The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 15 Duel

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Leon pulled out his sword from it\'s sheath and pointed it at James. "Young Lord James Franklin Carlson. I challenge you to a duel."

"Hahahaha. You challenge me in a duel? Fine then. Somebody get my sword." James yelled proudly.

A servant came running towards James carrying his sword.

"Give me that!" James yelled and took the sword from the servant. He looks at Leon with anger. "I accept your challenge!"

James unsheathes his sword and points it towards Leon. They both take their stance.

"Are they going to be okay?" I asked but I am more worried about Leon rather than James. "To tell you the truth this is the first time I will watch a duel."

I have seen grandpa practicing with his knights and Richard. I have seen them sparring with one another. But this is the first time I will witness a true duel.

"Don\'t worry, this is a serious duel. No ones going to lose their lives here." William assured me. "But it is inevitable that they will sustain some injuries."

Thinking of Leon being injured made my heart race even faster.

\'What\'s wrong with me?\' I thought. \'Isn\'t it normal for a knight to have to fight for his lady and have some injuries? Why am I feeling that I don\'t want Leon to get hurt?\'

\'Ping, slash, clang\' I hear the sound of their swords clash at one another. I watch them with worried eyes.

Leon was moving fast. His movements were swift but elegant. Every stroke of his sword was made with precision and accuracy.

Jame on the other hand was looking like he was having a difficult time. His proud and arrogant face earlier turned into a serious one. I can see sweat was forming on his forehead.

Leon was striking with full force. James was taking steps back and was only seen defending.

Only a few minutes have past but I felt it has been a lifetime. I can see some few slashes were given to James. His clothes have visibly shown cuts and bloodstains from the wounds he had acquired. While Leon was still looking the same as the duel started.

"Ahhhh." James tripped on a stone and fell on the ground.

"Surrender." Leon said hovering over James pointing his sword at him.

James gave a look of anger. "Never!" He took a handful of dirt and threw it at Leon\'s face.

"Ah." Leon had dirt enter his eyes.

"That\'s cheating." William said.

James lunge at Leon holding his sword and ready to strike.

"Nooo!" I screamed. I don\'t want Leon to get hurt.

\'Ping, plang, plang\' I hear the sound of the two swords clash then one sword was flown away and dropped on the ground.

When I looked whose sword was it that flew away and who was disarmed, it was James.

Leon\'s eyes were closed but he was able to disarm James. He lunged right at James and placed his sword right on his throat.

"You loose young lord James." Leon said lazily.

"B-but h-how..?" James was in disbelief