The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 151 A Good Show

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Elizabeth is now starting to act hysterically. She was trying to push away her sister Veronica that is trying to subdue her.

"I won\'t accept this!" Elizabeth yelled. "Father, you promised to marry me to sir William. Why are you doing this now?"

"Are you trying to question my decision, Elizabeth?" Father\'s face was starting to get red. It looks like Elizabeth\'s hysterical act made him angry.

Veronica looked at Lord Bradford and gestured him to hold down Elizabeth. Lord Bradford nodded and took Veronica\'s place holding Elizabeth.

"Father please calm down." Veronica said. "I am sure Elizabeth is just having an outburst of emotions right now. With mother gone and the promise she left is still fresh in Elizabeth\'s heart."

"I understand that your mother has always given the both of you all your whims. But you aren\'t young anymore. I am making this decision for your future and also there is a reason why you can\'t marry William." Father started to calm down. "Sir William has renounced his succession of Duke to his brother who is next inline. He has agreed to be Alicia\'s personal knight, hence he will be going with her in the country of Grandcrest after the engagement parade."

Elizabeth eyes darted its way towards me with surprise. It was not a secret that William became my personal knight so it is common sense that he will follow me where ever I go.

\'So why is Elizabeth looking surprised?\' I thought.

Is she deaf to the news around her? Is she so blinded by her infatuation that she thought William is exclusively hers?

"You…you bitch!" Elizabeth pointed towards me.

\'Here we go again.\' I sighed internally.

"You have stolen prince Regaleon from sister Veronica and now you want to steal away my William!" Elizabeth roared.

"I have never stolen anything." I gave her an icy look. "Prince Regaleon came here in Alvannia and has chosen me as his fiancée and crown princess. And as for William, he was the one to choose his path as my personal knight. I didn\'t force them to make such decisions and I have never done anything to be given such accusations."

The hall became silent once more. I sweep my eyes to the family members around me. Elizabeth was startled while Veronica was evidently suppressing her anger. Richard was smiling at me while grandpa Robert was nodding as acknowledgement to my words. Prince Gladiolus who was seating courteously looked at me with a smile on his face. As for father he looked at me gently, full of love and affection.

In the past I have just let my step sisters bully me. But now that I have grown up and with my loved ones backing me up, I won\'t let them trample on me any longer.

"You are lying!" Elizabeth suddenly said. "Sir William would never give up his right for succession as the next duke if you haven\'t done anything. I am sure you did something, you might have given them love potions so that they would follow you blindly."

"What nonsense are you spouting now, my dear sister?" I smirked. "If you are talking about potions, isn\'t our elder sister more informed in this kind of matter? I am not so knowledgeable with such drugs. And also this kind of drugs came from the easterners across the sea. They travel their merchandise by ship and also make there trading business at the ports. So tell me, who manages the ports before?"

Elizabeth became speechless. She never thought that I would turn her words back to our elder sister. Veronica on the other hand was looking furiously at Elizabeth.

"Your majesty, may I speak?" William suddenly asked father.

"Go on." Father approved.

"Because I am also included in this matter, I want to say that princess Alicia is correct. I have decided to renounce my succession as a duke and be princess Alicia\'s personal knight on my own accord. She never once gave me any drugs like Elizabeth is her accusing of. I whole heartedly accepted this future." William said respectfully.

"Hmm, I understand." Father said. "Elizabeth, you have no basis for your accusations towards Alicia. As I have decided from here hence forth, you are now crown prince Gladiolus\' fiancée."

Elizabeth looked defeated and slumped down on the floor. Tears streamed down her face and she was wailing.

Grandpa Robert and Richard looked at her in pity while Veronica was trying to help her stand up.

"Come now Elizabeth, this is unsightly for a princess." Veronica was comforting her but Elizabeth slapped the hand helping her.

"Now that mother has been banished, you just leave us like this!" Elizabeth roared to father. "Now that mother is not here, you favor your bastard child over us the legitimate ones. She is just a daughter of a maid and a whore."

"Shut your mouth!" Father stood up on his throne and roared in anger. "If you try again to slander Leticia\'s memories again, I will not hesitate to send you to the tower of Grace with your mother!"

We were all shocked with father\'s reaction. This is the first time I have seen him defend my mother\'s memories from these pair of sisters.

"Elizabeth, just stop talking right now." Veronica was also looking at Elizabeth with anger. Who knew what else would come out of Elizabeth\'s mouth that can hurt others including herself?

"This meeting is over. Robert, Richard I will speak to you in my office personally." Father said and walked out of the hall.

After father left, William and I also exited the hall. When we were at the door I thought of something.

"Oh wait. I think I dropped my handkerchief." I said. "Can you please wait for me here Will? I will be just a minute, maybe I dropped in under my chair."

"Okay." William nodded.

I trotted lightly towards my seat acting like I was looking for something but in fact I never really dropped anything. I was gambling that with Elizabeth\'s temperament, her anger will blow up once she sees me again and will try to physically hurt me. Of course my plan was for her to attack me while everyone was still present and that will land her in trouble. Now without her mother here to help her, she will surely be punished.

As I thought, the others were just preparing to leave. Elizabeth was just a few meters away from me and still visibly shaken with the outcome of her engagement. Her gaze fell on me in an instant.

"You…! It\'s all your fault. If it was not for you, everything would have been fine. If you never existed, this would not have happened." Elizabeth shouted with rage. "It\'s your fault, you bastard!"

Elizabeth ran towards me with fury ready to pounce at me. She pushed me down on the floor in an instance.

"You bastard, you bitch… I will kill you…kill you!" Elizabeth was pulling on my hair and slapping me left and right.

"Ahhh..!!" Of course I have to act as the victim and let Elizabeth deal a blow on me. But at least I was defending at best to not get injured.

In no time I felt someone pull Elizabeth away on top of me. And then I hear a loud slap.