat. I wasn\'t paying attention to the queen at first and just dug in on the food because of my hunger. But when I was about to finish, I realized that the queen was looking at me with affectionate eyes.

I chomped my last bit of food and drank some water. I took the napkin at the side to wipe my mouth. I still need to maintain my elegance as a princess in front of someone of much higher status than myself. It was a bit difficult to move around with this aunt that I have only met now.

"You are very beautiful indeed." The queen stretches her arm and caresses my cheek. This made me flinch in surprise. "You have the looks of the royal blood of Atlantia. I always wanted to have a daughter like you. Unfortunately, I wasn\'t given such luck."

I looked at Queen Patricia gauging her reactions. But she maintained that affectionate look as if she was looking at her own child.

"Your majesty…" I have resolved to ask her my questions.

"You can call me Aunt Patty, Alicia." Queen Patricia smiled gently. Looking at her made me remember my own mother, their looks are rather identical. Looking at her smile so gently made my heart clench in longing with my own mother.

"A-Aunt…" I stuttered. "May I know why I\'m here?" I gathered my courage and looked at her coldly. \'She is not my mother. She is not my mother.\' I repeated this sentence inside my mind. I need to be firm in where I stand and not give in to my aunt who looks exactly like my mother.

"I was taken here without my consent and stayed here for six months. I am the crown prince of Grancrest\'s fiancée and should be married to him by now." I said with confidence. "This is clearly a crime to have me here for the past six months. But if you kindly let me go back to Grandcrest, I will specifically talk to the crown prince to pardon this action. After all you are my family by blood."

The queen looked at me while listening to my words and was still maintaining her smile. A brief silence enveloped the room.

"I am afraid I cannot let you go to Grandcrest." The queen said nonchalantly. "As of now a war is raging on between Jennova and Grandcrest. Therefore it will only be dangerous for you to travel there."

"War?!" I looked at her with shock. \'But I thought Regaleon was trying to prevent this war. Was it because I was taken away here in Jennova that a war broke? Is he trying to get me back with force?\' My heart felt warm knowing that Regaleon was trying to get me back even if he is against a whole country.

"Yes. And not long Alvannia will ally themselves with my country in this war. I am afraid that after this war ends, Grandcrest will be no more." The queen\'s smile that was once gentle a while ago now became sinister. "And the engagement between you and the crown prince of Grandcrest is null and void, because by birth you are my son\'s one and only fiancée. You were born to be my son\'s wife."

Like I thought, speaking with her won\'t do any good. I am really a prisoner here in this country. I have to find a way to escape and send word to Regaleon.

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