The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 168 Fighting a Fellow Atlantian 2

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"Well judging by the defense that you made, you have high magic aptitude. You really are of royal Atlantian blood." The young woman smirked. "By the way my name is Clara, your highness. I am here to escort you to our prince Gladiolus."

"To prince Gladiolus you say?" I looked at her with contempt. "So he was the one that planned this attack."

"If the prince wishes something, then he will have it." Clara said with confidence.

"Well I am afraid I will disappoint you Ms. Clara." I smirked at her. "I don\'t have any plans to come with you."

There was a moment of silence inside the room and then Clara laughed out loud.

"Hahahha!!!" Clara looked at me with amusement. "Well you have no choice in this matter princess. Don\'t think that with your higher magic abilities can stop me."

I looked at her maintaining my calm demeanor but inside I was rather curious why she would say my magic abilities can\'t defeat her.

"We know beforehand that you are of royal blood line and with higher magical aptitude than us normal Atlantians. Judging by the defenses that you made, you have practiced your magic well even without an Atlantian teacher. I can hypostasize that you can use your magical abilities well." Clara said. "We have foreseen your talent is using magic and so we came prepared."

Clara reached from her pocket and showed me a black rock with a size of a fist. I looked at the rock curiously.

\'What can a rock do?\' I thought.

"This is no ordinary rock." Clara answered my silent question. "This rock is called Jenitite, a rock used to nullify magic abilities of Atlantians."

My eyes went wide with surprise. I have never read or heard of such a rock in my studies. Looking at my surprised face, Clara smirked.

"This kind of rock is only found at the snowy peaks of Mt. Nerion that is found in the most northern part of Jennova. Getting there is rather risky and so only a few people that have ventured there came back alive with just a hand full of these precious rocks." Clara explained. "These rocks were used at the last great war. And because it was little in numbers, they used in on specific people. Mainly, the royal family of Atlantia."

I was digesting this new information I am getting. \'Can such a rock really nullify my magic?\' I thought.

I tried using my magic by to no avail. That just means that what Clara said about this rock is true.

"This specific piece of rock that you are seeing now was used against the crown prince Atlantia, prince Gladiolus\' father." Clara\'s face showed anger and hate. "All of those who have brought us Atlantians grief and pain will pay. That is why I follow prince Gladiolus, to avenge my family that perished in the war."

Looking at Clara, I can see her thirst for revenge. Looking at her she looks two to three years older than me but maybe she was even older than I thought. I can see her pain and hatred while talking about the past great war. Maybe she was a survivor that has seen the downfall of our country.

"I understand that you are in pain and wish to seek revenge. I can\'t change your mind if that is what you wish. But you cannot force me to go with you to accomplish your so called \'revenge agenda\'." I said. "I maybe of royal Atlantian blood but half of my blood is still Alvannian. I also have my own life and I don\'t have any plans to go with prince Gladiolus\' plans."

"Heh, if you don\'t want to come with me peacefully. Then I can only take you by force." Clara pulled out her sword from its sheath and pointed it towards me. Determination was etched all over her face.

I stood up from my position. Looking at my dress, I cut the long skirt right up to my knees. I cannot move freely with such long dress.

"Alicia, no." William tried to get up but flinched in pain and lied back down on the floor again.

"Don\'t worry Will, I can fight her." I looked at him and smiled. William\'s face was full of worry.

"Hahahaha, a princess trying to fight with a sword." Clara said sarcastically. "Please, don\'t make me laugh. Well I guess a few bruises will not anger prince Gladiolus. I will just say I need to use force to get you."

Clara made her stance while I made my defensive stand. The enemy thinks I am a weak princess, it will be best for her to make the first move and get her by surprise. I hold up Will\'s sword just right not to alert Clara.

"Prepare yourself princess." Clara launched towards me with her sword.

I know that she only plans to incapacitate me and not really hurt me. She needs me alive to bring to Gladiolus.

When she swings her sword I prepared to counter it at the very last moment. After I counter her sword she looks so surprised. This gave me just a little opening to use the hilt of my sword and struck her in the stomach.

"Ahhh…" Clara screamed with pain and kneeled down holding her stomach. My strike was quite strong that she coughed out blood. "I guess you are not a weak princess as you play to be."

Clara now looked a little more serious than earlier. When she was about to stand up I launched towards her immediately. Of course this is a battle that I cannot afford to lose. Even seeing my enemy down I launched my next attack in an instant. That was what Regaleon has taught me.

Clara was caught by surprise but was able to parry my attack. With her uneven footing because of her surprise, I was able to push her back with my sword strikes.


Our swords made sounds inside the store. Because of the narrow space and with Clara being caught by surprise, I got the upper hand on this battle.

"You little b*tch!" Clara was fuming in anger. She never thought she will have a hard time fighting me one on one. "I won\'t let you get away. The prince trusted me to get you and that is what I will do."

Clara used her anger and tried to overpower my attacks. This gave her some leeway to push me back but this also made her movements readable. Regaleon has taught me that always keep your calm in a fight. Once you let your anger take over you, all of your actions will be sloppy and the enemy can easily read your every move.

I made use of Clara\'s anger and made my counter attack. My light attacks landed perfectly and Clara was now being filled with slash wounds all over her body.

"You f*ucking b*tch!" Clara shouted and she was panting heavily.

Because she was angered, her stamina was overly used and now she was tiring out. This gave me an opportunity to put all my force to one swing of my sword and knock out Clara\'s sword from her hand.

Clara\'s eyes went wide in shock while her sword went flying off her hand. I then turned my sword and used its hilt again to strike a more powerful blow on Clara\'s stomach. Her eyes went white and she fell down to the ground unconscious.