The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 150 Royal Family’s Meeting 2

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"The reason I called for this meeting is about the marriages of my royal children." Father said.

Currently, I am the only one engaged out of us four siblings. With what happened to Veronica and Sir Bradford in my engagement party last time, I am sure that she will be engaged to him. That only leaves Elizabeth and Richard.

"As you know, Alicia has just been engaged to the crown prince of Grandcrest, prince Regaleon." Father said. "My eldest Veronica has found a suitable suitor. He is one of my capable royal knights, Sir Bradford. He has asked the hand of Veronica and I have given them my consent."

All the eyes of who was present in the hall turned to look at the couple. Sir Bradford bowed his head in acknowledgement, while Veronica was forcing a smile on her face.

"Congratulations sister." Richard gave his sincere greetings.

"Congratulations." Grandpa Robert smiled.

"Congratulations eldest sister." I also give my greetings and smiled.

"Thank you for your greetings." Veronica replied to us.

Veronica looked at me in the end, with such fierce gaze. I gave her a smile in reply.

\'You tried to steal my man. Of course I won\'t let you get away with it.\' I sneered internally.

I will never let Veronica try such a thing once again. She tried to use her chastity as an excuse for Regaleon to marry her. And because she was willing to let go of her chastity just like that, then I have given it to someone who has longed for her.

\'She is fortunate that I let Sir Bradford be the one to take her chastity.\' I thought. If I have been a little evil, I would have given it to a random passer-by on the streets of the capital.

"I am happy to know that my daughter Veronica will be in capable hands." Father said.

"Thank you for your trust your majesty. I promise to cherish princess Veronica all her life." Sir Bradford replied.

"I know you will. I will be counting on you." Father said. "From here on, I will be giving Sir Bradford the title of Duke."

Sir Bradford having the title of duke is not surprising. He is from the noble line and to be marrying a princess is an honor for nobles. Receiving a duke\'s title is just fitting for the husband of a princess of this country.

"You will be bestowed upon the lands that were confiscated from the dethroned queen\'s maternal family. You will now be addressed as Lord Bradford of Stalin." The king said.

Stalin was the name of the land governed by the dethroned queen\'s maternal family. This land is situated near the Atlantian Sea, where the ports are situated. The dethroned queen\'s maternal family was a military one but wedded in a daughter in law of a merchant family, making it a more rich and powerful family. With them managing the ports, they ventured into smuggling that was a serious crime.

Giving the land was fitting because Veronica is the daughter of the dethroned queen. Being the eldest, she is to be the next in line to inherit the vast lands and riches of the dethroned queen\'s deceased uncle general McGregor and his merchant wife. With the only son of general McGregor being a wanted criminal and in hiding, it is best to give the governing of the lands to the future husband of Veronica.

"Thank you your majesty. I will do my best to govern it the best that I can." Lord Bradford said sincerely. Father nodded in satisfaction.

Lord Bradford is an honest man to say the least. I am sure that he will at least not go into illegal ways such as the former lord or the land once did.

"Next will be my second daughter Elizabeth." Father continued.

Elizabeth looked excited when she heard her name and glanced our way. Her gaze fell upon the handsome man standing beside me. This made me giggle.

"Hey Will." I whispered to him.

"Hmm?" William slightly bent down to my level.

"It looks like Elizabeth is still expecting to be your future wife." I giggled.

William turned his gaze to look at Elizabeth. His eyes wrinkled upon seeing her looking at him with such expectant eyes full of love and want.

\'Cough\' William coughed lightly. "You know that I will be accompanying you in Grandcrest, princess. Of course if ever someone would be engaged to princess Elizabeth today, that certainly would not be me. And I never in the slightest thought of her as my future wife." His eyes landed on me. His gaze bore down in the depths of my consciousness.

"I know." I smiled shyly. Deep down I know what William\'s gaze to me meant \'You are the only one I thought to be my future wife\'.

Well that just means that Elizabeth\'s fantasy won\'t be turned into reality. It looks like I have also stolen away one of my step sister\'s dreams.

"As you know, crown prince Gladiolus of Jennova is here with us today." Father announced. Gladiolus nodded his head. "He came here in Alvannia in search of a wife."

With father\'s sentence, everyone knew what will be said next. Father had only three daughters. I am engaged to Regaleon while Veronica is engaged to Sir Bradford, which leads to only one daughter remaining.

I glanced at Elizabeth who was just looking at us with fantasizing eyes, now looking surprised at father.

"Because my other two daughters are already engaged, my remaining daughter Elizabeth will be the one to be married to prince Gladiolus." Father said calmly.

Everyone was silent inside the hall and looked at Elizabeth. It was known all over the capital how Elizabeth is very much infatuated with William. She has been very vocal since young that she will be William\'s wife. The Cunningham family has never denied such rumors as well. Because of this, many people expected that this would come true in the future. But I remember William explain to me before so that I won\'t misunderstand, they never rebuked the rumors because they knew Elizabeth is a spoiled princess. They don\'t want to invoke the wrath of the queen back then.

Prince Gladiolus stood up from his seat and slightly bowed to father. "Then I accept your majesty\'s bestowment of marriage to princess Elizabeth." He said respectfully.

"No!" Elizabeth screamed suddenly. All of our attention was swept passed prince Gladiolus who accepted the engagement to Elizabeth now. "I won\'t accept this!"

All of the people who are present were shocked with Elizabeth\'s sudden outburst. I know that she is a spoiled and frivolous one. But to show such actions to an outsider and a crown prince of a neighboring country to top it off is so embarrassing.

"Elizabeth, mind your manners!" Veronica reprimanded. She held her sister back. "Calm down. This is not the place to let out your temper."

"No!" Elizabeth was pushing Veronica away. "This isn\'t fair. Mother said father has promised me to be wed to Sir William."

A smirk spread out of my lips. \'I never thought I would watch such a good show today.\' I thought.