The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 164 The Grand Parade 2

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The streets of the capital were bustling with people. I can see a variety of people left and right cheering as we pass them by.

"Congratulations on your engagement princess Alicia."

"You and prince Regaleon are well suited for each other."

"We wish you good fortune on your road ahead and a bountiful wedding."

The cheers and well wishes of the people gave me a sense of happiness from the bottom of my heart. Regaleon and I are both waving and smiling at the common people while we pass by.

"Like I told you, there was nothing to be worried about." Regaleon said with a soothing voice. "The common people of Alvannia have good impressions of you."

I smiled at Regaleon\'s words. The common people only knew of me when I debuted in society, unlike my step siblings that were known since their birth. People inside the palace have called me the forgotten princess because of my illegitimacy and my family\'s treatment but all of that changed after I debuted.

After my debut I met Regaleon and William, the two men that became close to my heart. One was my lover, while the other was my best friend.

Regaleon has taught me many things while he was \'Leon\' my personal knight. He taught me common and advance knowledge in history, arithmetic, arts and culture. He was also my instructor in the art of magic and sword.

William on the other hand was my close friend and confidant. Our time together when we were young and now in the present are precious memories. I may not return his affection of love towards me but at least I can love him as an older brother.

I look at William riding his gray horse by our carriage side. I see a fluffy white thing curled up in front of him and it made me lightly giggle. I remember when I requested William to let Snow ride with him in the parade, giving him the reason that Snow can\'t be seen riding with us in the carriage while the parade is ongoing. William happily agreed to my request.

While I was remembering this scene, I see the curled up Snow perk up her little head. Her little white ears pointed up and wiggled. I looked at her curiously.

\'There is something wrong.\' Snow said to me telepathically.

\'What do you mean?\' I asked. My happy expression just a while ago becomes stiff in an instant.

\'I feel something is not right.\' Snow sat up and jumped down from William\'s horse.

"Ah..Wait…Snow." William looked flustered with Snow\'s sudden departure. He looked at me with worried eyes.

I only shook my head, giving him a signal that it\'s okay. William nodded and resumed his riding pace.

"What\'s the matter?" Regaleon looked at me worryingly. He must have seen my expression change suddenly.

"It\'s Snow." I said. "She was worried with something and ran off somewhere."

Regaleon was deep in thought. "Familiars are still animals. They have heightened senses that normal people does not have." He said. "If Snow felt something, then I think we need to take it seriously."

Regaleon lifted his fingers towards his lips and whistled. Not long, I saw a big black bird flying in the sky.

\'It\'s Tempest.\' I saw Regaleon\'s familiar flying thru the sky. He flew in circles in our vicinity and then towards the beginning of the parade line.

I watched Tempest fly away and looked at Regaleon\'s face. His face that was once calm now scrunched his eyebrows. He was wearing a serious look in an instant.

"Dimitri." Regaleon called.

Dimitri who was riding on the other side of the carriage rode near after he was summoned.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri replied.

"There is an ambush up ahead. Halt the parade immediately." Regaleon said with a calm but serious demeanor. "Lead the men to fight against the ambushers. I will personally escort the princess out of the capital towards where the Black Dragon army is waiting. Let a dozen of your men guard us from behind."

"I understand your highness." Dimitri nodded. He pulled his reigns and kicked his horse to run towards the front of the parade.

"Halt! Stop the parade immediately." Dimitri shouted to the knights that were escorting us in the parade. "We will not proceed with the parade. The others will help disperse the crowd in the streets while the others will come with me." He had shouted instructions.

"What is going on your highness?" William came near us and asked Regaleon.

"There is an ambush up ahead." Regaleon replied with a hushed voice.

William\'s eyes grew wide with Regaleon\'s words and then calmed down after. "Please give your orders." He asked Regaleon with a serious look.

Regaleon looked at William with understanding. He whistled a different tune from when he called Tempest. Not long I heard horse stomps coming from behind. Regaleon\'s black horse Midnight stopped just at the side of our carriage.

"Ahh.." I shrieked when Regaleon carried me up and placed me on top of Midnight and he followed after sitting at the back.

"Sir William, I need you to ride with us." Regaleon said. "While Dimitri engages the ambushers in battle, we will find another route outside the capital and towards where my Black Dragon army is stationed. I am sure you know the streets of the capital more than I do."

"I understand." William said with a serious expression. "Follow me."


Three big explosions were heard at the front of the parade. The crowd that was being dispersed by the knights started to scream and run. Chaos engulfed the streets of the capital.

"Let\'s not waste any time." Regaleon said while pulling the reigns and kicked Midnight. "Hiyah!"

William took the lead as we take another street out of the capital. We avoided the strings of people running in fright in the streets. We turned into a street where there were much lesser people. I looked around and saw at least a dozen or so black knights of Regaleon following and guarding us from behind.

"Why are they attacking with so many civilians around? Are they after us?" I asked Regaleon.

"Sometimes black hearted men do not think of the civilian casualties in achieving their goal." Regaleon said while clenching his fist holding the reigns. "Such scum doesn\'t deserve to live." I can hear his anger.

Our horses where running in a fast pace on the streets when a loud explosion was heard from just above us.


The horses were startled at the explosion and soon the debris from the buildings came down from above us.

"Hiyah!" Regaleon and William kicked their horses to throttle faster.

I looked at the debris that was falling right above us with shock and fright. I want to do something with my magic abilities but can\'t think of a way how to stop such big debris falling out of the sky and with so little time. The Atlantians magic abilities comes from the five elements of nature, hence we are still bound by natures laws. I held onto Midnight with all my might willing for the debris to stop.

And then the unthinkable happened, the falling debris that was just a few feet from above moved in slow motion. We passed thru just in time before the huge debris fell on the ground blocking the path from behind.