The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 17 Scars

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Back at my courtyard I call for Leon in my study room.

\'Knock knock\'

"Come in." I said.

The doors open and Leon comes in.

"My princess. You called for me?" Leon asked.

"Yes, please take a seat." I told him.

Leon looked confused. He closed the door and sit down on the chair in front of me.

I open the first aid kit that I requested from Tricia. Leon looked at it and knew in an instant why I called for him.

"Princess I can put the medicine on my wounds myself. You really don\'t need to do this." Leon said embarrassed.

"You can\'t reach the ones in your side and back right." I said.

"Well yes... but.." Leon was searching for an excuse.

"No buts. It\'s my fault that you were wounded. I can at least apply some medicine to it." I said with a sad voice.

"But princess..." Leon was still resisting.

"Why are you calling me princess? I thought when we were alone we can call each other by name." I am feeling so irritated. I pouted my lips in irritation.

Leon chuckled. I saw his beautiful smile again. "Haha my little Alicia is having a tantrum. You are so cute."

Leon is teasing me and that makes me even more irritated.

"Just strip off your clothes and let me apply the medicine on your wounds." I used a commanding voice.

Leon was taken aback but his smile was still plastered on his face.

"Okay Alicia. I will do as I am told by my lady." Leon sighed in defeat.

Leon took of his shirt. I looked at his naked upper body. It was perfectly toned with buffed chest and 6-pack abs. His biceps and triceps where well defined.

I blushed by seeing his naked upper body. This is not the first time I saw an upper body of the opposite sex. I have seen my brother Richard\'s countless of times and sometimes my grandpa after he had finished working out. But this was the first time I saw a body of someone not within my family and also of a young adult man. I looked at it in fascination.

"Are you done ogling?" Leon said jokingly.

"Ah... Yes, ah no. I mean let\'s apply the medicine." I said frantically.

I take some cotton from the medicine kit and put some medicine in it. I look at Leon\'s body and saw few cuts. He wasn\'t injured that badly, that\'s a relief.

I started to apply the medicine to the cuts when I looked closer I saw scars. It was a little too many. I didn\'t ask anything, afraid that I might offend Leon. It was normal I guess for a knight to have scars from cuts and wounds.

When I was about to look at his back to see if he has wounds there, I was shocked. The scars at the front of his body can\'t be compared by the ones at the back. It looked like they were scars from whipping. I unconsciously touched those long hideous scars.

\'How did he get this?\' I thought to myself. My heart clenched in pain.

Then suddenly Leon turned around. He caught my hand and held it within his.

"Doesn\'t it look ugly? Doesn\'t it scare you?" Leon looked at me. He looked directly in my eyes. He was looking for something in them.