The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 159 Sword Figh

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Sword Fight

"I don\'t know if you understand, but sometimes men have to talk with their fists to settle things. Well in this case, with their swords." William replied. "The more they trade blows, the more they can understand each other and the more they know who will be the winner."

I looked at William with my eyebrows scrunched. "I really don\'t understand you men using violence to settle things." I guess men will be men.

I look at Regaleon who was looking handsome wearing his black light armored vest and gloves. His signature sword was dangling on his waist. He looked my way and our eyes met. I can\'t hide the feeling of worry I am feeling right now.

Regaleon walked towards me with confidence. Once he was right in front of me, he cupped my face and slowly lifts it up.

"You do not need to worry. This will only be a friendly match between two crown princes." Regaleon smiled lightly.

"Hmm I understand." I replied. I know that Regaleon won\'t accept this fight if he thinks he is at a disadvantage. And if ever this is some kind of trap, I am sure Regaleon is ready for countermeasures.

Regaleon patted my head affectionately. "Just watch while I beat that prince." His smile was full of confidence.

"Just be careful." I said with a serious gaze towards him.

"I always am." Regaleon grinned and planted a kiss on my forehead. "Please watch over her sir William."

"I will your highness." William, who was behind me replied. The both of them looked at each other as if they were having a silent understanding with one another.

"I can see you are already prepared prince Regaleon." Gladiolus just arrived. He was wearing a similar light armored vest only in beige color with matching gloves. He was using a long sword similar to Regaleon\'s.

"We can start after the one I called to officiate our duel arrives." Regaleon said nonchalantly. "If it\'s fine with you, I have called upon general Robert to officiate. Being he is a neutral party.

"Fine by me." Gladiolus agreed with a smile.

Our group walked towards the clearing found at the center of the garden. Not long after we arrived, I heard a familiar voice calling out to me.

"Sister Alicia." Richard called out to me. He was walking beside grandpa Robert.

"Richard, you came with grandpa." I smiled at them. "Hello grandpa." I greeted.

"I was called by your \'fiancé\'." Grandpa Robert sneered. "What the heck is he up to now?"

"I am sorry if Leon disturbed you in any way. It wasn\'t his idea to duel with crown prince Gladiolus. It was Gladiolus who challenged him." I explained to them.

"I heard that bother in law is going to have a sword duel with the crown prince of Jennova." Richard said with an exciting tone. "I came with grandpa to watch."

I giggled while looking at the excitement my younger brother is showing. "I hope you didn\'t skip any of your studies just to be here to watch."

Richard turned down his head shyly. "Well grandpa said I can finish my studies later."

"You little scoundrel." I giggled while ruffling his hair. I am happy to see that Richard is still the way he is and nothing has changed while I was away. He is still young now but I am sure he will do great things in the future.

"Ahh sister, you are treating me like a child. It\'s embarrassing." Richard tried to block the hand I was ruffling his hair with.

"General, thank you for coming." Regaleon was walking towards us and greeted grandpa. "Richard is here as well. Are you going to watch the duel?"

"Yes brother in law." Richard replied courteously. "Good luck to you."

"Thanks." Regaleon smiled at my younger brother.

"Greetings crown prince Richard and general Robert." Gladiolus also came near us. "Thank you for agreeing to officiate in our friendly duel."

"The honor is all mine prince Gladiolus." Grandpa bowed lightly.

While they were conversing with each other, I realized that the three crown princes of this continent have gathered.

\'So these three men will the future rulers of this continent.\' I thought. \'I hope that there will be a bright future for this continent.\'

"Take your post." Grandpa Robert said.

Regaleon and Gladiolus stand at least ten feet from each other.

"Ready." Grandpa Robert said.

Both of the princes had their hand hover on the hilt of their swords.

"GO!" Grandpa Robert shouts at last.

I see Regaleon pulled his sword from its sheath in one swift motion. The blade of his sword swing towards Gladiolus in no time but the other defended nicely.

\'Clang Cling Clang\'

The sound of the swords clashing against each other is heard. Both the princes\' movements are swift, the swing of their swords equally powerful.

With the exchange of their blows I can see that they are equally matched in skill. While one attacks the other defends swiftly. After one defends and counterattacks the other one tried to parry the attack and start another counterattack. This scenario is repeating over and over again.

"I can tell they are both good." I hear William say. I nodded in agreement.

"With their power and skill so equally matched, I guess this duel will only come to a draw." I said while watching the battle in front of me.

"Their equal standing won\'t last long." William said. I turned around to look at him in confusion.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I can tell that prince Gladiolus has been tutored well in sword fighting similar to all noblemen of our country." William said. "But both Alvannia and Jennova have internal harmony within their respective countries. Other than bandits, pirates, and other low lives that has no swords skills whatsoever, there is no major conflict that can enhance your sword training except if you enter the army or the royal knights."

I was processing what William was saying.

"Do you mean there are no life threatening things that can enhance your sword skills better?" I asked.

"Exactly." William replied. "As I have heard in Grandcrest, the princes are always at each other\'s throats fighting for the right to the throne. Every prince has their own factions and their personal armies are both powerful and skilled. To think what prince Regaleon has gone thru to achieve his position now. I can only imagine that his life was in constant danger since he was young. I am sure that his hands are stained with the blood of many people that tried to harm him and want him dead."

This story I know. Regaleon has told me what king of darkness he had gone thru to be in his current position now. He had to bath with the blood of all of his enemies. It was kill or be killed in their royal family.

"Having a life and death experience is an advantage, correct?" I asked.

"You can say it that way." William smiled. "And also constant battles to keep yourself alive also makes you stronger, look." He gestured to the two princes battling.

I looked at the sword fight that was still going. The once even battle has run for some time. The battle now is not only in skill and strength but also endurance and stamina. Looking at the two princes, Gladiolus was now breathing heavily his movements started to become slow, while Regaleon is still keeping his composure.

Not long, a slight opening occurred. Gladiolus took one misstep and Regaleon took this opportunity to launch an attack. Regaleon swift swing with his swords was aimed just above the hilt of Gladiolus\' sword. This made Gladiolus lose his grip and his sword flew out of his hand and hit the ground.

\'Clang…Clang..Clang.Clang\' the sound of the sword hitting the ground vibrated to the silent surroundings.

Regaleon swiftly rested his blade on Gladiolus\' shoulder near his neck. Gladiolus was holding his injured hand.

"To this, the winner is evident." Prince Regaleon hooked up one side of his mouth into a smile.