The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 169 The Atlantian Siblings

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Clara\'s eyes went wide in shock while her sword went flying off her hand. I then turned my sword and used its hilt again to strike a more powerful blow on Clara\'s stomach. Her eyes went white and she fell down to the ground unconscious.

"You did it Alicia. You won." William looked at me with surprise and praise.

"I guess I did." I was panting lightly. I have won my first real one on one battle.

Judging by Clara\'s confidence, I was sure that she is a capable fighter. But I know I have an advantage because she didn\'t know my true capabilities. She let her guard down and that was her down fall.

I looked at the unconscious young woman on the ground and saw the rock she was holding beside her. I picked it up and started to inspect it.

Looking at it closely, it looked just like any ordinary rock but with color as black as charcoal. Its surface was smooth to touch and it felt cold on my palm.

"William, it\'s better for you have this." I handed the rock over to William.

"Are you sure?" William took the rock and looked at it.

"This will be of use to you in the future." I insisted.

"Hmm, okay." William nodded and put the rock inside his pocket.

\'Should I kill her?\' I thought to myself while looking at the unconscious Clara.

Clara was an enemy, that\'s for sure. But she was also a victim of the past great war. She was still an Atlantian, a fellow countryman of mine.

I was conflicted inside if I should kill her or not. But then knowing that she was with the group that made this mess in the capital where innocent people got hurt, I weighed on killing her more than letting my compassion cloud my judgement.

\'I also don\'t know what danger she will give us in the future.\' I thought. If Gladiolus\' trusts her with capturing me then she may be a formidable enemy in the future.

I lifted my sword and was prepared to drive it thru her heart.

"No, wait!" William yelled. I looked at him in confusion. "Let me do it."

I looked at William who tried his best to stand up. I used my other arm to help him up.

"You know I can do this. You don\'t need to stand up." I said.

"No. It is my duty as your knight to protect you. Even it means to stop you from tainting your hands with the lives of others." William groaned with pain while I was helping him up.

William reached the sword from my hand and pulled it from my grip. He held it up the unconscious Clara and was ready to give the final blow. But then a huge wave of water splashed at us from out of nowhere.

I was disoriented at first then I realized my whole body was submerged in water. I held my breath and scanned my surroundings. William was unconscious and also with me under water. I swam at him in panic. When I was near him, I can see he wasn\'t breathing. This made me panic even more.

\'He needs air.\' I thought.

I don\'t have any time to think and pulled his mouth to mine. I blew some short breaths of air inside his mouth.

\'This won\'t do. I have to think of something to get out of here.\' I thought.

I look around to think of what to do. The rock was with William so I can\'t use my magic here. But someone was surely using water magic. That person must be just around here. I looked around and saw a few meters away a man holding the unconscious Clara in his arms. I recognize that man was the one that tried to kidnap me before.

\'He can use magic. That means the rock can only nullify magic abilities at a short amount of distance.\' I thought.

I was contemplating on swimming away from William so that I can use my magic.

\'I\'ll pull him away.\' Snow\'s voice was in my head.

Then I saw her in her white tiger form swimming towards us. She used her mouth to bite William\'s cloak and pull him away from me.

When they were just the right distance away from me, the feeling of coldness that I felt from the rock disappeared. That was when I knew the nullifying effect of the rock was out of reach. I concentrated hard and used my energy to burst this huge water bubble we were in.

The water bubble that occupied the inside of the store burst and the water gushed out. I was washed out of the store and into the streets.

\'Cough cough\' I tried to spit out the water that came inside my throat.

\'Alicia, I think he\'s not breathing!\' Snow came running towards me with William on her back. She gently laid him down the ground before me.

"Dammit, William!" I yelled at him.

I know he has broken ribs but I need to pump his lungs to let him spit out the water. I held my hands on his chest and pushed as gently as I could.

"Come on Will, spit it out." I said while pushing on his chest. I pinched his nose and pressed my mouth to his and blew in some air. "Come on William, dammit!"

I made this action a few times before William came thru. He coughed out the water that came in and he was breathing at last.

"Oh thank God." I gently hugged him.

"Grrrrrr…" I hear Snow\'s growl in front of us. She was guarding us from the man that casted that water bubble.

"I never thought that the princess was this capable." The man said. "I have to apologize. I just made that water bubble around you until you faint so I can capture you while you were unconscious. But I guess that was a failed attempt. And looking at your familiar, capturing you will be rather difficult."

"Who are you?" I asked him. "I remember that you were the one that tried to kidnap me a few years ago."

"It\'s an honor for her highness to still remember me." He replied. "I am Jeremy, Clara\'s big brother. I am here by order of prince Gladiolus. Please come with us."

"Like I told Clara, I don\'t have any plans to go with you." I said.

Jeremy showed a sad face. "Your highness, don\'t you want to see your mother? I am sure she also wants to see you too. She has always been calling your name princess. Princess Leticia has always been asking when you will be arriving to see her."

My heart wavered while hearing my mother\'s name. Knowing that she was alive and well was joy to me. And now hearing from this man she was looking for me made my heart clench.

\'Don\'t listen to him Alicia.\' Snow said to me.

I snap back from my thoughts.

\'You help William. I will deal with this man.\' Snow said and launched towards Jeremy.

Snow was fighting with her current tiger form which was agile and strong. But with a magic user as her opponent, she was having difficulties compared to the normal humans she has fought.

"Princess…" One of Regaleon\'s knights came to my side.

"Please move William to a safer place." I ordered.

"Yes princess. But what about you?" The knight asked.

"I will follow later." I said.

Looking around, I am more of help here. The sea of flames was like a wall around us.

"It feels like I have seen this before." I tried to remember where I have seen the same situation like this.

Then I remember my dream. It was I my dream where I saw Regaleon fighting a formidable enemy in a sea of flames. My heart thumped rapidly and my eyes darted around to search for my beloved.

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