The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 166 Ambushed 2

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

"Be careful." Alicia said when we parted lips.

"I always am." I smiled at her. "Because someone is waiting for me to return."

I took my sword that I layed on the ground. I stood up and walked towards the door. I looked back one last time before exiting the door.

"Wait for me." I said with a gentle smile.

"I will." Alicia smiled back.

I walked outside and see my remaining knights guarding the entrance.

"Guard the entrance well. Be sure not to let anyone in." I ordered them.

"Yes your highness." The knights answered.

I look around and all I could see is a sea of flame blocking our path. My magic leans on the fire, wood, and wind elements and so I don\'t have any means to stop. We can\'t escape from here without any outside help. I need to find a way to send a message to Dimitri and fast.

\'Tempest, where are you?\' I called my familiar telepathically.

\'I\'m here flying around in your vicinity.\' I heard Tempest reply. \'The fire encircling your area is too strong. Look and see for yourself.\'

I made a resonance with Tempest. I can see what his eyes can see. He was flying in circles above the burning area. We really are surrounded by a sea of fire.

\'I cannot swoop down because the fire is too strong.\' Tempest said.

\'It\'s okay, don\'t come any nearer. You might get shot down by archers.\' I replied.

"Heh! As if they can hit me.\' Tempest scoffed.

\'But still it is better to be safe.\' I said. \'Go find Dimitri and tell him we are trapped inside this sea of flames. We need his help in getting out of here.\'

\'I understand.\' Tempest replied.

But before I cut our resonance I see a spec of light in one of the buildings inside the burning zone.

\'Wait, zoom in on that spot.\' I ordered Tempest.

His eyes adjusted and zoomed in on the shining spec of light. When the image became clear it was a person with his platinum blonde hair shining under the rays of the light. It was none other than the crown prince of Jennova, prince Gladiolus.

And as if he heard me call him, his eyes locked on mine or rather it was Tempest\'s. I see Gladiolus talk to one of his men and the subordinate gave him a bow and an arrow. It was clear what he was going to do.

"Tempest, get out of there!" I called out loudly. Then our resonance was cut off. The last thing I saw was Gladiolus pulling the string of his bow and targeting Tempest.

"Tempest! Tempest!" I called but there was no response. "DAMMIT!!!" I cursed out loud.

I gripped my sword tightly with rage. \'How dare he?! I am going to kill him!\' This was the only thing going around my mind right now. Rage was enveloping my whole body.

"Come out!" I yelled out loud. "I know you are here. I know what you want. And I am telling you now, you can never have her while I am still alive and standing!"

The whole area was silent. Only the sounds of the fire burning can be heard.

"Then all I need is to kill you then." The voice of Gladiolus was heard. "You are correct. Once you are dead, I won\'t have any more problems. Without you, Alicia will have no other reason to refuse to go with me to Jennova. Without you, conquering this whole continent will be pretty easy."

From the burning building, Gladiolus emerged. His men followed jumping down the buildings from above.

"Prepare to die here crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest." Gladiolus smirked. "Kill him." He gave the order to his men.

Looking at the enemies before us, we are greatly outnumbered. But I have always battled with such odds against me.

"The two of you, remain guarding this entrance. Remember, don\'t let anyone enter." I said and both of the knights nodded. "The rest of you will fight with me. Our main objective is to defend until reinforcements arrive."

\'I have faith in you Dimitri. I am sure you will notice our location.\' I have full confidence on my right hand man.

The knights with me held their swords in front prepared to charge at my order. Gladiolus\' men charged in front of us with their swords pointed against us.

"Ahhhhh!!!" Gladiolus\' men yelled. They were prepared for battle.

"CHARGE!!!" I shouted.

Me and my knights bolted and charged against the incoming enemy. By the time we met at the center, swords clashed and blood has spilled.


The area that was silent a while ago was now filled with the sounds of swords clashing and men screaming. Both sides were getting casualties.

But with me here, even though we were outnumbered, there were more casualties from the enemy side. With my every swing was a lethal blow, once slash from my sword the enemy before me fell down lifeless.

Blood sprayed left and right. I am once again bathed in the blood of my enemies before me. I let out the rage burning inside of me thru my sword. My eyes targeted the enemies in front of me, wanting them all dead.

"Tch… Can\'t you kill him?!" I heard Gladiolus\' voice shouting in anger.

His irritated face gave me a satisfaction. My lips lifted up into a smirk, my rage now turned into frenzy in killing his men.

"You think your men can kill me?" I taunted Gladiolus while slashing and piercing his men that came at me. All of them dropped dead once I am through with them. "These weaklings are of no match to me. If you want to kill me, why don\'t you yourself give it a try?" I mockingly said.

Gladiolus\' irritated face smoothed out and smirked. "You are right, these men are weaklings. They deserve to die." His smirk widened. "I only need a few people that are truly capable beside me."

Two people jumped down and landed on each side of Gladiolus, one male and one female. The male was familiar to me. I racked my memory as to where I saw him and then I remembered. That man was the one that tried to kidnap Alicia, the magic user.

"Get the princess." Gladiolus ordered.

"As you wish your highness." Both of them replied in unison and charged straight towards us.

"Guard the entrance!" I yelled.

I was prepared to parry them before they get near to where Alicia was. But in an instant I sensed danger and defended with my sword. Out of nowhere Gladiolus appeared in front of me with a swing of his sword. I was able to parry right in time.

"Really, you are a master in swordsmanship." Gladiolus had an evil smirk on his face. "I will be your opponent as you wished, prince Regaleon."

I used my strength and pushed him. "Then I will gladly fight you one on one, prince Gladiolus." I also replied with my own sinister smile.