The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 160 Saying Goodbye 1

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Regaleon swiftly rested his blade on Gladiolus\' shoulder near his neck. Gladiolus was holding his injured hand.

"To this, the winner is evident." Prince Regaleon hooked up one side of his mouth into a smile.

"I concede." Gladiolus said with a bitter smile.

"With this, the winner is no other than prince Regaleon." Grandpa Robert said.

Regaleon extended his hand to Gladiolus for a hand shake. "Nice dueling with you."

Gladiolus accepted Regaleon\'s hand shake. "I feel the same. I can say your skills with the sword are outstanding."

"I can also say the same to you prince Gladiolus." Regaleon replied courtly.

"Well then I shall take my leave." Gladiolus bowed his head and left with his assistant.

"Well sister we will be heading back ourselves." Richard said. "Your duel was magnificent brother in law. As expected, you are the best." Admiration was drawn on Richard\'s face.

"Thank you for the compliment." Regaleon replied with a smile.

"We will not take your time. I know you will be busy for the grand parade this afternoon." Grandpa Robert said.

I felt a slight tightening within my chest. This would be the last time I will see grandpa and Richard. I won\'t be back in Alvannia for quite a while.

"Richard, be sure to study hard. I will always be writing to you." I said to Richard. "Grandpa please always watch your health."

I can\'t stop my tears from coming out.

"Ahh, sister you\'re gonna make me cry." Richard said. He opened his arms and hugged me.

As of now Richard was the same height as me. After a few more years I am sure he would tower over me.

\'My little brother isn\'t little anymore.\' I thought to myself and sighed.

I was sobbing lightly in Richard\'s embrace. Not long I also feel strong arms embrace both Richard and I. When I look up I see grandpa Robert with a sad smile.

"Be well there in Grandcrest. We will also write letters to you frequently." Grandpa Robert said.

"We are going to miss you sister." Richard said with some tears in the rim of his eyes. "I will surely wait for your letters to come and reply to them diligently."

"Hmm." I nodded while wiping my tears away and smiled at the both of them.

In this huge and cold palace, grandpa Robert and Richard are the only family members that gave me warmth. I will always be grateful to grandpa that loved me like a real granddaughter.

Grandpa released us from his huge hug after a while. He looked at Regaleon with a serious face.

"Take care of my granddaughter your highness." Grandpa Robert said to Regaleon. "If ever I heard news that she is being ill-treated in Grandcrest, I will personally pick her up and take her back here in Alvannia."

\'That sounded like a threat grandpa.\' I thought.

"Do not worry general. I will not let Alicia feel any mistreatment. Anyone who tries will personally answer to me." Regaleon\'s words were firm and resolute.

Grandpa Robert nodded and looked satisfied with Regaleon\'s promise.

After some words to each other, grandpa and Richard left.

"They are the only ones I consider as family inside this palace." I said while looking at their retreating backs. "I am going to miss them."

Regaleon pulled me into his arms to comfort me. "Don\'t worry. We will surely visit them from time to time." He planted a kiss on top of my hair.

"Hmm." I nodded sadly.

"Are your luggage and things prepared for our journey?" Regaleon asked.

"Yes. Tricia prepared them." I looked up at Regaleon.

"That\'s good. I can\'t wait to take you to my home country." Regaleon gave me a gentle smile. "I can\'t wait to marry you. I want you to be my wife as soon as possible"

My heart felt warm from Regaleon\'s words. "I cannot wait to be your wife as well. But I still need to finish the bridal training before that."

"I am sure you can ace that in no time." Regaleon chuckled. "Please pass it with littlest time possible. I think I can\'t wait much longer."

I giggled with Regaleon\'s words. "I will do my best."

Regaleon cupped my chin up and planted a light and sweet kiss on my lips. "Soon you are going to be Alicia Roselyn Astley, crown princess of Grandcrest."

Hearing my name with Regaleon\'s surname made me a little embarrassed. I can feel my cheeks getting hot and my heart is thumping fast.

"You will be my one and only wife." Regaleon caressed my cheeks and planted another kiss on my lips. This time the kiss was deeper. I can feel his passion flowing while pressing his moist lips on mine.


It was mid-afternoon and the sun was not as high anymore. The entourage of the grand parade is now being prepared in front of the palace gates.

I see the open carriage where Regaleon and I will be sitting while on the parade. The carriage was gold colored with flowers decorated all over. The two horses in front was snow white in color.

For this parade, I was wearing a simple light blue dress with little frills and ribbons and a hat to match. My hand was covered with white laced gloves and I was only wearing simple jewelry. I don\'t want to be overkill in wearing expensive looking clothes and jewelry.

\'It looks like all is set.\' Snow came out of nowhere and was twirling at my feet. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms.

\'Where have you been?\' I asked her. As per usual we were conversing telepathically.

\'Oh here and there.\' Snow replied. \'If you are searching for me because you want me to get in that cage then the answer will be no.\'

I was contemplating how to travel Snow. But she was reluctant to go inside the cage Tricia has prepared.

\'Then you can accompany us in the carriage.\' I said. \'You can choose which carriage if you want.\' I pet her snow white fur and I can hear her purr.

\'Then I want to be with that light brown haired knight.\' Snow replied.

\'Light brown hair?\' I thought who Snow was talking about and saw William fixing the reigns of his gray horse. \'Do you mean William?\'

\'Yes that one.\' Snow replied.

\'Have you taken a liking with Will?\' I teased her.

\'N-No… it\'s just that he looks like a gentleman. And also he has good taste.\' Snow stuttered so I tried to tease her more.

\'Is it because he complimented you a few days ago?\' I giggled. \'Well I can ask him if he is willing to take you. But he will be traveling by horseback you know.\'

\'I am not saying I will travel with him all the way. I can also ride with you if I become tired of course.\' Snow said. If she was human I bet she will be blushing by now.

\'Okay I understand. I will ask him before we depart.\' I smiled.

"Alicia." A familiar voice called out to me. I have heard this voice many times since I arrived in this palace. But even after this many years I can\'t help but feel the distance between us.

I look around to find king father walking towards me. All the people that he passed by bowed down to him.

"Greetings to you king father." I curtsied when he was just a few steps in front of me.