The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 173 In the Span of Six Months

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"Six months, I have been sleeping for six months? And are you pertaining to Queen Patricia of Jennova?" I asked the maid. "Am I in the royal palace of Jennova?"

"Yes your highness." The maid replied with a smile. "You have arrived here six months ago."

My eyes went wide in shock. Prince Gladiolus has been successful in taking me to Jennova.

"I will take my leave your highness. I have to relay this news to her majesty and the prince." The maid said cheerfully. "I will be getting some food for you as well. I am sure you are famished after sleeping for six months."

"Uh…Wait…" I called out to her but she dashed outside the room and closed the door behind. "Is it really been six months? It has been that long?"

I thought about the events that happened before I woke up here. The ambush that prince Gladiolus planned was a major event that can stir problems between the two countries, not to mention my being here in Jennova against my free will. I am the fiancée of the crown prince of Grandcrest, kidnapping me can be seen as a major crime between the two countries. And to think six months have passed after that.

"Regaleon must be so worried about me." I said.

I walked towards the door and turned the knob. "It\'s locked. Heh…" I scoffed.

Of course, I was brought here against my will. I was being treated as a prisoner here in my so called \'family\'s\' estate.

I walked towards the window to see if I can escape thru there. Looking outside, this room must be located at the third or fourth floor. But using my magic, I can make the tree from nearby grow its branches so that I can climb down from here. I opened the window to survey the distance and a gust of cold wind came inside. I shivered from the coldness.

"I won\'t advice you to escape from there." A woman\'s voice came from behind me. I was startled and turned around.

The woman standing by the door was wearing a very beautiful dress. She had an aura of magnificence and grace that can put anyone looking at her in awe. But what surprised me the most was her face, she definitely looked like my mother. She has exactly my mother\'s face, with her eyes, lips, nose and mouth. I know she isn\'t my mother but I was still shocked by the resemblance. I stared at her face awestruck.

"Close the window. The room is getting cold." The woman ordered the maid that I saw a while ago.

"Yes your majesty." The maid walked passed me and closed the windows. The cold wind stopped from coming inside but I was still shivering in place.

Like I thought, she was the queen of Jennova. My aunt, Queen Patricia.

Queen Patricia really looked like my mother, they must be identical twins. She walked towards me and took the robe from the stand. She gently covered me with the thick robe and ushered me to the fire place and let me sit on the chair.

"I am sure you have many questions in your mind. Why not sit down for a while and gather your bearings. I will answer all of your questions." Queen Patricia said. "Go get some hot cocoa to warm my niece\'s stomach." She ordered the maid.

"Yes your majesty." The maid bowed and left the room.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

After Alicia was kidnapped, I returned to Grandcrest immediately after my body was stable. Even though my wound wasn\'t fully healed yet, I raced back to Grandcrest as the crown prince and sent a letter demanding the head of the crown prince of Jennova and the return of my fiancée that was taken away to their country by force.

I have stated that with the crimes prince Gladiolus have done, his decapitated head was the only compensation I sought for. But of course the queen of Jennova rejected my demands and only war was the only way.

At first many of Grandcrest\'s high advisers rejected my proposal for war. They were also being backed by one of my half-brothers that remained low key until now. He used this as a reason, deeming me unfit being crown prince because of my violent tendencies. He was calling me a war hungry beast.

The only reason he was still alive until now was because he never fought for the crown prince position back then. Who knew that he was just sitting idly, waiting for an opportune time to strike.

The royal ministry was divided into two factions after this. The one that supports my half-brother and the other that was under my rule. My father the king didn\'t want to interfere with the political battle between us half-brothers and used this to his advantage.

My father the king stated that whomever that rises triumphant within this political battle will be the next king.

"Whoever that emerge victorious in the battle between you brothers, will be crowned king of the Grandcrest Empire." My father has given his royal edict. "I am old and also want to take my life easy the remaining days of my life. The one that will be crowned king can do whatever he wishes of my vast lands, riches, and army. Of course I wish you will think of the best interests of our empire." He looked at me with knowing eyes and smiled.

My father was willing to step down from his position and retire. This gave my half-brother the courage to go on an all-out civil and political war against me. He was aiming for the throne and to be crowned as king of Grandcrest.

Because of this I needed to take the position as king before I can engage war against Jennova and take back my beloved. This political battle only lasted two to three months. After that I put my half-brother in his rightful place, six feet below the earth.

After emerging victorious from this battle against my half-brother, I was then crowned king of the Grandcrest Empire.

"I always knew you will be king, you have it in you." My father patted my shoulders after the crowning ceremony. "Can I ask one last favor as your father? Can I at least see the face of my son?"

I was touched with his warm and kind face that was different from what I had always seen. I guess now that the burden as \'King of Grandcrest\' has been lifted from his shoulders, he felt at peace and serene.

I nodded my head as acknowledgement from his request and took off the silver mask that has been on my face for so long. My father looked at me with loving eyes and became tearful. He touched my face gently.

"I am sure your mother is very proud of you wherever she is right now." My father said with teary eyes. "Don\'t make the same mistakes as I did. Go get back your fiancée."

"Of course, father." I smile crept on my face.

And so I started to engage war against Jennova.

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