The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 167 Fighting a Fellow Atlantian 1

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I can hear the fighting that was going on outside. I can hear swords clashing and men screaming. I can only imagine what kind of battle was raging outside now.

"I am sorry that I am of no help outside." William said. He was groaning in pain due to his ribs being broken.

"It\'s okay. I am sure Regaleon\'s men are quite capable in battle." I smiled at him to relieve his worries. I was still pressing his wound on his forehead to stop the bleeding.

"I just feel useless." William sighed.

"Don\'t think like that." I scolded him. "You are my personal knight. Of course your place is here by my side."

That is why I agreed to be left here beside William. Even though I want to go outside and help Regaleon in fighting, I decided to be left here with William so that he won\'t think of anything stupid like going out and fighting in his condition.

The sound of the fighting is getting nearer and nearer. Not long I can hear someone exchanging sword swings just outside the door.

My heart was racing frantically knowing that an enemy is right outside. I remembered Regaleon saying that their target was capturing me alive.

I look at the injured William lying on the floor clearly in pain. \'I have to defend him even if I use my magic abilities in front of him.\' I thought.

Like me, William heard the fighting outside and tried to get up.

"What are you trying to do?" I scolded him.

"An enemy is right outside the door. I need to protect you." William said while groaning in pain. He looked so pale while holding the area of his broken ribs. Beads of sweat are seen trickling down his face. His appearance just indicates how painful he is feeling right now.

"You are not moving with that injury." I scolded him while holding him down.

"But…" William looked concerned.

"I am not that weak like you are thinking William. I can also defend myself." I said while grabbing his sword from him. "Lend this to me for a while." I looked at him in confidence.

"Alicia…" William was looking worried now.

"William, I haven\'t told you yet about my secret." I looked at him seriously. "We don\'t have much time now but after this I will tell you everything, I promise."

William looked at me with confusion.

"All I can tell you for now is that I can use magic." I smiled at him. "So don\'t look too surprised with what you will see now."

"Magic?" William\'s face was a mix of confusion and shock.

By then I closed my eyes and concentrated. I tried to feel our surroundings. The building was built with wood and clay. I thought of baring the windows and doors so that the enemy can\'t come inside.

I opened my eyes again and lifted my hands and concentrated towards the windows and the door. The window sills were made of wood and so I have given it life and let them grow. Thick branches started to grow from the wooden sills, leaves started to grow from them as well. Those thick branches are now covering the windows tightly that even sunlight only sipped thru its narrow spaces.

Next I looked at the door. I let the clay wall grow and crush the wooden door into pieces. The place where the door once was, only the extension of the clay wall can be seen now. It was like there was no door there to begin with.

The room went dim with the sunlight being blocked by the thick branches blocking the window. I looked up the ceiling and saw chandeliers hanging. I lit up the candles on them to light up the room.

After making the defenses, I pulled out William\'s sword from its sheath. His sword was a long sword with just the right width for a man. It was a little heavy for a woman like me but as I weighed it in my hand I guess that I can manage to wield it.

\'I should ask Regaleon to forge me a sword fit for me to use.\' The thought crossed my mind. In situations such as this, carrying a sword rather than a knife will be more useful.

I looked at William that was still lying on the ground. He has his eyes widely open in astonishment. He looked at me and pointed to the things that I just did.

"Did you…I mean were you the one…" William was unable to finish his question.

"Yes." I smiled at him. "Cool right?"

Even though I was smiling outside, inside I was feeling nervous. What will William think while seeing me use magic? I am sure he has deduced by just this that I am Atlantian because only Atlantians can use magic. Will he see me as a freak or a monster? My heart was thumping rapidly.

"It really is cool." William gave me a warm smile. His smile carried no malice or fright towards me. It was his usual gentle smile that he always shows me.

I smiled back at him. At least I am sure he wasn\'t turned off with knowing my hidden race. After this is over, I will sit down with him and talk about my hidden bloodline further.

When everything was calm was when there was an explosion in front of us. Someone blasted thru the wall I made a while ago and a huge hole was open where the former door was placed. I used my arms to block the small debris flying towards us and William was doing the same as well.

Sunlight from outside seeped thru the hole on the wall and a silhouette of a person is seen standing there.

"That was a little hard to crack." I voice of a woman is heard from that silhouette. When our eyes adjusted to the light, we saw a young woman maybe older than me by two or three years.

"So you\'re the princess that our prince Gladiolus is talking about." The young woman looked at me with scrutinizing eyes. "Heh, you are just a little girl. I can\'t see why you are qualified to be our prince\'s wife." Her voice was full of contempt.

I held the sword in my hand and readied myself to fight her.

"Well judging by the defense that you made, you have high magic aptitude. You really are of royal Atlantian blood." The young woman smirked. "By the way my name is Clara, your highness. I am here to escort you to our prince Gladiolus."