The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 155 The Investigation Results 2

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

"Replying to your highness, we have none." Dimitri replied. "The information about the queen only states that she has never left her palace even once. Her information before she became queen is a blank. Also the palace has a tight security and we were not successful in planting a spy inside."

"A very secretive queen I guess. That just means she is hiding something." I said.

"I also do not like this prince Gladiolus." General Robert added. "I have a bad feeling about him."

"We both feel the same general." I said. "And he has been around Alicia more than I can take. I am afraid he has something up his sleeve. Dimitri."

"Yes your highness?" Dimitri moved near me.

"What has your men reported about him?" I asked.

I have ordered some of the shadow guards under Dimitri to stay hidden inside the palace when we were away. It was for Alicia\'s safety and also to observe the crown prince of Jennova\'s movements.

"Replying to your highness, they have reported the frequent visits of prince Gladiolus to princess Alicia. Other than that were only mundane things."

I was deep in thought. "It looks like this prince knows how to play his cards." My eyebrows furrowed deeply.

I can\'t deny the feeling of hostility towards that prince Gladiolus.

"Dimitri, let your men keep an eye on that prince. I can feel he is up to no good." I ordered.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed his head as confirmation.

"General Robert, once I have gone back to Grandcrest with Alicia I will request father to hold a meeting with king Edward. I will try my best so that this war that Jennova hopes for won\'t happen." I said sincerely.

"Thank you prince Regaleon." General Robert said.

"Thank you brother-in-law." Richard followed.

I smiled hearing Richard call me brother-in-law. "It would be best if you take the throne sooner than necessary. I am sure that Grandcrest and Alvannia will be great allies in the future." I extended my hand towards him.

"Then please take care of me in the future." Richard took my hand and shakes it with a genuine smile on his face.

"Well then, we will retire for the night." General Robert said. "The grand parade will be held tomorrow afternoon. I am sure you will be busy in the morning so we won\'t hold you from your night\'s rest."

"Brother-in-law, please take care of my sister Alicia." Richard asked me solemnly.

"Do not worry. I will take care of her." I smiled at him.

After General Robert and Richard had left, Dimitri and I were left in the study room.

"How are the preparations going for the grand parade tomorrow?" I asked Dimitri.

"The route has been set for a long time and all the necessary preparations are done your highness." Dimitri replied.

"Do you think we can change the route of the parade tomorrow?" I asked deep in thought.

"That is…" Dimitri was at a loss in my question. "I am afraid that we don\'t have enough time to change the route your highness. All the decorations have been set and if we change the route at a short notice, I am afraid that we can\'t finish it all by morning tomorrow."

I sighed deeply. "What if we change some locations then? We don\'t need to change the entire route. Maybe we can change some streets and also the exit of the parade."

Dimitri cupped his chin deep in thought. "I guess that will be doable your highness. I can change some street routes and rather than we exit the south gate of the capital we can take the east gate. But that would give us some additional travel hours getting to Grandcrest\'s borders."

"That would be fine, just make the changes immediately." I ordered.

"I understand. I will do it right away." Dimitri said. "But before I go, may I know why you had this idea abruptly?" He asked curiously.

"I feel something is going to happen tomorrow." I crunched my eyebrows. "I can\'t discard this feeling. It will be better to add some additional counter moves rather than be taken by surprise."

"I understand. I would also double the guards in patrol tomorrow." Dimitri said.

"Tell the Black Dragon Army to be prepared to mobilize the troops for tomorrow. I want them to be ready whenever we need them." I said.

"I will relay your message to the captain." Dimitri said.

Dimitri bowed down and left the room. I looked at the fire burning in the fireplace. I can see the embers slowly burning. I clasped b hand deep in thought. I am probably just being paranoid because tomorrow would be the last day Alicia will be staying here. I will be taking her to Grandcrest where I know I can keep her safe.

My mind can\'t be put to rest while that crown prince of Jennova is buzzing around Alicia. I can\'t but feel that he intends to do something bad.


(Alicia\'s POV)

I was tossing and turning on my bed. It was clearly late at night but sleep has evaded me. The sheets around me has crumpled with my tossing and turning.

"Ah I give up." I said and seat on my bed. I slip my slippers on my feet and get my robe to cover myself.

I walked outside the french doors and into my balcony. The cold wind brushed my face and a shiver crept all over my body. But I still walked out and looked up at the night sky to see the stars twinkling brightly.

While looking at the stars, I remembered the vision Anna helped me to see. Will Regaleon be in danger if he stays with me?

"What will I do?" I sighed. I don\'t want Regleon to be in danger because of me but I think I can\'t help being separated from him. "Am I selfish for thinking that?"

The news that my mother is still alive was something to hope for. I am not yet sure if what Gladiolus told me was true and I haven\'t told Regaleon about it for now. But I am planning to ask for his help about this.

"Hmm maybe tomorrow I will ask him." I said while leaning my elbow on the balcony. "Grandcrest huh. What kind of life will I have when I arrive there?"

I know there will be some hardships along the way but with Regaleon by my side, I am sure I can face anything. A smile crept on my face with that thought.