The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 172 The Beginning of a War

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

General Robert and Richard had persuaded me to go back to the palace and get treatment for the poison.

Once I was laid down in bed in my previous living quarters in the Atlantian royal palace, the royal physician Dr. Andrew was the one that came to look at me.

"It\'s a wonder that you can still move with this kind of poison in your system." Dr. Andrew said while concocting an antidote. "This kind of poison is strong and can kill a normal human being within only three hours. You were lucky that I have the necessary ingredients in my possession to make an antidote."

"My body has been accustomed to different kinds of poisons since I was young." I replied. "I am immune to majority of poisons."

I remember when I was still a child, many of father\'s concubines tried to kill me with poison just because my mother was greatly favored by him. They were afraid that I will become a thorn to their sons\' future. Luckily my mother was an expert with herbs and was able to make antidotes to all the poisons given to me hence my body had high immunity to different kinds of poisons.

"Well your body is really worth studying." Dr. Andrew said and I looked at him with scrutiny. He realized my gaze was not very friendly. "I only meant it as a joke your highness. Of course I will not dare to use your body to experiment on." I scoffed with his reply.

After Dr. Andrew administered the antidote via injection, I took my shirt from the side of the bed and started to put it on. The wound from the arrow was bandaged nicely my Dr. Andrew but it still hurts if I move. So I slowly put on my shirt while flinching in pain when I stretch the wounded area.

"Has Dimitri not yet come back?" I asked Theon who was standing by the side.

"He has not yet come back your highness." Theon replied.

I became worried. \'How many hours has it been when I ordered Dimitri?\' I thought.

Not long I heard footsteps of someone running on the corridors and getting near my room. A man in black robes emerged from the door panting heavily. He was one of Dimitri\'s men.

"My lord, I came to give the situation report from Sir Dimitri." The man said while kneeling in front of me.

My heart felt pain as it was gripped tightly. If Dimitri sent one of his men to give the report, it only means that something bad had happened and he stayed to handle the situation that aroused.

"Rise and report!" My voice was loud and firm but my inner feelings were in turmoil.

"When our group arrived where Princess Alicia should have been, we saw prince Gladiolus\' men arrived there first. They have retrieved the unconscious princess." He reported. "Our group gave chase at once and had to fight thru magic users in their group. Fortunately are group consists of magic users as well and the fight was at an even match. But the once carrying the princess was able to escape while we were fighting. Sir Dimitri is in pursuit now and ordered this one to report to you at once."

My heart was filled with anger and pain. "How dare that prince kidnap my fiancée!?" I roared in anger. I tried to stand up to join the pursuit but my injury got the better of me. I still felt dizzy and my wound was still in pain that I staggered once I stood up.

"Your highness, please calm down. Your wound is had just stopped bleeding and might open again. And I had just administered the antidote. The poison in your system is still there. The antidote still needs time to detoxify all of the poison in your body." Dr. Andrew supported me and helped me sit down in bed.

"But I can\'t just do nothing while my fiancée might be in grave danger." I said seething my anger in. I clenched the bed sheets and gripped my fists hard that the bones on my knuckles were sticking out.

"I have already sent out my soldiers and also sent word to your general in the Black Dragon army." General Robert walked inside the room with King Edward walking in front. "They will be in pursuit of the kidnappers."

"Anyone that tries to harm my daughter will pay the price." King Edward said.

"Heh… Do you think I will trust your words your majesty, after how you treated Alicia poorly all these years?" I scoffed.

"How dare you slander our king..." One of the king\'s personal aides said. But King Edward raised his hand as a gesture for him to stop.

"I understand what you are saying prince Regaleon. But whether you belive it or not, I love my daughter dearly. I will do everything in my power to get her back safe and sound." King Edward said.

I tried to stand up and Theon came by my side to assist me. I walked towards the king and talked to him face to face.

"After this incident, I will personally ask for prince Gladiolus\' head from Jennova. That is if he is still alive." I said with conviction. "If they don\'t meet my criteria, then there is no other way but to wage war against Jennova."

King Edward\'s eyes widened with hearing that a war can emerge from this.

"Harming me a, crown prince and kidnapping my fiancée is a grave crime in itself." I said while looking at the king in the eye and patted his shoulder. "I know that you are colluding with Jennova. I suggest you think carefully where you will give your allegiance to. Grandcrest is not a country you can trifle with." I whispered in his ear.

King Edward\'s face turned pale in an instant.

"I am afraid I need to ask your majesty to leave. As Dr. Andrew has said, I need to rest." I said while Theon helped me back to bed.

"Then I will be going now." King Edward turned around and left my room in haste.

"I will try my best to advice the king on this matter." General Robert said and bowed before leaving.

"I am sure that Jennova won\'t give their crown prince\'s life. They want a war then I will give it to them." I gripped my fist in anger. "I will burn Jennova to the ground!"


(Back to Alicia\'s POV)

\'Lili…Lili.\' I hear Regaleon\'s voice was calling for me.

"Leon… Leon where are you? Where am I?" I looked around me but everything was black. I can\'t see anything.

\'Wait for me Lili. I will come for you. I will get you back no matter what it takes.\'Regaleon\'s voice was starting to fade.

"No, Leon. Please don\'t leave. I\'m scared." I felt scared and alone in this place. It was all pitch black and empty.

\'I will get you back. Wait for me.\' Regaleon\'s voice faded into nothingness.

"No…wait. Leon…" I suddenly opened my eyes. I was panting heavily. "A dream? It was only a bad dream."

I calmed my racing heart and then realized the bed canopy on top of me. I looked around and didn\'t recognize this room.

I sat up and looked around. I see a fire burning on the fire place. I stood up bare footed and walked towards the window. I lifted the curtains up and looked at the scenery outside.

"Snow?" I saw that everything outside was covered in snow. "But it\'s still autumn, right?"

Then I was startled when the door of the room opened. I saw a maid came in.

"Oh my, your highness. Your awake at last." The maid was shocked at first but rejoices after seeing me awake. "The queen will definitely be happy when she sees you awake at last."

"The queen?" I looked at her confused.

"Yes, Queen Patricia has been eagerly waiting for you to wake up." The maid said cheerfully. "You have been sleeping for the past six months. The queen and the prince have been worried about you. Since you arrived here in the palace, you have been sleeping and didn\'t even once wake up."

"Six months, I have been sleeping for six months? And are you pertaining to Queen Patricia of Jennova?" I asked the maid. "Am I in the royal palace of Jennova?"

"Yes your highness." The maid replied with a smile. "You have arrived here six months ago."

My eyes went wide in shock. Prince Gladiolus has been successful in taking me to Jennova.

The End of Vol. 2

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