The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 163 The Grand Parade 1

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All the preparations for the parade are set. The only ones the people are waiting are me and Regaleon.

When Regaleon and I walked hand in hand outside, I can feel the people\'s stares towards me. This made me a bit nervous. The ones who are here now are the employees inside the palace and also Regaleon\'s men. Outside will be common people of the people. Just thinking about how I will look to them made me a little stiff.

"Don\'t be nervous." Regaleon squeezed my hand that he was holding, giving me a sense of security. He must have sensed my anxiety. "I am right beside you." He assured me with a smile.

Once Regaleon and I reached our luxurious carriage, I see Dimitri open the doors and bowed as a greeting to us. Regaleon ushered me carefully inside the beautiful carriage that was decorated with flowers and followed after.

I take my seat on the comfy cushion and inhaled deeply. \'This is it.\' I told myself.

This will be my first time leaving the capital and traveling to a foreign land. A mix of anxiety, nervousness and excitement are filling my whole body.

Regaleon took his place by my side and held my hand once again. He gave me a warm smile that was very much comforting my mixed emotions.

"Are you ready?" Regaleon asked with a soothing voice.

"Yes." I replied to him with a sweet smile.

I looked around the palace grounds one last time. I will not return to this place for a while. This palace has been my home since father brought me here. I have many memories here, good and bad. But even though I had bad memories here, I would never forsake this place. I have treated this place as my second home.

My eyes hovered to my family who was waving towards me. Grandpa Robert and Richard were the family that loved me unconditionally. Seeing them give their last farewell made my emotion stir.

\'I wish Richard the best. I am looking forward to him growing up and take father\'s place and become a wise ruler of Alvannia.\' I thought.

Then I see my father the king standing with grandpa and Richard. He had a sad smile on his face. Our last talk has let out all my grievances against him. Knowing that he also loves me as a daughter made me complete and wash away all those grievances. Even though it was late and we won\'t be together, I wish that in the future we can have a more pleasant talk between father and daughter.

The only step sister who was present to see me off was Veronica with his fiancé Bradford. Her eyes are still full of grievances against me. I am sure seeing me off is just for show as flail piety to father. Elizabeth on the other hand as I know is on house arrest because of the ruckus she did the last time.

\'Well even if she was not on house arrest, I doubt it she would be here to see me off.\' I scoffed inwardly.

"Let\'s begin the parade!" Regaleon said with a loud voice.

After receiving their master\'s order, Regaleon\'s men started the procession. As I know the grand parade consists of Regaleon\'s black knights riding in horse back in the front and back. In the middle was our carriage. And in between was my dowry to be showcased to the masses.

At the front is the dowry that my king father gave and at the back was Regaelon\'s betrothal gifts. I haven\'t personally seen the betrothal gifts that Regaleon has presented but with the rumors I have heard it was quite a fortune. Looking at the back I can see a line of open carriages with cloth covering them.

\'Come to think of it, I cannot see the end of the line of carriages from where we are.\' I thought. \'I should ask Regaleon how much are the gifts he has given for my betrothal were, just out of curiosity.\'

When I look at my side of the carriage, I see William riding on top of his gray horse. He was wearing his white knight\'s uniform.

"Greetings princess Alicia, prince Regaleon." William greeted. Regaleon nodded as confirmation.

"You\'ll be riding near us?" I asked.

"Yes princess. As your knight, I am tasked to protect you so I must ride close." William replied with a smile.

"That\'s good to hear." I smiled back at him.

Not long I heard the blowing of the trumpets from the starting point of the parade. I felt our carriage started to move forward not long after. I take one last look at my family and waved them goodbye. When my eyes landed at my father I can see his mouth word to me a \'take care\'.


At a distance, Gladiolus is seen taking cover under a huge tree inside the palace grounds. The parade line was just an eye shot away from him. He was looking at Alicia seating with prince Regaleon. Gladiolus was watching with an irritated face.

"Your highness." One of Gladiolus\' men just came.

"Report." Gladiolus ordered.

"I am afraid the route was abruptly changed just this morning your highness." The subordinate said with a nervous look.

Rage filled up inside of Gladoulus. He gripped the tree\'s trunk and dug his fingers unto it with irritation.

"That damn prince is really something." Gladiolus seethed in his anger. He scoffed and started to laugh out loud. "Haha…hahaha…"

"Y-Your highness?" The subordinate became more nervous as he looked at his master laughing out loud.

"He really is a worthy opponent." Gladiolus looked at the direction of Alicia and Regaleon\'s carriage. "Call the men back and trace their new route. I will be the one to personally lead the attack."

"Yes your highness." The subordinate bowed and dashed out with no time to lose.

"Be happy now prince Regaleon because it won\'t last long." Gladiolus said. "Alicia is mine and no one can take her away from me."

Rage was filled in Gladiolus\' eyes. The hand that was on the huge tree\'s trunk was gripped into fists and punched thru the tree\'s trunk. The huge tree shook violently with some of its leaves falling. A hole was left at the center of thick trunk.

"I will come for you Alicia. Wait for me." Gladiolus\' gaze was on Alicia\'s back that was fading away from his sight.