The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 174 The War

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

I am currently in a war council meeting with my most trusted generals and advisers. My war council consists of four generals and two of my most trusted advisers.

General Fernan and Vincent were young talented generals that are under my command in the Black Dragon army. Now that I have become king, I have given them the full authorization to use my Black Dragon army in this war.

General Stewart and Greynon were veteran generals that command the royal army of Grandcrest. They have fought together with my father in the last Great War. I believe in their capabilities and experience in fighting a war.

My two most trusted advisers were Fritz and Rudolph. They are sons of Archdukes in Grandcrest. Both of them are not heirs to their fathers\' dukedom because they are not the eldest sons in their family, but I have seen their talent and capabilities and handpicked them to be my left and right hand men.

Of course Dimitri will always be my personal assistant and is my most trusted one of all. He is my shadow, one which can make decisions whenever I am not around.

It has been three months since I started the war against Jennova. Currently my generals are giving me their report on the situation with each regions and divisions they are handling.

"Your majesty, we have succeeded in taking some of Jennova\'s territories in the central plains." General Fernan said. "Jennova\'s army stationed in the central plains have retreated a few miles.

"The waters are defended well your majesty." General Fritz who was in charge of the navy said. "Jennovian ships have tried to infiltrate using the Deuss River way but we have intercepted them and won the battle. I have stationed ships to guard the river way and also the Trestian Channels."

The Deuss River is one of the largest rivers that run across Jennovian border to Grandcrest. Also the Trestian Channels found in the West seas is also a pathway between the two countries.

"The mountain paths are a problem your majesty." General Stewart said. "Jennovian soldiers are adept in fighting in high altitude and low temperature which are a disadvantage to our soldiers. I have to apologize with the battles we have lost. I will take full responsibility." He bowed down low towards me.

"I understand Stewart, no need to lower your head." I replied. "This is a war. There will be advantages and disadvantages in both parties. Advisor Fritz and Advisor Rudolph, what are your thoughts on the battles in the mountain paths?"

Advisor Fritz held his chin in thought. "Jennova has more mountainous region and with colder climates than we have. They are adept in such terrain and weather climate than us. They have the advantage against us in this area." Advisor Fritz said.

"I suggest that we defend the mountain passages for now so that they cannot use this as a means to enter our country. It will be better to focus on the water ways and the central plains to push forward for now." Advisor Rudolph advised.

I nodded in acknowledgement.

"As you heard Stewart, focus your men on defending the mountain pass. Don\'t let any Jennovian enter our territory." I gave the order.

"Yes your majesty." General Stewart replied as confirmation.

I looked at the old General Greynon by my side. "I am sorry if you are far from the action Greynon. It is in your hands to defend the capital and the cities around it. I know that you are the best one to defend our capital if an attack occurs." I said.

"I understand your majesty. It is an honor to be the one to defend you and our people of Grandcrest." General Greynon smiled.

"This war is going at a slow pace as I can see. If you ask me I want to finish this war as soon as possible. If this war takes a long time, many of the common people of both countries will suffer." I said to my generals and advisors with a serious face. "I want to see more good results in the next war council."

"Yes your majesty." All of them replied in unison.

"I will not take your time any further. I know that you will be going back to your stations soon. If ever you cannot attend the next war council meeting because of something pressing and urgent, then you can send a proxy on your behalf." I said.

The generals and advisers walked out of the council room one by one till only Dimitri and I are the only ones left.

"Dimitri, tell me some good news." I was completely dissatisfied with how slow this war is going on right now. If I wait till this war ends to see my beloved Alicia once again, I think I am going to be crazy. "It has been six months since Alicia was taken away from me." I gripped my hands together in anger.

The anger that I felt the day Alicia was taken is still burning inside of me. I want to win this war as soon as possible and get Alicia back, safe and sound. And once I win this war, I am sure to kill that prince Gladiolus with my own two hands.

"Your majesty, we have successfully planted a spy inside the palace walls of Jennova." Dimitri replied. "It will only be a matter of time until we rescue Princess Alicia successfully and bring her back by your side."

"Is this spy one of your men?" I asked Dimitri. I trust Dimitri\'s subordinates because he has trained them personally.

"I am afraid not your majesty." Dimitri replied.

"Then who did you send?" I looked at him curiously.

"As I said before, Jennova has been a closed country since back then. Outsiders cannot enter freely. Therefore I have asked one of the princess\' acquaintances for help, the leader of the Crimson Bandits." Dimitri explained.

"The Crimson Bandits?" The name sounds familiar to me. Then I remember the time when Alicia and I were traveling back to the capital of Alvannia. A group of bandits tried to rob us. A smile crept on my face. "So it is them? Heh, let\'s see what they are capable of. If they put my Lili in danger, they will suffer my wrath." I scoffed.


At the outer courtyard of the Jennovian palace, a young man was dressed as a male palace worker. He has crimson red hair and was cockily walking the palace grounds.

"Achooo… Maybe someone is talking about me?" The young man sneezed and shivered. "Nah, I am sure it\'s because of the cold out here. Brrrr… I need to find the princess fast, so that I can go back to a much warmer climate."

The young man was no other than the leader of the Crimson Bandits that Alicia and Regaleon met back then, Jack.

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