The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 170 My Dream Coming True

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The sea of flames was like a wall around us.

"It feels like I have seen this before." I tried to remember where I have seen the same situation like this.

Then I remember my dream. It was I my dream where I saw Regaleon fighting a formidable enemy in a sea of flames. My heart thumped rapidly and my eyes darted around to search for my beloved.

I was running around searching the vicinity of where Regaleon might be. All around me were Regaleon\'s knights fighting the enemy.

"I have to find him." My heart was racing rapidly.

Remembering my dream, Regaleon was fighting with a man with black robes and I wasn\'t able to see his face. But judging by the circumstances, Regaleon might be facing of Gladiolus in person.

Gladiolus was the one behind this ambush just to get me. He knows he can\'t get me while Regaleon is still around. For sure he would face Regaleon himself because he is the only one that can do so.

I was frantically searching the area but still can\'t find Regaleon.

"Where might you be, Leon?" I was getting frantic by every minute.

In my dream Regaleon was able to handle his opponent with his master sword skills. What I am afraid of is that Gladiolus was like me, an Atlantian of royal blood. For sure his magic abilities are like mine or maybe even stronger. And remembering the arrow that pierced Regaleon on his back, just by remembering it sent chills up my spine.

"I have to find him as quickly as possible." I said.

While walking around, enemies saw me and tried to approach and capture me.

"I don\'t have time for this!" I shouted at them.

I use my magic to get them out of my way. I stopped their movements by moving the earth from the street and solidifying them on the enemy\'s feet. I freeze some of them and made them living ice sculptures. Every enemy that came my way, I dealt them with my magic.

This gave Regaleon\'s knights opportunity to give the final blow on our enemies. But still enemies were coming towards us.

By the time I was dealing with some enemies, I can hear swords clashing on top of one of the buildings nearby. When I look at that area I saw him, my beloved.

"Leon!" I tried to call out to him but my distance was still far away to be heard.

\'I need to go there.\' I thought.

I looked around to see that the entrance of the building they were in was collapsed. I cannot use that entrance to get there. But I saw that the nearby building was still intact and so I decided to run there and use the stairs up.

"Get out of my way. I don\'t have time for you people!" While running towards there, enemies was still launching towards me.

"Princess we will guard you." A knight came by my side and helped me with the incoming enemies.

"Yes princess, leave them to us." Another knight said.

"Thank you." I was very thankful to them. At least I was able to arrive at the building safely.

I rushed to find the stairs and climbed it as fast as I can.

"Leon, please be safe until I come." I was chanting this sentence over and over.

The stairs up seemed to be endless. I was panting really hard and my legs were starting to hurt. But I still need to move forward. My every breath was like on fire, the raging flames were making this area hotter than where I was a while ago. I casted magic upon myself to cool down my body temperature.

Once I reached the top I had stopped temporarily to catch my breath. When I opened the doors towards the rooftop of the building, I can hear the clashing of swords from not far away. I looked around to find that the building Regaleon was fighting was still some floors higher than the building I was in, and it is also a few feet away.

I was correct, Regaleon\'s opponent now is no other than Gladiolus. Both of them are fighting with their swords as well as using magic. Regaleon used the flames around to his advantage but Gladiolus was able to counter them at every turn. Judging by this, Gladiolus has more skills in magic abilities. This was no surprise because he had Atlantian royal blood. Good thing Regaleon has master sword skills and was experienced in battle, Gladiolus can\'t get the upper hand even with using his magical abilities.

I want to call out to Regaleon but I know this can only distract him if he knows I am here. With his battle now, he needs to concentrate on it or he might lose even by doing one tiny mistake.

If I asses their battle now, I would say they are in a stalemate. Both of them are using their skills and efficiency but their powers are evenly matched. Gladiolus is best with using his magic abilities while Regaleon\'s was just below a level. But Regaleon compensates the difference in magic by using his skills and experience in battle.

I snap back from watching those two fighting and focused on the task I was here for. I need to find the location of the archer. If my dream was really a premonition then a sneak attack will give Gladiolus an upper hand.

I looked around the vicinity to find suitable locations where an archer can be using.

"I have to find them, I have to." I was frantically searching for them. What area has a good vantage point?

Then I saw a tall building with a right amount of distance. It was the best place for an archer to use. And right of the mark, I see a silhouette of a person.

The person was holding a bow and at this moment aiming for Regaleon. I was about to use my magic on that person when he let loose the arrow.

The same whistling sound that I heard from my dream was heard. My eyes went wide with fright.

"Noooo!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I guess my scream has caught Regaleon\'s and Gladiolus\' attention but my focus was on the flying arrow. I made the arrow set a flame while in midair and it disintegrated to dust.

With this I had a huge sigh in relief and looked at Regaleon. Like I thought I caught their attention. The both of them stopped their fight and were looking at me. But Regaleon\'s eyes were coated in fright.

"Alicia! Behind you!" Regaleon yelled.

I was shocked with his words and when I turned around I saw Jeremy. His face was bleeding with claw marks etched on it. But what shocked me the most was that he was holding a bow and just by that time he released the arrow.

This went so fast that I was shocked in place. The arrow just passed the side of my face and I heard its whistle.

I turned around fast and tried to stop the arrow but my magic isn\'t working. I see Regaelon was struck by the arrow on his chest.

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