The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 152 My Prince is Back

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In no time I felt someone pull Elizabeth away on top of me. And then I hear a loud slap.


I open my eyes to see the broad back of William in front of me. Elizabeth was standing in front of him holding her cheek in surprise.

"W-William?" Elizabeth was looking at him with wide eyes. She cannot believe that William slapped her on the face.

William turned around and helped me stand up. "Alicia, are you okay? I\'m sorry I wasn\'t able to save you in time." Worry was etched on his beautiful face.

"It\'s okay, I\'m…ahh." I felt a sting on my left cheek.

"You\'re bleeding." William looked in shock. He reached from inside his pocket and took a handkerchief. He pressed the handkerchief on my bleeding face. "I\'m sorry."

"Don\'t worry, it\'s just a scratch." I assured him and smiled.

William\'s eyebrows were crunched with irritation and turned around to look at Elizabeth who was still standing with a dumbfounded face.

"I know that you are still a princess of this country but you have gone too far." William started to let out his anger on Elizabeth. "Alicia is innocent on the charges you said against her. She has never forced me to make this decision."

"B-But William, you had a bright future ahead as a duke of your fief. Why would you turn all that down and choose to be with…with my sister?" Elizabeth said. I was sure she was about to say something demeaning of me when she paused but reverted to just calling me sister.

\'You turn into a sweet little kitten in front of William but turn into a ferocious wild cat in front of others.\' I sneered internally.

"This is what I have chosen for myself. And even if I never turned down the duke title, I would have never been your fiancé." William said with a cold tone.

"N-No…it was set when we were still young that you would be marrying into royalty and to me." Elizabeth was still spurting out her fantasies.

"I have never corrected your fantasies when we were still young, knowing that you are a princess of this country. But I have never intended to marry you, EVER." William said clearly. "There is someone that I love and she is the only one that occupies my heart. I do not intend to marry anyone that I do not love. I am not like you royalty that needs to be wed for political gain."

"No…no, no, no." Elizabeth was now getting hysterical. "That can\'t be. But mother said…"

"I do not know what your mother had promised you. But she isn\'t here anymore." William said. "I have made my decision and it is final. I am sorry princess Elizabeth but I hope you do not include me on your fantasies ever again. You are not a child anymore. Grow up!"

William\'s last sentence was the most intense, it was a huge blow to Elizabeth. Now her dreams were broken and crumbled into dust. Elizabeth slumped on the floor with dejection written all over her face. This gave me a bit of satisfaction on my end.

William turned around and looked at me. "Let\'s go back to your courtyard. We need to take care of your wound so that it won\'t leave a scar on your beautiful face."

"Hmm, okay." I nodded in agreement. I take a last look at Elizabeth and smiled internally. \'That\'s what you get for always picking on me.\' I thought.

My plan was a huge success. For William to say those things to Elizabeth\'s face was a huge blow to her. Now her dreams of becoming William\'s wife and Duchess Cunningham were shattered completely. I am sure this emotional blow will render her paralyzed for quite some time.


Back at my courtyard, Tricia and Theon were at the front door to greet me.

"Welcome back princess. You just came at the right time. His highness prince Regal…" Theon was greeting me when Tricia cut him off.

"Ahhh…princess, what happened to your face?" Tricia was a little overacting.

"Oh this, it\'s just a scratch." I said.

"But it\'s still bleeding. What if this leaves a scar?" Tricia was so worried. "You just went to the summons of the king and you come back hurt. Tell me, did one of your monster step sisters do this?"

I just looked at Tricia with a smile. She knows full well what my step sisters are capable to do.

"Ooohhh, those two really are really something." Tricia was fuming with anger. "And what were you doing sir William?!"

"Um well…I am sorry. It\'s my fault I wasn\'t by her side to save her before she got hurt." William bowed down his head feeling apologetic.

"Don\'t scold William." I defended him. "It was my fault. If I didn\'t tell him to wait for me outside, maybe Elizabeth wouldn\'t have been able to hurt me."

Tricia sighed in defeat. "I understand but still, you have to protect her more carefully next time." Tricia pointed a finger at William and he nodded in agreement. "Well anyway, I will get some medicine for your wound. You go to the receiving room and wait for me there."

"In the receiving room? Do we have a guest?" I asked.

"Well I was about to say that prince Regaleon has comeback from his trip before Tricia cut me." Theon said and looked at Tricia with a scolding gaze. Tricia shrank back in embarrassment.

"Regaleon is here? He has come back from his business trip?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes princess. His highness is currently in the receiving room. When he heard that you were called by the king for a meeting, he said he would rest in the receiving room and wait for you there."

I excitedly ran towards the receiving room in an instant. After navigating some corridors, I was now standing in front of the receiving room\'s door. I look at myself and thought I need to tidy my dress and hair. My hair style came undone after Elizabeth\'s onslaught against me, so there was no choice but to comb my long platinum blonde hair with my fingers and pull it on one side. My dress on the other hand was still intact, except from some wrinkles.

\'I don\'t want to look untidy in front of Leon.\' I thought. I want to change my dress and comb my hair into a style but I want to see him right this instant.

I inhaled deeply and opened the door. The sunshine was beaming inside the room. The breeze was blowing the curtains from the opened french windows.

I see Regaleon sitting on the couch with his eyes closed and his arms crossed in front of his chest, he wasn\'t wearing his mask. He was breathing evenly.

\'Is he sleeping?\' I thought.

I slowly walked towards him, keeping my footsteps silent as to not wake him up.

\'He\'s really sleeping.\' I thought.

I giggled lightly and squatted down in front of him. Regaleon looks so handsome with his sleeping face. I used this time to look at his face. His eyelashes were just the right length, but it accents his closed eyes beautifully. His nose was pointed and his lips were thin. His jaw has just the right curve and his chin was so manly. All in all he was just so handsome in my eyes.

Regaleon was sleeping peacefully in front of me. \'He might be so tired on his trip.\' I thought.

I saw his lips tremble lightly. And so my eyes focused on his moist lips. I inched my face near him slowly. I closed my eyes and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Hmm." I hear Regaleon groan.

I was startled and stepped back and was about to fall on my back because of the sudden movement. But I feel a pair of hands catch my waist and pulled me up. In no time I was face to face with Regaleon. His deep blue eyes were looking thru mine.

"I would love to be always woken up like that." Regaleon said with a smile.