The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 156 Calm Before a Storm

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(We will be back to Alicia\'s POV from here)

"Oh my gosh, princess. What happened to your eyes?" Tricia came inside my room to wake me up early in the morning.

"Huh, why? What happened to my eyes?" I looked at her groggily. I still felt sleepy.

"You\'ve got dark circles around it." Tricia explained.

"Ohh." I understood instantly. "It\'s because I can\'t sleep well last night. I think I have fallen asleep in the wee hours of the night." I explained.

"This won\'t do princess. Good thing I know exactly what to do." Tricia had her dedicated face on. "Leave everything to me princess. I will freshen you up in no time. You have to look your best for the grand parade later."

"Huh, but I don\'t need to look lavishly for the parade later right?" I asked.

This parade is for the commoners of the capital to see. My marriage with Regaleon is a big thing for our country of Alvannia and so to let them see us in public will give them spirit for the future ahead. Because this parade is also my exit from the capital and the start of the journey towards Grandcrest, I don\'t need to wear formal clothes. Tricia prepared me beautiful casual outdooe attire that noble women wear.

"Of course you still need to look good beside prince Regaleon. I want the whole capital to know how beautiful the forgotten third princess of Alvannia is." Tricia pumped her fist as a show of her fighting spirit.

Tricia is right. I don\'t want to look bland looking beside Regaleon. Of course I want the others to see that I am a fitting partner to the crown prince of Grandcrest.

"Then I am in your care Tricia." I smiled to her sweetly.

After a few hours of aroma bath, spa therapy, and a massage, I felt rather glowing. I look at myself in the mirror feeling satisfied with the glow on my cheeks and skin.

"Wow Tricia, you really work wonders." I praised her skills. "I am happy you will be coming with me in Grandcrest. I don\'t know what to do without you."

It was decided that I will take only a handful of my maids with me in Grandcrest and also including butler Theon. Regaleon said that he has already prepared my living quarters there in Grandcrest.

"Have you packed your luggage?" I asked Tricia.

"Yes, of course." Tricia replied. "I also packed your luggage and some necessities for our travel. Theon said that the journey towards Grandcrest\'s capital will take about a month because of our huge entourage. He also said that we won\'t need to take other things because the place we are staying in Grancdrest has been prepped up and only awaits our arrival."

"Oh is that so?" I looked at Tricia teasingly. "It looks like you and Theon are talking to each other more frequently."

Tricia blushed in an instant. This made me giggle.

"I-It\'s because of work, yeah right because of work." Tricia said. "I-I mean Theon is your butler and I am your personal maid. Of course we need to communicate with each other." I can see her fidgeting.

"Okay, okay. If that\'s what you say." I said. "But you know, you two look good together." I teased.

"You think so?" Tricia asked expectantly. "I-I mean, no. Theon is so good looking. I was surprised at first that he was only a butler. When I first saw him, he looked like a young noble. Look at me, I look plain." She smiled sadly.

"What are you talking about?" I scolded her. "You look pretty Tricia. You are definitely a head turner when we are out walking in town on our time in the outskirts. Don\'t lose hope. I am sure Theon will notice you."

"Oh princess what are you saying." Tricia was holding her cheeks blushing red.

\'Knock knock\' we heard someone knocking on the door.

"Princess Alicia." Theon\'s voice was just outside the door.

"Speak of the devil." I whispered towards Tricia.

"Please come in Theon." I said.

Theon opened the door and walked inside. "Good morning princess."

"Good morning Theon. Is there something you need me for?" I asked.

According to schedule I am free this morning until after lunch so I was curious why Theon came looking for me.

"Prince Gladiolus asked if he can accompany you for breakfast." Theon said respectfully.

"Prince Gladiolus?" I asked. \'Him again." I thought.

Gladiolus has been pestering me every day since we had tea together. I can\'t complain because he was my father\'s guest. He has been telling me so many things about magic, our people that survived who were now living in Jennova and my aunt who is his mother and my mother\'s twin sister.

I am happy that my countrymen have been living well under him in Jennova. But whenever I ask about my mother, Gladiolus only replies to me \'You have to come to Jennova to see for yourself how she is doing.\' He says mother is doing fine but that\'s only about it.

It frustrates me that Gladiolus isn\'t telling me any other information about my mother. It makes me want to really go Jennova to see if she is truly there, but I know I can\'t. It feels like I am falling into his trap if I do go there.

"He asks but I know he won\'t take no for an answer." I replied to Theon.

I stood up and exited my room. I am sure with what I have known about Gladiolus\' temperament this past few days, he always finds where I am even if I try to dodge him. And so I am sure he was waiting for me at the dining hall. I walk towards that destination in mind.

Theon and Tricia were following just behind me. I can hear them whispering to each other.

"Why is your face all red?" Theon asked Tricia with a hint of concern.

"R-Red?" Tricia sounded flustered. "Maybe it\'s because of the heat from the bath earlier. Or maybe because of the spa treatment I gave the princess."

I giggled to myself hearing Tricia\'s reasons.

"It is not good to over exert yourself." Theon scolded. "You are the princess\' personal maid and also you will become the head maid once we arrive in Grandcrest. You have to be perfectly healthy to attend the princess."

"I know that. You don\'t need to scold me." Tricia sounded irritated.

\'Oh Tricia. Can\'t you see that even though Theon scolded you he was doing it because he cares for you?\' I thought. \'And Theon as well. I can hear his is concerned for Tricia. He means well but his words came out like a scolding.\'

I shook my head and giggled internally. \'I think the two of you still have a long road ahead. Don\'t worry, I will help you two.\' I thought.

I arrived at the door to the dining hall. Theon carefully opened the door and inside I saw that long dining table. At one end, prince Gladiolus was sitting gracefully, a true picture of a crown prince. Like I thought, he was really here waiting for me.

"Good morning Alicia." Gladiolus stood up once he saw me entering.

"Good morning Gladiolus." I greeted back.