The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 16 Worthy of you

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Leon\'s eyes were closed but he was able to disarm James. He lunged right at James and placed his sword right on his throat.

"You loose young lord James." Leon said lazily.

"B-but h-how..?" James was in disbelief.

"Sir Leon was the winner of this duel." I hear Bradford say. "As the winner, Sir Leon. You can state your demand to the loser."

Leon can barely open his eyes but he looked at James lazily.

"Kneel down before my princess Alicia and ask for her forgiveness." Leon said coldly.

"You want me to kneel down in front of that bastard?" James was sheathing his anger.

After hearing James\' words rage passed thru Leon\'s eyes. The blade of the sword on James\' throat bit on his flesh and it started to drip blood.

"Would you rather let me shame you in all of Alvannia?" Leon said.

As a loser of a duel, he must meet the demands of the winner what ever happens. If he wasn\'t able to do it then he will be brought shame. James was an heir of the Carlson dukedom. Not following the demands of the winner as a loser will be more than shameful rather than losing the duel itself.

As for kneeling down to a princess of the kingdom, it was more acceptable rather than bringing shame to his family name.

James clenched his fist hard. His anger was evident on his face.

"Alright!" James yelled.

Leon withdrew his sword from James\' throat. I see him walk towards me and stopped right in front of me and kneeled.

"Third princess Alicia Roselyn Von Heist. I, James Franklin Carlson, would like to ask you for your forgiveness." James said.

I was shocked. This was the first time someone asked forgiveness from me.

"I... um I..." I was left speechless. I look at William with questioning eyes.

"As a princess, you can bestow punishment towards what he has done to you." William said. "I suggest that you can slap him back."

"B-But..."I never really slapped someone before.

"As a princess you have to show your authority to other servants and people around your highness." Leon said. He was now standing behind me. He looked at me with seriousness.

He was right. Many people are around watching us. If I don\'t do something they would think that I am the same weakling princess.

I really don\'t want that. Now, with Leon is by my side, I want to get strong. I don\'t want to be the old weakling and forgotten princess. I want him to see me as a strong lady worthy of his service.

I collected my resolve. I looked at the man kneeling before me with seriousness of a member of the royal family.

"Look up young lord James." I said with a commanding voice.

Once James looked up at me I slapped him hard in his cheek and another on his other cheek.

"Do not forget your place." I said with dignity. "I may be a bastard but I still have royal blood flowing in my veins. My status is still higher than yours."

James looked at me with hate but stayed silent and bit his lips.

"I will forgive you nowbbut the next time you would call me a bastard I will surely give you the whip." I said with a stern voice.

I looked around still maintaining my royal aura. I can see the servants were looking at me with amazement and awe.

"I shall now take my leave." I said. I turned around and left the area. Leon, William and Tricia followed behind me.

"That b*tch." Elizabeth whispered to herself. "So confident now that you have your personal knight? Well that won\'t last long."