The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 162 An Insect Repellant?

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After my brief moment with father, Regaleon escorted me inside a receiving room to tend to my swollen eyes from crying.

Not long a maid came in carrying a small towel and a tub of ice cold water.

Regaleon took the tub and the small towel from the maid. "You may go." He ordered and the maid bowed down and left silently.

I see Regaleon dip the small towel inside the tub of ice water.

"I can do that myself." I shyly said.

Regaleon was the crown prince of a powerful nation. It is a little embarrassing to let him attend to me.

"No need. Let me." Regaleon smiled sweetly at me that it made my heart flutter.

Regaleon pushed me gently on the couch to lay down. I closed my eyes and let him put the cold towel on top of my eyes.

"This is a little embarrassing." I confessed to him. "I should be the one attending to you. Not the other way around. What will your country men say if they knew that the crown prince of their great nation is the one attending to his wife to be?"

I hear Regaleon lightly chuckle. "There are no laws in my country banning a crown prince from attending to his wife." He said with an amused voice. "I will rather call this \'spoiling\' my wife to be. And doing this brings me great joy."

I slowly lifted the towel from my eyes to take a peek at Regaleon. I saw him gazing at me with such gentleness and warmth. This made me smile.

"But by the time I become your wife, let me attend to you more. I would like to take care of you as a wife should be." This promise I really want to do. Just by imagining the both of us, getting older side by side give me a sense of fulfillment. It gives me something to look forward to in the future.

"I will look forward to it in the future." Regaleon said with a smile, as if reading my thoughts. He leaned down carefully and planted a kiss on my lips.

His kiss was sweet and light. His tongue carefully nibbles on my lips and slowly slipped in between. What was just a light kiss at first now deepened. I can feel his vigor while ravaging the inside of my mouth. Our tongues intertwine with each other and my breath hitched up. My body was feeling a bit hot and wanting. I hooked my arms around his neck and slid my fingers on his silky black hair. The feel of his hair between my fingers was soft and smooth. I can feel Regaleon\'s hands explore my waist towards my back. His light caress made my body even hotter. Our breaths are becoming heavier while seconds pass by.

\'Knock knock\'

Our passionate kiss was interrupted with the knock on the door. Regaleon let go of my lips and sighed with irritation.

"Yes?!" Regaleon\'s voice was a little angry.

"Pardon my intrusion your highness." It was Theon\'s voice outside the room. "But the parade is about to begin."

Regaleon seemed a bit disappointed and heaved a heavy sigh. "I understand. We will be there shortly."

"Yes." Theon replied and we heard his footsteps leaving.

Seeing Regaleon\'s disappointed expression made me giggle.

"What are you laughing at?" Regaleon asked me teasingly.

"N-Nothing in particular." I tried not to laugh out loud.

"Oh you are laughing at me huh." Regaleon looked at me mischievously.

"W-What are you planning?" I can see he was up to no good.

"Because you were laughing at me, I need to punish you." Regaleon said playfully.

"Ohh," I laughed out loud when Regaleon started to tickle me along my waist. He knows where I am most ticklish.

Regaleon held me firmly under his body while tickling me and I was laughing nonstop. Then he lowered his head on my neck and I can feel his lips touch side of my neck. I can feel him suck my skin and it made my body tingle.

"Hmm." I suppressed a moan escaping from my mouth.

"There that should do it." Regaleon looked at me with satisfied eyes. "With that they will know you are mine."

I looked at Regaleon a little confused and then realized what he had just done. Sometimes he loves leaving love bites in places on my body that are easily concealed. Those love bites takes days to about a week before they fade away.

Realizing what Regaleon had just done made me irritated. "What did you just do?" I slapped his shoulders and he began to laugh out loud.

"Come on, let\'s go. They are waiting for us." Regaleon pulled me up from the couch and led me.

Before going outside the room, I stopped by a mirror and looked at my neck. And as I have predicted, a love bite was placed at the side of my neck.

"You put it where I can\'t cover it. You pervert!" I slapped at his shoulder again. I don\'t know if am angry with him for doing this or gravely embarrassed that people in the parade can catch a glimpse of it. Maybe both.

Regaleon smiled mischievously. "You can cover it with your hair a little." He brushed my hair to the side of my shoulder with his fingers, covering the love bite.

I looked at him with pouted lips and irritation. My hair can only cover it a little but when we are on the parade outdoors, my hair would be blown by the wind.

"Alright, I am sorry. Don\'t get mad at me." Regaleon kissed my pouted lips. I love his playfulness but this is a little bit too far. "Don\'t worry. With the distance from the crowd, I am sure they won\'t see it."

"Are you sure?" I looked at him with a piercing gaze marked with my irritation.

"I promise you the crowd won\'t see it." Regaleon assured me. I sighed a little and fixed my hair over it. "You can just treat it as an insect repellant. To ward of bugs trying to get close to you."

"Insect repellant?" I asked. \'Why would a love bite be an insect repellant?\' I thought to myself in confusion. Regaleon only looked at me with a knowing smile.

"Let\'s not keep them waiting." Regaleon held my hand and pulled me out of the room.