The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 171 Unexpected Occurrence

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The arrow just passed the side of my face and I heard its whistle.

I turned around fast and tried to stop the arrow but my magic isn\'t working. I see Regaelon was struck by the arrow on his chest. I see him fall down on his knees.

"NOOOO!!!" I shouted in agony. It felt like my heart had burst open, it felt so painful.

"You really are something." Gladiolus said with a smirk. "You evaded the arrow that was about to strike your heart. But no matter, because you will fall down by my sword."

Regaleon was still breathing but heavily. I can see blood coming out from his mouth. Hope blossomed in my heart. The arrow didn\'t hit his heart. Regaleon looked my way and our eyes met. He gave me a comforting smile and worded me something.

"I love you." Regaleon said. I might not have heard his word because of the distance but I read his lips say that.

Gladiolus lifted his sword and pointed it towards the kneeling Regaleon before him. "Die, crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest!" Gladiolus yelled.

"STOOOOPPPP!!!" I shouted on the top of my lungs.

I want to stop him from striking that sword down; I want to save my beloved.

(Regaleon\'s POV)

When Gladiolus\' sword was about to strike me, a bright blue light shined from my chest. The light began pulsating and not long the blue light came out from my inner clothes. It was the pendant that Alicia gave to me, it was her mother\'s memento to her.

The light from the pendant engulfed me into a bubble like force field. The sword that Gladiolus had thrusted towards me came in contact with the force field. The sword shattered into pieces upon contact.

"What the…?" Gladiolus was caught in surprise.

This bought me some precious time and thrusted my sword into Gladiolus\' body. Gladiolus was surprised with the sudden events. Blood trickled from his mouth.

"Hah, I was caught by surprise." Gladiolus said.

I didn\'t hesitate and lifted my sword to give him a one final deadly blow.

"Your highness!!!" A young woman came running out of nowhere and was able to save Gladiolus from my last strike.

"Ahh…" My wound from the arrow gave me unprecedented pain. I wasn\'t able stand up.

"Your highness, hang in there." The young woman laid Gladiolus down. Not long the man that shot the arrow towards me was standing protectively in front of them with his sword pointed towards me.

"K-Kill him now." Gladiolus coughed up blood.

I was at a disadvantageous state. With my arrow wound that was hurting immensely, I can\'t move. I also can\'t use my magic for unknown reasons.

When the man was about to attack, black robed men came by my side.

"Your highness, sorry for being late." Dimitri kneeled beside me and supported me.

"That\'s not important now." I said while flinching in pain. "Alicia… get Alicia!"

By hearing me calling Alicia\'s name Gladiolus\' party also looked Alicia\'s way and moved towards her in a rush.

Dimitri didn\'t waste any time and sprinted towards Alicia as well. But then something similar to what happened when she was kidnapped was happening now. Alicia was glowing in white light. The surrounding areas around her started to crumble into dust.

"Dimitri, withdraw in a safe distance!" I ordered at once. Gladiolus\' subordinate also withdrew as well after seeing what was happening.

Alicia\'s body started to float. The building that she was standing a moment ago turned into dust particles.

"Alicia!" I yelled at her but it was as if she didn\'t hear me. Her eyes were blank and lifeless. "Alicia, I\'m here. I\'m alive!" I tried to reach out to here to no avail.

The light enveloping Alicia started to spread and everything that came into contact with it was turning into dust.

"Your highness, it\'s not safe here. We need to move away." Dimitri insisted.

"No, I won\'t leave Alicia behind." I was getting frantic. I need to go to her, to tell her that I am alive and she doesn\'t need to worry.

"Your highness, if we stay here we will also be disintegrated into dust." Dimitri shouted at me.

"I don\'t care! I need to go to her!" I tried to stand up but the arrow that was still piercing my body hindered me.

I pulled out the arrow that was sticking at my upper left shoulder. "Ahhhh!!!" I cried in pain while pulling it out. Blood started to flow from my wound nonstop.

"Your highness!!" Dimitri scolded me. He tore his black robe and pushed it on my wound to stop the bleeding. "Please don\'t be foolish."

My eyesight blurred and I started to get dizzy.

"Dammit. The arrow was poisoned." I hear Dimitri cursed. "Let\'s retreat from here. Fire the signal for retreat."

My eyes went all black in an instant. Once I came thru we were at distance from the dome of light. I sat up and felt my wound on my shoulder hurt.

"Ahh…" I grunted.

"Your highness, please do not move or the poison will spread even faster." Dimitri was just beside me. "We are still searching for an antidote."

"How long was I out?" I asked in haste. I see that my wound has been bandaged but the poison was still in my blood system that I felt weak.

"You were just out by a few minutes your highness." Dimitri replied.

"What\'s the status?" I asked.

"The dome of light is spreading at a fast speed at first but began to slow down. It has enveloped a large part of the eastern side of the capital. Anything it touches turns into dust in an instant." Dimitri explained. "The princess is definitely at the center of the dome."

"It\'s because of me." I wallowed. "Alicia saw me in critical danger and this made her magic powers go berserk."

I stood up and looked at the dome of light at a distance.

"I need to go there. I need to calm Alicia down." I said.

Then I saw the pendant dangling on the necklace around my neck. It was sticking at my bare chest. I remember it giving a blue glow earlier when I was in danger. I held the pendant in my palm and inspected it. But then I felt it pulsating and a soft blue light glowed from it once more.

\'Leon… Leon… Where are you?\' I hear Alicia\'s voice.

"Lili...?" I called out.

\'Leon?\' Alicia replied.

"Lili, can you hear me? Where are you?" I asked frantically.

\'I don\'t know. It\'s all white around me. Leon I\'m scared. I thought you…you…\' I heard Alicia sobbing.

"Lili, don\'t cry. I\'m alive and well." I replied.

\'Really? You are alright? You are not just a dream?\' Alicia asked.

"Yes my love, I\'m safe and sound. So please, please come back to me." I pleaded to her. My heart clenched in pain just by thinking that I can\'t get her back from her out of control magic powers.

\'I\'m so happy nothing bad happened to you. I love you, I love you so much.\' Alicia said in between sobs.

"I love you to, my love." I replied.

Then the pendant gave out a blinding blue flash that blinded everyone in the vicinity for seconds. When we opened our eyes, the dome of light started to extinguish.

"Dimitri…" I was about to order him.

"I understand your highness." Dimitri didn\'t need to hear my order and took some of his men and rode their horses to get my beloved.

I got dizzy after that and was out of balance when I felt someone supported me from my back. When I looked around I see general Robert supporting me and Richard was looking at me with worried eyes.

"Brother in law, please lie down and rest. You don\'t look too well." Richard said and helped me lie down on a stretcher. "Let us handle things from here."

I nodded as affirmation but I can\'t rest easy until I see Alicia by my side safe and sound.

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