The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 153 Mother’s Memento

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"I would love to be always woken up like that." Regaleon said with a smile.

"Y-You\'re awake?" I asked in surprise.

"I was really sleeping a while ago. But when I felt your warm lips on mine, how won\'t I wake up?" Regaleon smiled sweetly. But then his smile changed into a frown in no time.

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"What happened to your smooth beautiful cheek?" Regaleon asked worriedly. He gently caressed his thumb on my cheek where my wound was.

"Ahh." Regaleon was only caressing the outer edge of my wound but I can still feel the sting.

"Is it swollen?" I asked worriedly.

"Who did this to you?" Regaleon\'s eyes became icily dark. There was a hint of danger in his pair of dark blue eyes. He was emitting an aura of anger and killing intent.

"Well actually, I planned on getting hurt." I confessed to him.

"You planned on getting hurt?" Regaleon\'s killing intent disappeared in a flash and was replaced with worry. "Lili, why would you hurt yourself?"

Regaleon\'s eyes were looking at me intently. If I didn\'t regret on getting hurt with my plan a while ago, now I was regretting it because I can see how Regaleon is worrying for me.

"Actually I didn\'t really hurt myself. It was Elizabeth who did this." I said.

Regaleon\'s killing intent came back in no time after hearing that Elizabeth was the one that hurt me.

"But I have planned her to hurt me." I explained. "In the meeting a while ago, Elizabeth was chosen to be prince Gladiolus\' fiancée."

"Hmph, I expected that much." Regaleon scoffed. "And then what happened?"

"Well, she was harassing me as per usual in front of our family members. She was blaming me for stealing you from elder sister Veronica and William from her." I continued.

"Your step sister is so delusional." Regaleon said. "I would never even think of having any relation with those two step sisters of yours."

"Yes, I know." I smiled with his words. "Good thing father reprimanded Elizabeth. Especially when she bad mouthed my mother, father didn\'t want to hear any of Elizabeth\'s whims any longer and scolded her. Father just gave her a warning, but I won\'t let her get away with bad mouthing me and mother again."

"And so you made her mad to attack you?" Regaleon assumed.

"Hmm, yes." I nodded. "Elizabeth was so infatuated with William. So after William saw her hurt me, of course as my personal knight he saved me and said some things that made Elizabeth\'s dreams crumble down into dust."

I smiled while recalling the events. Seeing Elizabeth looking devastated gave me some sense of satisfaction.

"It\'s good that you are not letting your step sisters bully you once again. But I hope that you won\'t get hurt in the future." Regaleon said while caressing my other cheek gently. "I don\'t want to see you get hurt. If you want to get even with them, you can tell me and I will surely arrange something that is befitting for them."

I looked at Regaleon\'s face. He was looking at me with worry. I am sure he was thinking that he doesn\'t want my hands to be dirty with such things.

"I know Leon. Don\'t worry, I won\'t go overboard. I will never do anything that will taint my conscience." I smiled in assurance. "And I won\'t do anything in the future that I know would hurt me."

"That\'s good to hear." Regaleon smiled.

\'Knock knock\' there was knocking from the door.

"Come in." I said.

The door opened and Tricia came in with a tray of medicine and some bandages.

"Greetings princess, your highness." Tricia bowed down to greet us. "I have brought the medicine for the princess\' wound."

"Leave it here. I will be the one to tend to your princess\' wound." Regaleon ordered.

"Yes your highness." Tricia placed the tray of medicine and bandages on the table and left the room.

Regaleon took some cotton and put alcohol in it. "Here, let me."

"O-Okay." I felt shy in an instant.

Who would have thought that a crown prince of a powerful would tend to my wounds carefully? Once the cotton landed on my wound, I felt a sting.

"Hsss." I hissed with the pain.

"Bear with it for a while." Regaleon said gently.

After disinfecting my wound with alcohol, Regaleon got the cotton suave and put some medicine on it and carefully put the medicine on my wound. It stung at first and then it felt cold. After that the area of the wound became numb and the pain was gone.

"Does it still hurt?" Regaleon asked.

"Not anymore." I said.

"That\'s good." Regaleon smiled and put the cotton suave down on the tray.

Regaleon got some bandages and put it on my wound gently. After that he gently pulled my head and planted a kiss on my forehead. My heart started beating rapidly. Regaleon\'s every sweet action tickles my heart.

"You are already wearing it." Regaleon exclaimed.

"Hmm, what?" I was taken by surprise by his sentence. I was in my own world just now, savoring Regaleon\'s sweet actions.

"This." Regaleon held up my left hand. In my ring finger was the engagement ring he gave me, the one that once belonged to his mother.

"Yes." I smiled. "Now that we are officially engaged, I thought it was okay to wear it."

The real reason is because these past few days, my cousin prince Gladiolus has been visiting me every morning. He was tagging it as a \'courtesy visit\' and says that he visits my siblings as well. But I can feel his gaze towards me has a deeper meaning. I know that he knows I am already engaged to Regaleon but I still need to show him further proof.

"It looks good on you." Regaleon\'s sweet smile warms my heart.

"Come to think of it, I want to also give you something." I said.

I raised my hands towards the back of my neck and unhooked the necklace which was always with me. I put the pendant and the necklace on my palm and presented it to Regaleon.

"You are always wearing this necklace, right?" Regaleon looked at me questioningly.

"Yes. This was my deceased mother\'s memento to me. I want you to have it." I said. I opened his palm and slowly put the necklace on top.

Regaleon examined the necklace carefully. "Are you sure you want me to have this? I mean, this was your mother\'s memento."

"I also have your mother\'s memento with me." I showed the ring I was wearing. "Let\'s just say we exchanged." I smiled sweetly at him.

"Okay." Regaleon smiled as well. "I promise to safeguard it for the rest of my life."

"I will safeguard this as well, for the rest of my life." I was holding up my hand with the finger on.

It felt like Regaleon and I were exchanging our solemn vows. I guess it will be like this on our wedding day. Just the thought of it made me smile and a warm feeling crept all over my body.